Pawns and Messengers

So someone has put themselves up upon a pedestal of mystery.


And really, it is. The mystery and creativity certainly helped set the Beatles apart in the sixties, in fact the element of mystery attached to the Beatles helped solidify their status as not only the most popular and technically brilliant band in Rock history, but one of the deepest and most clever as well.

However, they were helped also by a massive supernatural undercurrent which is just as real and had an entirely different agenda operating through them and the other artists of the sixties and seventies as well.

But no one had the magic like the Beatles did.

But this had nothing to do with the Beatles, or Hitler, or JFK, or Japan, or the Illuminati, or the CIA or the Rolling Stones or Bob Dylan or Richard Nixon or Atum for that matter.

The supernatural component to this is God and the Devil, Angels and Demons.

And everyone else, whether they believe this or not, is just a pawn.

Even if you deliberately caused something, you are still just a pawn being driven by the tool of temptation to factor into a much larger agenda.

As was Manson, Sirhan Sirhan, Mark David Chapman, Nathan Gale or whoever happened to be fashioning a conspiracy behind them.

The proof comes when you try to change it, when you try to beat it, leave the prescribed pathway; then you find yourself being funneled right back into the agenda.

But do you understand how many pieces are on this board?

I’ve taken some grief second hand for the word grandeur; a belief that what happened to me and looking back and seeing some very odd synchronicities in my personal experience and certain things I know about all being driven in a very interesting schedule that I really didn’t have control over helped my draw a conclusion that I may in fact be one of the pawns.

I’m not the pawn, I’m probably one of thousands that was part of drawing this whole story to where it is today. That story being what I feel will be a fairy solid and unique set of proofs that there is legitimate spiritual activity taking place in our age, and hopefully a pathway towards seeing why.

But really, anyone who gets on the road to the answer is probably going to introduce themselves as a pawn on the board.

Once you’re there though, the question is who has the wherewithal and reasoning ability and the stones to go from being a pawn to being a messenger.

Because people have died, for no reason more substantial than to communicate a message. Those are the stakes…

You can call it grandeur or paranoia or psychosis, but none of that matters if it’s the truth.


Author: willemaus

I write things and post things and talk about the things that I write and post...

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