922 – Substitute

(Yes, the NIR thread made me think of this)

Back in the day, I used to pride myself in my obscure hard rock collection and in early 1984 Great White was indeed obscure (I’ll tell the story at some point of my Heavy Metal loving friends who in 1984 actually ejected Ride the Lightning from my cassette player and attempted to throw the tape out the window before all being enlightened a couple of years later).

Anyways, the first version of Substitute I heard was Great White’s and it always struck me as odd to find out that somehow Plastic Mac had evolved into Satan Crap.

Beyond that, the March ’66 release date of Substitute should be a clue that something isn’t quite right in Denmark…

But back to this video, besides one of the first Ga Ga sightings courtesy of the Queen single which is on the chart behind the drummer, it’s also interesting that Relax became the Number 1 single in the UK in January of 1984 replacing Pipes of Peace from Paul McCartney.


Author: willemaus

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