922 – Paul’s Boutique

Here’s example number 2 of a group that realistically shouldn’t have any idea what the Beatles were up to that clearly are alluding to something that they don’t come right out and say.


Don’t even say it’s straight allegory, it’s allegorical of course but is definitely Beatles related in part, and how did the Beasties know any of this?

Obviously, because someone told them…but pay close attention to songs like Shadrach people.

They aren’t talking about Paul is dead or something equally ridiculous, they are talking about Judas or something equally mysterious. They are talking, whether they quite understand it or not, about 922…

You love Mario Andretti cause he always drives his car well
Vicious circle of reality since the day you were born

Go back to the beginning of Grandeur….getting it yet?

Someone’s telling you a story, but you just don’t get who or how it’s happening.



Author: willemaus

I write things and post things and talk about the things that I write and post...

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