922 – PID

In the interest of having some degree of intellectual integrity (in other words, I don’t want to say its a hoax until I’ve made the jump from 99.9% sure to 100% that Paul is the same guy), I’m going to post, sequentially, every single clip I can find from the Beatles leading up to September/November of ’66 in this post.

This will probably take awhile to complete but what I really want to put to rest (or not) isn’t the idea that Paul died in 1966 and some other guy took his place, but the idea that he wasn’t always the same guy and switching was taking place all along.

I think posting clips should tell the story, pics can be altered but mid-sixties technology would have made an alteration in a video very difficult, as we’ve exhausted to death in the Zapruder film already…


Yesterday in 1965. Following the song John makes the cryptic remark, Thank you Paul, that was just like him.


NME awards May 1st of 1966 (double checking the date)


Rain from May 1966


Yesterday again on June 24th 1966



August 11th 1966, the Chicago more popular than Jesus presser.


Mainly focuses on the Memphis interview on August 19th 1966.


New York interview, August 23rd 1966


August 28th 1966, the Los Angeles press conference.


August 29th 1966, getting off the plane in San Francisco before the final concert appearance. The change in Paul’s appearance since the press conference on August 28th in Los Angeles is perhaps the most radical departure in Paul’s appearance given that they are but a single day apart.



The Melody Maker awards from September 13th 1966, shown on September 19th.


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