922 – Sam Kinison

Lets focus today on someone born on December 8th. Sam Kinison, born on December 8th, died on a hallowed Beatle date, April 10th in 1992.

Most of us know Sam’s story; he was a fire and brimstone preacher when he was young but after deciding marriage wasn’t for him he got divorced and left the ministry and went into comedy, being as irreverent as he could possibly be because the subject probably was always still fairly close to his heart.

Sam pioneered the idea of the comedian as rock star after the HBO performance above; World Hunger was a top profile story at the time and this performance came on the heels of the rock all-star charity recording We Are the World so there was no subject more sacred than world hunger when this aired and to say it put a generation on the floor is probably an understatement (I literally spit a drink all over a friend’s carpet and some girl at if you people would live where the food is, the first time seeing this). It was the funniest and most shocking bit of comedy of the eighties if not the decades preceding it.

After years on the edge, he finally does get married again in 1992 and honeymoons in Hawaii before driving from LA to Vegas for a gig on April 10th 1992.

5 days after his marriage, he is driving through the desert, the desert made famous by Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, when he is hit head on and killed by a 17 year old, allegedly drinking, who was wearing a Sam Kinison t-shirt.

He reportedly said why, why now, ok ok ok very softly before dying.


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