922 – Obfuscation and Answers

From The King is Naked forum this afternoon.

I get the sense that a lot of people have become disheartened or disillusioned by false promises and hidden agendas, by briefcases and Blair Witch videos. It seems difficult to get anyone to engage if you aren’t speaking directly about Paul’s earlobes or something.

The thing is though, there is plenty of value to figuring out what happened with Paul, and what the Beatles were trying to say and why they were trying to say it. But, to focus solely on Paul is to miss the overall; the Band wasn’t on the Run because of Paul being dead imo, it was a different mystery than the one many are chasing. They thought they let a genie out of the bottle…what was Leadbelly’s version of the Grey Goose, before it became a Vodka brand? Who did Robert Plant blame Karac’s death on, even after Do What Thou Wilt was pressed into vinyl? Dark Side of the Moon is a chapter from Moonchild; The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking was released on Walpurgis and specifically called Yoko out in one song, but no one pays attention if it isn’t about Paul…

Paul quite frankly didn’t have a lot of friends in the industry from the 80’s onward it would seem. There was something that disconnected him from the people he hung with in the sixties. What did Heather Mills say? Betrayal, an act of betrayal. What was it? And how does it relate to John? Why did George need to be out of the picture before Paul opened up to do the Beatles catalog full-time?

There are answers, but we need to get the obfuscation and the MPL people out of the equation to get some intellectual integrity back into this…where did Jude and Tafultong and the people that were passionately into an honest solution take off to?

In Business, when a group of people are gathered around a table to solve a pressing problem, the input of all members is to be valued.
 But when a member sitting at that table, or members, consistently respond to direct requests for input by googling isotericdefinitions.com and giving obscure meaningless answers under the guise of being all-knowing, or false paths, or promises of answers that are never delivered; then someone at the table will generally call those people out on their obfuscation.
They are being asked to help solve a problem and are failing to contribute to that solution, and in fact are contributing to poor morale due to their failure to take their role seriously.
That is what happens in the real world.
In Beatles mystery world, the people who are charged with leading the effort to solve the problem sit idly by and watch this go on; and have done so for years.
In the real world, when this happens someone new invariably shows up at the table, and not only calls out the ones obfuscating, but also the ones letting it go on and on and on.
This is what is about to happen in Beatlemystery world.

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