922 – Jose Perdomo

A post from MysteryTramp this afternoon.

Jose Perdomo.

Track with me here please, because even when you start to show the light on the true culprit people still keep flailing in the dark, mainly because they cannot accept the answer I would imagine.

Jose Perdomo selected a group of participants for Operation 40. OK? John Lennon died at 40. So what you say, because this has to be about people no matter how stupid the resulting theories become because there cannot be supernatural warfare taking place because people cannot accept that premise. Right?

Right. Operation 40 takes part in the Bay of Pigs invasion among their other follies. The Bay of Pigs invasion plan was presented to the group in charge of CIA covert operations on December 8th 1960.

Now, you may notice that this date is exactly 20 years before John Lennon’s death. Still about people though, right?

After CIA agent Howard Hunt is identified as part of the Watergate operation, his wife dies in a plane crash, carrying over $10,000 on December 8th 1972. Again, the date John Lennon died on.

Hotel California ends with relax said the nightman, we are programmed to receive, you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. Release date, December 8th 1976. Coincidence I’m sure…

Then on December 8th 1980 who is the nightman at the Dakota? Oh look, Jose Perdomo from Operation 40.

This is why refusal to see spiritual warfare leads to faulty thinking. People still think somehow, that even though Chapman is standing there and has a gun and has admitted to this for over thirty years, that Perdomo did it because of his CIA involvement.

No. But do I have to keep laying out who did? It’s a breadcrumb trail. How much light does one need? And I would have the exact same opinion if an agency were involved because they still are working for the same spiritual cause, but in most cases the theory to justify this premise becomes monumentally stupid and this is what makes conspiracy theorists look bad.

Chappaquiddick was caused by Ted Kennedy. That’s a fairly substantial clue as to who really was behind the brothers’ fates as well.

922 – Objects of Wrath and Destruction scripted into a fate.

Is it God and the Devil? Ambiguous spirits? I’m not sure, but 922 is quite real…


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