922 – Finnegan’s Wake

Between the first Atomic bomb at Hiroshima and John Lennon’s death was exactly 1844 weeks; or two sets of exactly 922 weeks.

Exactly between those two sets of 922 weeks, to the day, his son was born.

You’d have to reason out why this would be, but interestingly enough John later marries a Japanese woman, was ultimately shot by someone living in Hawaii who bought his gun from a dealer named Ono on the same date the US declared war after Pearl Harbor and was taken to Roosevelt Hospital.

John for a John, Johnajeams, led it be. — Finnegan’s Wake in 1939

Joyce wrote Finnegan’s Wake over a 17-year-span, concurrent with Hitler’s rise to power and did so deliberately courting random input. The Illuminatus Trilogy found the Atomic Formula in Finnegan’s Wake, released 3 years before the formula was discovered.


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