922 – God is Dead

From MysteryTramp and earlier TKIN today.

Beacon, this is purely speculative but I’m starting to come to a conclusion that God is dead is the point of what the Beatles were intending…that the enlightenment that is continuously hinted at has to do with either proof of no God or an agenda to somehow avenge the Beatles record burnings in the southern US in August of ’66.

I Was equals the Judeo-Christian God in the past tense.

If you see Terry Knight’s lyrics in this context, I think the song suddenly starts making sense.

I don’t think this is where it ends though; somehow this boomerangs against them and when you look down the road and see John tied to a bed screaming its all Roman Polanski’s fault or Paul referring to the county judge who held a grudge its as if this somehow is coming back to haunt them.

How could they possibly have been oblivious to the Polanski-Manson connections and they may have been considering, as I am that these synchronicities going all the way back to Tara may have some magic so to speak attached.

We know probably a fraction of how many songs in the late sixties and seventies were referring back to some drama regarding the Beatles and most take this today as PID evidence; and yet for it to be referred to so often suggests that behind the scenes these artists are aware of something serious that the Beatles were involved with.

I mean, this is the basic theme of American Pie which at one level may be more allegorical than we think and at another may not be allegorical at all…

Would I be arrogant enough to call this the answer. No (but I suspect at the moment that it is).
Turn you on meant getting rid of God…

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2 thoughts on “922 – God is Dead”

    1. Yeah going back to this post is interesting to me because its when I first started to think GID might be the answer; I think you could read any of my posts in the past 6 months as I’m now quite convinced that it not only was the answer, but they actually put clues to it into their work.

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