922 – Rosemary

From TKIN…

Rosemary’s Baby:

Release date of Ira Levin’s book, March 12th 1967.

As we know by now, Charles Manson’s group at random killed the wife of Roman Polanski and the next night killed a woman named Rosemary.

Mark David Chapman then realizes all of this standing in front of the Dakota, where the movie was filmed, and uses this in part as his rationale for following through on his assassination of John Lennon who happens to live in the building where the movie was made. Of course, as he ruminates about this, Mia Farrow happens to walk right past him on her way to Central Park.

Prominent characters in the book are Minnie Castevet (MC) and her husband Roman, the key characters in fostering a demonic conspiracy.

Pg. 156

“I got the shirt that was in the New Yorker“, he said going to the bedroom. “Hey” he called, “On a Clear Day and Skyscraper are both closing”.

A bit 9/11’ish, no?

Terry Gionoffrio dies on September 18th 1965 in the book. Rosemary’s encounter with Satan then takes place on October 4th 1965. These dates may be recognized as the dates of deaths in 1970 of both Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin.

Rosemary later, when trying to piece together the conspiracy against her, remembers back to Roman having lunch with Donald Baumgart, congratulating him on getting the big part that Guy wanted.

She calls Baumgart who confirms that they had drinks one afternoon before Baumgart suddenly went blind, also acknowledging that they strangely exchanged each other’s ties that Wednesday afternoon, which Rosemary now understands was necessary to have a personal item of Donald’s to perform a spell on Donald in order for Guy to receive the big part.

This particular Wednesday was September 22nd 1965 (9/22)…looking glass ties.

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