922 – Knives

Re: The Cratermiss Experiment

Submitted by donaldfagan on Wed, 13/05/2009 – 4:52pm.

sounds a bit, well, ‘holey’. would it make a decent golf course? speaking of which i’ve just finished…blah 18 holes..blah…and not won..blah i’ll fill you in (no pun there) later. i suggest you ‘drive west on sunset to the sea’ have a chat with some ‘babylon sisters’ or ‘rose darling’ or ‘third world man’ and drink a ‘big black cow’ that’s of course after the hotel has asked you to ‘sign in stranger’. ‘here in the western world’ ‘everyone’s gone to the movies’, but don’t worry you’ll soon be ‘home at last’, and able to ‘do it again’. apologies dave…don’t be a ‘grouch’ before you say ‘good riddance (time of your life)’ tell geoff not to be a ‘worry rock’. when you see your hotel room(s) you can say ‘welcome to paradise’, though if your descriptions of previous hostels are anything to go by, he’ll probably think your a ‘basket case’. here’s a ‘warning’ for you: ‘nice guys finish last’. yours as ever, daniel steel, green with envy. ps it’s raining here too, and i’ve counted at least 18 holes. just be glad you’re not in blackburn, lancashire.

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