I think if you pay attention to the spiritual realms, you can get a sense of what may be ordained and there isn’t much point in guessing if you don’t or can’t discern properly. 6/66 seems to have been a key point; and it did come precisely 922 days after 11/22/63 so your theory on Christmas 2012 could have some validity.

2012 is contrived though if someone hasn’t specifically pointed at this year; my conclusion is that there are two “teams” or one team pretending to be two (good/evil). Aurora was a pretty strong clue; day and night is a pretty dominant theme in all of this and is very symbolic of something changing and was referred to over and over in the sixties music.

However if “God” is in play, He functions on a timeline all His own and 2012 probably represents knowledge from the other “team” and not his. Jesus didn’t show up exactly on time per the Julian calendar; He showed up on a generational calendar which was regarded as good enough for God. Deep down, I’d like to think I have the topic and subject matter to cause something too, but realistically how often has that ever happened in human history?

My point being that it’s better to try and write a good story that may resonate with people than to rush to hit a date; as it was with JFK and Beatlemania if it’s ordained it will happen on time. What I have been researching all along is evidence of spiritual warfare at play in post Biblical history with the idea that the Bible is a flawed book written by people; but that doesn’t mean there is no God and the “flaws” may in fact be the gateway into the end times, if that makes sense. I just think the Beatles were at the center of this story because one of the members I believe was tagged 922 by God.

In 1963, the Beatles were ready to step up when the change happened, the next change will happen I think when whoever is ordained to step up is ready also, 2012 or otherwise…


Author: willemaus

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