The Sgt. Pepper Code

Gimme some truth! It’s been 45 years since the release of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and collectively we’ve not only probably not gotten anywhere near the truth, we’ve quite possibly gotten further from it. Redwell Trabant’s The Sgt. Pepper Code may not have found the answer, but it’s the first book I’ve read that has honestly tried without the burden of undue influence from the “Beatles” community interfering with it’s pursuits.

The Sgt. Pepper Code walks through the woods where no one is supposed to tread; without finding the holy grail it blazes
a trail towards the truth. Why are there hidden figures in the Sgt. Pepper cover? Why were members of various Secret Societies so prominent in the selections of “People we like”?Who’s works were informing the views of the Beatles in 1967? And how did Paul is Dead play a role in an album that came out over two years prior to PID?

There was an era during the past decade in which answers to Sgt. Pepper as well as the overall Beatles’ mystery were honestly being pursued. Mysterious “insiders” like Apollo C Vermouth and Iamaphoney seemed to know the answers; and for awhile kept everyone enraptured.
But to this day, no one is sure of the identity of these people or groups, and whether the loonies were being led closer to the truth or being led astray.

The end result of this has been that many honest fans and researchers have lost heart and become disillusioned. The Sgt. Pepper code and Redwel’s work on the mysteries has attempted to blaze a new path through this forest, one based on deductive reasoning and intellectual integrity. My own 922 theory is most certainly much more outrageous than Redwel’s; but I believe the theories compliment each other rather than contradict. More importantly the methodology Redwel uses in researching for The Sgt. Pepper Code is one that others can use; Redwel’s book invites all of us to walk the path he has walked and expand on his views in an honest invitation to see if we can collectively solve the mystery set forth so many years ago by the Beatles. It invites all of the disheartened back into the fray.

On October 14th 1969, my Dad brought me from my home in Grand Rapids, Mi to Ann Arbor for my 4th birthday, to visit my brother who was a junior at
the University of Michigan at the time. It was on that date and in that place that Paul is Dead was launched, Paul replaced coincidentally in the Michigan Daily article by a person named William while also spotlighting November of 1966; a date that could be on display while mirrored
in the Sgt. Pepper drum while coinciding both with the date of John meeting Yoko and the date God supposedly died on as immortalized in a famous issue of Time Magazine. Today, I go by and write under the name Will as it is my middle name. My first name actually is Paul. It took me 41 years to reach a conclusion that this “coincidence” could serve some higher purpose.

That may turn out to be true or it may not, but what I have become convince of over the past two years is that there is a higher purpose to the mystery of the Beatles as well
as a mystery that they themselves had planted, and the Sgt. Pepper Code by Redwell Trabant is the entry through the Temple Doors to where the solutions really lay. My upcoming book will attempt to go down this rabbit hole as well and view the mysteries through the looking glass, in pursuit of that elusive truth.

The question remains. Will the others now go in and seek the real truth? Will we finally get on the path that actually leads to the answer?


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