First, lets acknowledge that Beacon has already written a great book on this topic called The Sgt Pepper Code.

Then I’m going back to what I said a couple of days ago.

The Time theme throughout Sgt Pepper coupled with One One One X He Die coupled again with Shiva pointing straight at ATL leads me to believe that the core of Sgt. Pepper is a response to More Popular Than Jesus and the Is God Dead issue of Time on Julian Lennon’s third birthday of April 8th 1966.

I’m staying with that rather than pile a thousand theories on top of it because I think it’s the truth and does not need to be on the 45 year heap we’ve all built. Jarvatronic at NIR also pointed out the drum matching the date of the Time Obituary and was instantly dismisseed in a rather troubling way; as if we can’t go there for some reason.

I don’t believe for a second though that this is the entirety of the mystery and Beacon’s book and your theories Ter are all valid as part of what this all means because I think its intended to go much deeper than just the Temple Doors. But I believe that God and MPTJ was the center of the message

* We were talking about the space between us all
* We all assume Lucy is Lucifer. Who published Time again?
* Flowers in the Dirt
* I Was in MMT is blatant.
*George was to be run over by the bus at the end of MMT.
*Here’s another clue for you more in Glass Onion.

I submit this as what I believe was the core.


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