922- Ruby Redux

…and an addition I should make to Ruby and Oswald…

Oswald most certainly still would not have been at the Dallas Police Department at all that morning had Postal Inspector Harry Holmes not had the sudden urge, which came to him while sitting in Church on the morning of the 24th, to get up immediately and go question Lee Harvey Oswald about his PO Box…which was the reason given for the transfer of Oswald to the Dallas County Jail to be delayed by over an hour and thus gave Ruby the opportunity to shoot Oswald at the last minute..

…and a few months later we get a Gulf of Tonkin incident presided over by Jim Morrison’s dad? Before he was famous?

Beacon and I may be on opposite sides of the looking glass as to who is driving certain things but there was some powerful stuff going on either way (or both)…

…also pay close attention to the two postss above this one for an amazing Lincoln-Kennedy series of synchronicities.

Author: willemaus

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