More Rosemary’s Baby breadcrumbs

On the almost anniversary of Ira Levin’s novel in 1967, more tidbits from Rosemary’s Baby.

On December 8th per IMDB, Rosemary’s friend Hutch is coming back from a Marcel Marceau performance when he stops in to see Rosemary. He then has his glove stolen by Roman which is the catalyst for the spell put on him the next day.

Now, Marcel Marceau is a 20 year friend of Michael Jackson, which seems innocent enough until you consider that Michael is famed for only wearing one glove and then in fact dies on the date that Adrian is later born on in the movie, June 25th, exactly half a year after Christmas. Marceau also died on September 22nd (9/22) in 2007.

Back to Hutch, you may notice that December 8th is John Lennon’s date of death and of course we all know that he was living in and killed at the Dakota where the movie was filmed. The next morning, Rosemary is waiting for Hutch in front of the Time-Life building. We all also should know that the movie is famous for Rosemary reading the Is God Dead issue of Time in the doctor’s office, an issue that in fact came out on John’s son Julian’s third birthday. Rosemary looks up at the clock which displays 11:15 .

11:15 happens to be John Lennon’s time of death. So, like the baby being born exactly the opposite of Christmas on June 25th, the 11:15 now displayed exactly 12 hours from John Lennon’s death. Rosemary then calls Grace who tells her about Hutch going ill…Rosemary says she talked with him just last night (December 8th) at 10:30 and Grace replies somewhat needlessly that she last talked with him at 11PM, which would both be within a few minutes of the actual shooting of John Lennon.

Consider also that the lease at the apartment was signed on August 9th, the same date as Sharon Tate’s murder and hours after the Abbey Road photo shoot. The famous VW license plate from Abbey Road ends in 281 F, the license plate of the car used on the Tate murders was 281P.



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