Laurel Canyon

I guess sometimes you can find inspiration in the most unlikely of places. Dave McGowan has a website where he has opined on a great many topics, virtually all of his conclusions I disagree with. I think the Moon landings really happened, 9/11 was not an inside job, etc… and likewise I don’t really believe that MKUltra or Tavistock ruled the music scene in the sixties.

However, what he spotlighted in regards to Laurel Canyon was extremely interesting to me when I first ran across it a few years back. I had been researching JFK (as luck would have it, I was the final person to work at the RR Donnelley Calplant in Chicago and have some perspective regarding the Zapruder film the weekend of the assassination that was useful to certain researchers) and coming to this rather odd conclusion that although there were a lot of weird things that happened, I didn’t believe a group like the CIA was an effective explanation; it sort of seemed like, gasp, maybe there was something supernatural going on because it otherwise couldn’t have been explained (if you need an example, look at the timeline of Jack Ruby on November 24th arriving in the garage precisely in time for Lee Harvey Oswald to walk out, Oswald innocently it would seem having been delayed for hours by a Postmaster who had an urge to suddenly question him that morning while sitting in church…that sort of stuff).

Then a bizarre coincidence regarding Michael Jackson’s death led me to believe that maybe this sort of weird supernatural thing didn’t just apply to JFK, maybe it applied to pop music also and one of the first things I ran across when I started to look into this was Dave’s website and his series on Laurel Canyon.

Again, I didn’t reach his conclusions that Military Intelligence was the answer, because back in those days we all had parents that were involved in WWII, even those of us much younger. No, it was to me a huge red flag that something else was happening, something, dare I say it again, supernatural? I mean, it is somewhat incredible, and by that I mean really truly incredible, that the world went from Bobby Vinton to the Beatles…and then the Byrds and the Who and the Stones and the Kinks and shortly thereafter to the complexity of The Doors and The End, in TWO AND A HALF YEARS! And that many of these bands like the Byrds and the Doors could produce works immediately that have held up as all-time classics 50 years later, and yet could barely play their own instruments they were so green. Green? The Byrds had exactly one half-hour concert under their belt when Mr. Tambourine Man broke. And then I looked at the Beatles themselves and hit the jackpot, the whole thing in my mind was a giant Bible story with a very murky outcome and there was activity around them so strong that it took a major delusion like Paul is Dead to cover the whole thing up.

This road of inquiry for me started with the posts of Dave McGowan. Dave is currently hospitalized with a terrible and sudden case of small-cell lung cancer, so thoughts and prayers for Dave to get better, out of the most unlikely place came a major inspiration for me these past 6 years. Here is a link to Dave’s book on Laurel Canyon and the sixties.


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