922 – Blackout


Apparently there is more to the obituary of God than what is listed in the Time article of April 8th 1966. And the book linked
above definitely lists the date as November 9th 1965. Interestingly, a blackout on that date then left much of Eastern North America in the dark for hours…


(The Sgt. Pepper drum placing a mirror in the middle, most have taken this to be 11 1X He Die and is one of the most mysterious of the Paul is Dead clues, Fred LaBour’s fictional Paul is Dead article from 1969 just so happening to list McCartney’s death as November 9th 1966…also the date that John met Yoko)

…and then there’s the way the obituary ended. It is the wish of the family that in lieu of flowers, contributions be made to the Building Fund for the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City so that the edifice may be finished. The symbolism being somewhat obvious, the Cathedral is also home to the Peace Fountain depicting the struggle between good and evil and rather incredibly (being part of a church) contains the lyrics to Imagine.


But then again, this somewhat familiar scene was also added to the Church in 1997. It’s like a Dan Brown novel…



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