My thoughts and prayers are with all affected in Charleston. Reading through some of the comments of that City’s paper this morning, I was truly disgusted by how many people (white people) showed no sympathy for the affected while making the racial aspect of this the sole topic of conversation. 9 fellow human beings died while praying in Church, that is what matters and none of us can improve this until we each do our part to respect each other and lift each other up during something so horrible as this.

My blog is mostly about Supernatural Warfare and tends to focus on the demonic of events, and unfortunately in this case I see it too. Denmark Vesey was one of the founders of the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston where these killings took place. He was put to death for organizing what came to be known as “The Rising”, a major slave revolt in Charleston, South Carolina. This plan was foiled and he was executed on July 2nd, 1822.

The date of the slave revolt was to be June 17th 1822, 193 years to the day before the 9 slayings which took place on June 17th 2015.

Seeing as how they haven’t caught the guy yet, for all I know this could have been known by the killer. Chilling either way…


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