…Sometimes you’ve just gotta kick the door in

Beep Beep

Hidden in the yard
underneath the wall
buried deep below
lay the answer to it all.


Did that do it? Can anything do it? Is there an answer?

Lets bring Apollo back into this for a second and compare what he said in 2003 to Paul’s lyrics in House of Wax.

The story unfolds before your eyes and ears for those that connect the dots. Many of you see things that are not there. Much energy spent on ghosts that fail to materialize. Questions Asked That Lay unanswered which will add a crucial piece of the puzzle. Too many people doing too many things to notice the key that lies at your feet.
Get back to the basics. Tread old ground, for there are truly flowers in the dirt.


Apollo not only said virtually the same thing as Paul, he also used ATL’s to say it.

Need More?

Pardon the intrusion…

Keeping in mind the somewhat sinister origins of many of the “Mother Goose” nursery rhymes, you may find the following read interesting enough to reconsider the song “Cry Baby Cry.”

When John was interveiwed for Playboy magazine, and giving insights to some of better works stated that the song was “rubbish”
and not one of his.

Yet, he repeats the theme for the song “Cleanup Time” on Double Fantasy” almost word for word.

He must not of hated it THAT much.

Here is how “coded messages” were being sent via harmless “nursery rhymes.”



The duchess of Kircaldy always smiling
And arriving late for tea
The duke was having problems
With a message At The Local bird and bee

Not enough?

If I have made your investigations harder by showing you new “flowers in the dirt”, I have done my job. You will soon discover the answers you seek to questions not yet asked. If you take my words and discredit the messenger, so be it. I am not here to supply you with answers. That is your job. I will however assist in any form that I am at liberty to share with you. “What did you see while you were there? Nothing that doesn’t show.”



Apollo also claimed that the lyrics to Klaatu’s first LP held clues and then for some reason threw in that there was also one particular clue on the door of Ringo’s Rotogravure that was all anyone needed.

Post by Apollo C. Vermouth on Aug 31, 2003 at 12:41am
A fine job, indeed. The real test comes once the music starts. The cover clues leave no doubt as to “who” is plucking the strings.

The upper corners of the cover depict a familiar beast. What do you make of the bottom ones?

Keep searching the clues on the door.
One in particular is all you need.


Here is a post from this forum about Ringo’s quote about Rotogravure and the door.

From a press conference in Amsterdam, 1976:

Question: There is a photo of the front door of Apple on the back of the cover, where did you get it?

Ringo: Neil Aspinall took it and sent us one each an I thought, “I’m gonna put it on the back of the album.” It’s a front door, but it’s a back door too. It’s got all these names scrawled on it from Finland. That’s why you’re getting a magnifying glass with the album, so you can read it all. And I thought it would be a nice bit of fun, especially for those who actually wrote on it. It used to be so smart, with a doorman and a pretty letterbox, and now it’s just…yeah!

I wonder if there’s something being telegraphed with the “names from Finland” remark?

One more thing, his “It’s a back door too” remark.. From a Wiki entry:

A backdoor in a computer system (or cryptosystem or algorithm) is a method of bypassing normal authentication or securing remote access to a computer, while attempting to remain hidden from casual inspection.

In other words, a way of gaining access (to a computer’s secrets) while remaining undetected, and not using the normal means of access.

So Ringo singles out Finland.


So there’s the ATL in Rotogravure (Time was printed using Rotogravure by the way, I’m quite certain of this because I was the final person to ever work in the complex where it was manufactured)

But what about Klaatu and 3:47EST

A True Life hero

Trek About The Latitudes?

I Am The Little neutrino

Yeah, its in 3 different songs.

But what about Sgt. Pepper itself? Well, Beacon (Redwel) and I talked at MysteryTramp back when he released Sgt. Pepper Code that Within You Without You really felt like a key to Sgt. Pepper, and the preachy aspect of the song just didn’t fit with the rest of the album, not to mention the laugh at the end.

What we hit on at the time, and one of the original reasons I felt the ATL might have some significance was in this line.
We were talking About The Space between us all. Apollo also made mention at one point that you needed to understand the length, width, and depth of what you wished to uncover.

Well, to me, how I took about the space between us all is that the answer layed in the space within the 4 Beatles, so if you drew a line straight down from the outside edge of John to the outside edge of George, the answer was between those two lines; which of course both the drum and the ATL fall between those two lines (plus the more obvious doll pointing at those letters). And in fact, if you took About The Space, all 3 of those letters are in the word Beatles and are the number 3,4,7 letters. 3:47.

Now, lets go down to the other instance of We Were Talking-
We were talking About The Love that’s gone so cold

I know there’s more and it goes deeper from here, people who talk about enlightenment and their LSD use and mind expansion certainly aren’t wrong, but I believe this is the actual Point Of Entry that Apollo talked about.

Going home now… P-)


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