As it has stood for over 3 years now, Iamaphoney was a massive disappointment to everyone who waited for his (their) Revelation and unfortunately seems to have ultimately had the effect of driving away a pretty good chunk of the people researching the Beatles mysteries.


If you read through the 239 page thread of Iamaphoney’s Rotten Apple series, its fairly striking just how into everything people were for the first year and a half of the series; its a Paul is Dead world that just isn’t resident anymore, everyone probably just watching zombies instead.


It may well be the truth that Iamaphoney actually started from Neil Aspinall, and the org kind of swept up the characters that ultimately made up this group that produced these videos; but its also clear that the sad and unfortunate impact of the years of 2006-2012 was to turn off most of those who had been turned on. Maybe Neil’s death did mess the whole story up, messed up whatever plan there had been.

However I’d just like to put something out there, mainly because I believe that Time, God is Dead, the ATL (Atlanta) based obituary in the Is God Dead issue of Time on April 8th 1966 was the true answer to the Sgt. Pepper riddle and was in fact the “code”, however much deeper it goes; it does give an actual answer to this whole thing, one I dropped last week at the end of the 239 page thread so that one actually exists in there somewhere.



What I’d like to point out is at the beginning of the Los Angeles suitcase video above; where Iamaphoney puts up a shot of the Equitable building. See, I’m pretty sure that this isn’t the Los Angeles Equitable building, its in fact the Atlanta Equitable building.

Los Angeles Equitable
Atlanta Equitable

So, we have Iamaphoney, who had been cryptically saying Its Time since back in 2007, alluding to Atlanta going all the way back as well. The BIII poster at NIR, not only had a Time sock puppet account post the Its Time video on the anniversary of God’s death on November 8th 2007, but he also made exactly 48 posts (think April 8th, 4/8) before ceasing to post.


(In case you don’t get this, per the Obituary as you can read above, God died just before Midnight, making His death technically November 8th; with the Obituary itself being dated November 9th. Iamaphoney alias The King of Cosmania posted the Its Time video on November 8th 2007 and was displayed by presumed sock puppet account Time at NIR)


This isn’t the only example of this. Rotten Apple 199 at the beginning shows in order: God, Its Time, IM (In other words, I AM) and then ATL from Amoeba’s Secret.

The point being, that no Iamaphoney never came out and told everyone what the answer was; if the org became part of MPL I would believe they weren’t allowed to say what the answer was, certainly some of what came in later years would seem to have been fairly deliberate obfuscation; but what “Time” is going to show, is they not only did know the answer, they hid it in their videos.

I actually appreciate that, and hopefully the stance on their work will soften over time, once that all becomes understood.

…and more supporting evidence.

(Within You Without You-We were talking about the space between us all…the space between the 4 Beatles where the drum and ATL in Beatles are located.)


Hidden in the yard
underneath the wall
buried deep below
lay the answer to it all.                                                                                                            –Paul McCartney (House Of Wax)

The story unfolds before your eyes and ears for those that connect the dots. Many of you see things that are not there. Much energy spent on ghosts that fail to materialize. Questions Asked That Lay unanswered which will add a crucial piece of the puzzle. Too many people doing too many things to notice the key that lies at your feet. Get back to the basics. Tread old ground, for there are truly Flowers In The Dirt.                                                                  –Apollo C Vermouth

A T and L in the artwork of Paul’s Flowers in the Dirt
Amoeba’s Secret by Paul


The Run Devil Run store, on Broad Street in Atlanta.



–The duchess of Kircaldy always smiling
And arriving late for tea
The duke was having problems
With a message 




bird and bee





Glass Onion

I Was-Past Tense of I AM?


“LTA”- (ATL reversed) Question: There is a photo of the front door of Apple on the back of the cover (Rotogravure), where did you get it?
Ringo: Neil Aspinall took it and sent us one each an I thought, “I’m gonna put it on the back of the album.” It’s a front door, but it’s a back door too. It’s got all these names scrawled on it from Finland. That’s why you’re getting a magnifying glass with the album, so you can read it all. And I thought it would be a nice bit of fun, especially for those who actually wrote on it. It used to be so smart, with a doorman and a pretty letterbox, and now it’s just…yeah!

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5 thoughts on “Iamaphoney”

  1. Great sleuthing, Mr. Willemaus! This strikes me as being quite spot-on.

    PID aside, the Fabs certainly had something of an axe to grind vs. God dogma. I had noticed many things in the Iamaphoney videos that seemed like red-herrings but, simultaneously, also held some vague significance, pointing to something beyond or in addition to an issue re: McCartney. (The ATL, as you so skillfully pointed out, hit me between the eyes every time I looked at it!)

    David Bowie’s haunting song, I Can’t Give Everything Away, also struck me as referencing this mystery but I thought I was just seeing “PID” in everything like some odd manifestation of Pareidolia.

    Still, there IS something decidedly odd around McCartney; the “evidence” amassed in support of his replacement and possible death. The Italian medical evaluation, the voice print analysis; the Beatles’ own apparent practice of hanging some sort “trip” on Paul with Black Roses vs. Red and his face in the trees on Abbey Road and in the elbow of that woman walking past the wall, and all the “3 Beatles” references just for example (though I have often thought that this was a misreading of the Sanskrit Om Shanti symbol?) I don’t think that Neil, The Beatles or Big Mal, as a “cadre”, were opposed to inserting “clues” that were simply taking the piss re Paul. I mean, who doesn’t like to tease the cutest, arguably most popular and often times, most arrogant and conceited member of a group of mates?

    Back to Mr. Jones for a moment: if David was referencing this affair, and I believe he was, what an incredible sense of humour to be “signing off” with this bit of cheeky information, so cleverly woven now into Lazarus, Black Star and the dying Bowie. From what I’ve read, he may not have known at the time of its composition, that his situation was terminal but he was certainly not well and probably suspected the worst. So bravo
    David Bowie; good one!

    Thanks for your scholarship on this topic and, hey! DO publish the book! I’ll buy it, for one, to be sure!

    1. Thanks! I try to stay neutral on PID, I think there’s more to this than what I’ve found thus far; but consider that the God is Dead issue of Time was published on April 8th 1966, Julian Lennon’s 3rd birthday. I personally think that’s the 3 reference.

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