I Can’t Give Everything Away…

…except that you sorta did, David Bowie.

I kinda gave everything away too. Nobody ever came up to me in a dark alleyway and asked me to keep it a secret; no one offered me anything to not talk about it. I found God is Dead at the center of a 49 year Beatles mystery and went with it…and given that it was coupled with my own story there is no way I wouldn’t have written it, it will be redemption if I never sell one book: just to have lived through it and written about it.

The answer is Time. The answer, is God is Dead.



Its the answer that Paul is Dead was hiding, the answer that Paul is Dead was covering up…its the answer that God Almighty may have actually responded to on December 8th 1980 strangely enough; and the answer that David Bowie may have hinted at in his final song.

David Bowie didn’t give it all away though. He was probably alluding to the Beatles at various points along the way; he unquestionably knew that Time was the answer, may have hidden a few lyrics that started with the letters A, T and L (for Atlanta) along the line. That is the Code after all, or even LTA if they wanted to be really clever like Looking Through A Glass Onion.

But he didn’t come right out and say it; at least not yet.

Oh yeah, they’ve been telling us a story all along; a little doll pointing at the letters ATL in Beatles with all of us oblivious to the real message, and no I’m not about to turn all religious about this, I’m actually quite impressed with the whole thing.

Well, the thing is, when David Bowie died in January, I went through all the lyrics to his Blackstar LP and especially the lines–

The Blackout Hearts

The Flowered News

With skull designs upon my shoes

         I can’t give everything away

–and he did kinda give it away, if only a few lucky people got it. He was saying that the answer that the Beatles hid in plain sight was in fact the answer.

36    jfjduvqg_5t_urazaik4_zps2t1gp8lv

What you see here is the Obituary for God in the April 8th 1966 Is God Dead issue of Time magazine. Above is the date November 9th, the date commonly known as the day that Paul McCartney fictionally died on as per urban legend and also, as you can see, the date of God’s obituary as well. The circled ATL? Look at the obituary, ATL is for Atlanta. On the date of God’s death which although not listed completely is November 9th 1965, there was a massive blackout starting in Ontario which left a large portion of the United States in the dark for hours.

So, Blackout Hearts is November 9th He Die, which is exactly what is on the Sgt. Pepper drum when mirrored, but it also verifies that the November 9th in question is the God is Dead November 9th of 1965, not the 1966 version from Paul is Dead. Then the flowered news refers to the obituary being hidden in plain sight using the letters ATL in Beatles.

He maybe cannot give everything away, but he gave plenty in his final song.

Am I saying he’s flipping off God with this? Is Bowie saying God is Dead?

Not really; his history of course is what it is but that’s not saying he was anti-God at the end and in fact I Can’t Give Everything Away may be about that in part (saying no but meaning yes); watch the Blackstar video and decide where he’s at with God; read Iman’s tweets– no I’m saying he knew a secret, a secret that started right after More Popular Than Jesus and was embedded into Sgt. Pepper; a secret he’d known for decades and had been alluding to sporadically in his own work for years; and at the end he decided to come real close to giving that secret away, releasing the single on April 8th, on the 50th anniversary of the Is God Dead issue of Time may be bringing that even closer.

Maybe there will be a video, maybe he has even more to give away.

See here’s the thing: Most all of us knew Paul is Dead wasn’t a serious thing, but then again Ziggy Stardust may well have been based upon Paul. The Walrus was a character battled over for years, in complete contradiction to its supposedly nonsensical nature; artists like Pink Floyd, Bowie, Dylan and Harry Nilsson seemed to be hiding references to the Beatles in their work for years; why would they hide a silly hoax in their lyrics? Unless there was a dead serious message lurking underneath?

Then you can see Dark Side of the Moon a bit differently, Time from Bowie, Ambush from Nilsson, the Lennon/McCartney war of 1971. We were talking about the space between us all, yeah the space between the 4 Beatles where the doll, drum and ATL in Beatles were hiding the secret.

Yeah but I’ve heard a hundred stories about Paul is Dead…

Well, yes but this one’s kinda new, a 2016 version; except I think for the first time its the right one, the one that has been kept a secret for a long long time. Russ Gibb said he may give away what he heard on his deathbed; Apple records head and lifelong Beatles insider Neil Aspinall posted on Nothing is Real for years as a cryptic insider named Apollo C Vermouth and insisted there was a real mystery that people just hadn’t figured out yet; Heather Mills said there was such a fear of the truth coming out before being gagged by the divorce agreement; Julian Lennon was snubbed by not being invited to a number of Beatle events and said maybe now its Time to tell the truth; there is a real answer, this isn’t another crackpot conspiracy, it may well be the actual answer.

I’m late into writing a book on all of this, last week I asked Iamaphoney and crew if they wanted to talk about this before its done, referenced that they seemed to be hiding clues to what I’m discussing in their long running series on the Beatles and Paul.

Last night, Billy Martin (Iamaphoney) linked to my Iamaphoney post on Twitter and said nothing more.But that was plenty.


It is Time…literally.

Tonight it was announced that David Bowie’s next, and first posthumous single will be the aforementioned I Can’t Give Everything Away, and wouldn’t you know it, its scheduled to come out on April 8th, the same date as the Is God Dead issue of Time.

It may be miles above yet, but its coming down fast.


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8 thoughts on “I Can’t Give Everything Away…”

  1. I’m having trouble following your line of thought. So the whole ‘Paul is Dead’ idea was just a cover for conveying some Crowleyian notion that “God is dead”? Why was James Paul obviously replaced then? Surely you will not suggest that we’ve had the same McCartney all along!

      1. Well, I’m trying to see your viewpoint. I think you’re on to something, I’m just not sure what it is. Please explain further, because I do want the truth. And as regards Paul, yes, we’ve always focused on him, but that does not necessarily mean we’ve done it in the correct way. I think it would be a mistake to ignore the blatant forensic reality of McCartney’s replacement. I don’t know if James Paul died or not, but I do know his identity was assumed by another individual in late 1966. The why and the how are what need to be answered, and answered in a legitimate manner by means of disciplined investigative methodology. This has never been done, despite the long lifetime of the Paul is Dead concept. This case has never been investigated as a possible homicide/identity theft. It should be.

      2. I think Paul has gotten in the way of the truth; for 7 years I’ve had to slog through the mud of PID to find a different opening. For years, Iamaphoney said Its Time–Its Time–Its Time. They replaced the Los Angeles Equitable building with the Atlanta Equitable building in RA111. Its a different answer, and I think its the right one, and David Bowie may well have been hinting at it himself.

        As for Paul, he can be dead or not dead, it doesn’t change God is Dead and therefore I don’t focus on it. IF Paul was replaced, it was beyond just 1966 in my view. I think he goes from shiny to not so shiny all the way back to ’63, he’s like the 2 face girl in Seinfeld…maybe LSD screwed him up the rare times he took it, maybe that’s why his personality changed, I don’t know. I just don’t focus on it and I think not focusing on it brings a different perspective into view. I don’t like going anti-PID because I see why people think something happened, I just also think it walls off some different possible answers.

  2. It’s certainly intriguing that Billy Martin linked to your post. That’s how I got here actually. I follow him on Twitter and saw the link. But what of this God is Dead idea? What is the meaning of it and how does it answer the clues? Is all this about the Beatles attempting to project an atheistic philosophy into the subconscious of their fans?

    1. No I think its all about freedom personally, I don’t think its “Beatles are evil”, but Manson boxed them in in terms of ever being able to talk about it. I think many Paul is dead clues are really Paul is Dead clues, but I think that provided deniability, quite brilliant actually.

      Look at I Was. Paul Was? God Was? Look at the ATL’s and LTA’s all over their work. Iamaphoney said over and over that there is a code, he would show graphics showing the word Code right over the ATL in Beatles. The whole mystery started right after More Popular Than Jesus, John basically apologizing for being right. But by June of ’67 the whole world was different, and Pepper largely catalyzed that. I appreciate the discussion, I would look up the Revolution #9 Title is a Clue thread at NIR, that’s where a lot of this developed. Its in Clues I think…

      1. Hidden in the yard
        underneath the wall
        buried deep below
        …lay the answer to it all.

        This line from House of Wax I think is the most important clue…

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