New link to the Illuminatus Trilogy

I think this 1975 work is vital to the overall story in its own tongue in cheek way because of some special connections it spotlights, first and foremost the fact that the atomic formula was found encoded into Finnegan’s Wake 3 years before the formula was discovered (I kinda think these 3 volumes contained some special guidance overall).

When you stop and consider that the atomic formula showed up in a gibberish work that Joyce admitted was written having courted spirit input over a 922 style 17 year span, you realize that the atomic formula maybe was up for grabs at least as early as 1939 and maybe who got what and the direction the world took as a result wasn’t just a matter of who had the most intellectual horsepower.

Hitler committed suicide on Walpurgis in 1945 and Saigon fell on the same date 30 years later.

Everything that 922 is, flows from there…


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