The day the music died…

Bobby Zimmerman was a major Buddy Holly fan. According to Shelton, during his Senior year of high school “a new and lasting musical roll model emerged” for Dylan.

Buddy Holly.

“Bob began to imitate Holly’s sweet, naive, almost childlike voice,” Shelton wrote in “No Direction Home.” “The vocal quality of many Dylan recordings shows his debt to Holly.”

Three days after Dylan saw Holly perform, the young star, along with the Big Bopper (J. P. Richardson) and Richie Valens, died in a plane crash.

Buddy Holly has remained important to Bob Dylan. In a March 1999 interview with Guitar World Dylan spoke about Holly in relationship to the making of his 1997 album, Time Out Of Mind:

“While we were recording, every place I turned there was Buddy Holly. You know what I mean? It was one of those things. Every place you turned. You walked down a hallway and you heard Buddy Holly records like ‘That’ll Be the Day.’ Then you’d get in the car to go over to the studio and ‘Rave On’ would be playing. Then you’d walk into this studio and someone’s playing a cassette of ‘It’s So Easy.’ And this would happen day after day after day. Phrases of Buddy Holly songs would just come out of nowhere. It was spooky. (laughs) But after we recorded and left, you know, it stayed in our minds. Well, Buddy Holly’s spirit must have been someplace, hastening this record.”

This one is a little shaky, but when you think about when the music “died”, the last performance of Buddy Holly was actually on February 2nd 1959. Written with British notation (5)9/2/2.

But today is a much stronger sync. What better day to start the final section than June 1st 2016. Half way between 6/66’s is today, 6/16. Probably won’t be posting much for a bit, serious writing mode now. 8-)


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