The Greatest

An excerpt from 922…the ending actually which was written in 2011.

A conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words.

I went into the library, sitting down by myself in one of the rooms to dry off and warm up, snow falling off me onto the floor in a pile. As I sat there thawing, I looked in the corner. There was Muhammad Ali standing there. He had just gotten hit by George Foreman in the first round, and waiting in his corner for the 2nd he knew what he was up against now. Power like nothing he had ever felt, he was holding his own but he also knew that the 2nd round is when Foreman had knocked out Frazier, knocked out Norton. And when most everyone believed, he would knock out Ali as well.

Standing next to him was Bob Dylan, whispering in his ear “How does it Feel.” Ali had a child in his heart too, a child that said “I am the greatest” and then set out every day to prove it. And as Ali was listening to Dylan hiss, there was fear in his eyes. “I am the greatest” his child continued to say in the face of Dylan and all odds. What was it going to take?

That child wanted to be the greatest, but on this night there was only one way, and Ali and the child had to make a choice. Be the greatest and die, or live with something less. And as Ali stood in the corner listening to Dylan taunt him with his truth, suddenly the look in his eye changed. He knew the answer. He was going to get hit, more than a normal person could bear; the child who wanted to be the greatest wasn’t going to make it, but he would fade away knowing he had done what it took to be the greatest. It was his destiny.

And as Dylan faded away and Ali disappeared from my vision, I saw what was really in the corner of the library, and suddenly I understood.

Maybe I should write a book.


Author: willemaus

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