Reflections – The Birth of Heavy Metal

Attached is my Helium article on what I regard as the birth of Heavy Metal.

I’ve gotten a number of e-mails on the subject, it’s pretty hotly debated among afficianados, but my argument is that although Led Zeppelin may not be the creators of Heavy Metal, and certainly transcended the genre, it was really the opening of Dazed and Confused in 1969 that changed the way popular culture looked at “Heavy” music. It brought it to an entirely different level, a mix of melody and power that knew no boundaries.

By the time Jimmy Page finishes with his bow solo in Dazed and Confused and the band kicks in to their jam session, they have essentially redefined what could be accomplished as a group onstage, the way that Jimi Hendrix did with a singular instrument.

At the Filmore West performance on January 11th, 1969, by the time the band’s jam session is complete and they bring things back down for the final verse, you can hear the crowd on bootleg tapes giving them a standing ovation; this is for a band that at this point hadn’t even released an album yet and is almost completely unknown; and the song is still a full two minutes away from being done.

When Jimmy Page describes how they took the stage in San Francisco that weekend in January with a ferocity to make their mark with the hippest of the hip, and could feel it building in the crowd as the song progressed, he’s describing the 9:00 mark of the Dazed and Confused performance, the very hip and pop culture savvy crowd was completely blown away by Zeppelin’s performance and that in my humble opinion is when “Heavy Metal” began.

This performance came a couple of months later on Danish TV, it’s the first showing of the full Dazed and Confused on film to date. The crowd basically gives them a golf clap to open the song and is just too mindblown to respond by the end.

A lot of the early Zeppelin audiences didn’t seem to comprehend what they were watching, it was a whole new form of music to most…

Most of us can remember a point in our youth where someone invited us to “come along” and do something bad, something we’ve never done before.

When it comes to this song, Led Zeppelin is inviting an entire generation to come along, to somewhere no one is familiar with. You feel it in the music when you listen and watch.

That feeling created the 70’s…


Bob Ufer…

Another of my Helium articles, this one on my favorite college football play, Anthony Carter’s game winning TD vs. Indiana for Michigan in 1979 as called by Bob Ufer as my Dad and I were driving down the highway.

Reflections – Rhiannon

Without question one of my favorite songs, Rhiannon was the coming out party for a new and improved Fleetwood Mac in 1975.

Actually, there was very little fanfare and Stevie Nicks only joined the band along with Lindsey Buckingham because Buckingham insisted on it.

My Helium review of Rumours –

My memory of this song always centers on Little League in 1976. For whatever reason, my mind just attaches what may be very ordinary memories to various songs, and Rhiannon = Baseball to me for this reason.

Haunting song though…

Reflections – Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin reunion

One of the things I’d like to do with my blog is to post my recollections relating to some of the videos I have on my various channels.

This one however I have absolutely no recollection of, even though the Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis reunion on his Telethon in 1976 was one of the great moments in Television history. I’d never seen it until 2 weeks ago…enjoy!