John is Dead





Romans 9:22–But what if God, willing to demonstrate his wrath and to make known his power, has endured with much patience the objects of wrath prepared for destruction?

I had been dealing with this demonology for 6 years or so, it was built into what was left of my mind, I knew what I was seeing as soon as I saw it. There was demonology attached to the Beatles, not a little bit either, this was massive. I was looking at Paul is Dead sites, Beatles forums, and everything I was looking at was what I looked at in my own life every single day. There was something going on here, and I swear what I was looking at was the exact same thing I had been looking at myself, these weren’t just demons attached to the Beatles, they were the exact same fucking demons.

What in the hell?

Little Paul was fully alert now, looking at this too. It was all starting to come back. Paul being replaced, replaced by a guy named William. I went by Will now, I had replaced myself somewhere along the way, how weird is this, and then a Tuesday afternoon in Ann Arbor started to come back to us as well.


What in the hell? There were clues everywhere, clues that Paul had died and been replaced. That had to be nonsense, that was the conclusion of most people but some of these people on the Beatles forums didn’t seem to think so. They think Paul really died. I see why, the clues are really there. Why are the clues there?

As I looked over everything Beatles related in the days and weeks ahead, it was becoming clearer and clearer, why ever the clues are there, whatever in the world that the Beatles were on about, the clues were covering something up. They were covering up the demonology. Because there was stuff that there was no way the Beatles had actually intended, that much was plain as day.

From the Magical Mystery Tour booklet, rotated 90 degrees

This wasn’t about Paul, it was really about John. This was evil, it was absolute evil in the band that originally had been innocence to so many people. Weeks before John’s death, Yoko Ono had done a song. Kiss Kiss Kiss it was called. You turned it around backwards, right at the very beginning of the song, it said “I shot John Lennon”. And then weeks later, John Lennon was shot. John Lennon wasn’t shot by Yoko Ono, maybe John Lennon was shot by whatever was in Yoko Ono. I watched Howard Cosell announce his death.

This was a crucifixion scene, there was demonology all over this, look at that kicker nodding his head as Cosell said Dead On Arrival! Look at the Patriots with their hands raised in the huddle, like the hands over Paul’s head in Sgt. Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour! Remember how Revolution Number 9 ended, the song that said Turn Me On Dead Man in reverse? Hold that line, block that kick?

The only reason it reached ABC in the first place before anyone else got the news is because an ABC reporter happened to fall off his motorcycle that night and was in the next room in the hospital when they brought John in, without that perverse luck they’d never have gotten the word out while the game was still going on, let alone just in time for the last second field goal attempt (which by the way, was in fact blocked).

They knew. They knew what was happening to John Lennon before it did. This was staged, a screenplay. Little Paul was staring at this with me, enraptured. John Lennon was an Object of Wrath and Destruction. There was no question to either of us. This wasn’t just demons knowing about his death, this was demons causing his death. And they were doing it in full view of everyone. My God.

What was the legend surrounding Chapman and the Dakota? Not only that Chapman was hearing voices yelling “Do it, do it, do it” before he pulled the trigger, but also the fact that Lennon lived in the building where Rosemary’s Baby was filmed, with director Roman Polanski’s wife Sharon Tate having been later killed by Manson’s group (triggered by Beatle lyrics). Earlier on December 8th, just as Chapman was ruminating about this very synchronicity in front of the Dakota, Rosemary’s Baby star Mia Farrow happened to walk right past him and go into Central Park. How easy is it to manipulate a mentally ill person, when this stuff was happening for real?

The implications were incredible. The demons were on TV, they were on full display. And they knew it too. I’m surprised there isn’t a yellow smiley face ball bouncing across the screen, the kind Little Paul hated so much, “they’re taunting me”.

What did Cosell say after declaring John dead,“Which in duty bound, we had to tell you.”

This is what we were used to seeing, nothing is natural, every move is scripted. Here it all is! I watched this, or Old Paul did, I’m not sure who anymore, as a teenager. It was heartbreaking, it was heartbreaking to millions of people, the end of the sixties, the end of innocence, and it was a demonic Shakespeare play all along.

We left the video finally, supercharged, and started digging.

Scattered amongst the various clues about Paul were certain other clues, clues that were as odd as anything else but clearly didn’t apply to the Paul is dead narrative. The Magical Mystery Tour LP came out on December 8th 1967, 13 years to the day before John’s death. As unusual as that was, was a clue that seemed to foreshadow John’s death in the MMT booklet which came out that day with the album. 


The Best Way to Go is by MDC, the initials of John Lennon’s assassin, 13 years to the day before his death. After researching the scene, I found out that it had been shot on September 22nd 1967, it was shot on 9/22. Also released in 1967 was Sgt. Pepper, with its myriad of clues including an incredibly creative one that only appeared when you bisected the words Lonely Hearts with a mirror. 


Paul is dead advocates liked to interpret this clue as November 9th HE DIE, but if you used Come Together’s one and one and one is three as a road map, then you could interpret it as 13 he die, and then the clue could possibly apply to John instead. It seemed as if everything the Beatles did after 1966 had some clue buried somewhere. 

Hey Jude. The ultimate Object of Wrath and Destruction was Judas. The song’s protagonist Julian Lennon was just a little kid, like I had been just a little kid. Hey Jude to me had become the demon song, complete with the lyric The movement you need is on your shoulder. It was mocking, mocking the people who couldn’t do anything about the despair in their lives. People like Judas, or Julian, or me as a 3 year old, or whoever it applied to. After all, there was never a limit attached to how many Esau’s there could be in the world.

I watched the Beatles perform Hey Jude on the David Frost show on YouTube. And in the audience next to Ringo was Michelle, dressed in red. She wasn’t identical, but so close as to completely startle me. Michelle who had been killed in a car accident in front of 666 100th street. 6 months after my accident, the day after we’d moved into apt. #6. The streetlight that went on every night, but went out the night she died.

There was a picture of her on Google, they called her Linda Blair on the Beatles sites because of the way her eyes were rolled back into her head in the photo. She looked somewhat demonic. I looked up the performance of Hey Jude on David Frost and the answer came back as September 8th 1968. I sat in shock looking at the date. Michelle had been born on September 7th 1968. This was all a script. I’m not imagining the blonde thing, its staring me right in the face. 


Each day, as I searched, more clues were being handed to me it seemed. Even clues that I don’t think anyone else knew about. On a hunch, and being all about numerology, I added 9 years to December 8th 1967 which put me at December 8th 1976.

Surprisingly I discovered that the Hotel California album by the Eagles was released on that date. As Hotel California the song had always struck me as one of the eeriest songs that I knew of, I listened to it with fresh ears. The third verse, the really spooky one that mentions stab it with their steely knives but they just can’t kill the beast, seemed to in some macabre way allude to what happened to John 4 years later. Think about the words for a minute.

Last thing I remember I was running for the door

I had to find a passage back to the place I was before

relax said the nightman

we are programmed to receive,

you can check out any time you like

but you can never leave

When John Lennon was shot, he ran from the Dakota entrance into the Dakota Nightman’s office, where the Nightman attempted to help him to no avail.

Consider the possibility that something was actually capable of informing the Eagles lyrics in 1976 for an event that would happen precisely 4 years later. To me, this was staggering. But then, using a program called Audacity, I had a thought. Turn the song around backwards. So I did. And lo and behold, the words Last thing I remember I was running for the door, reversed, become John Lennon by himself. 

Listen to it, at 2:33. How can this happen?

Then I came across the Is God Dead issue of Time, it just so happened to be on Julian’s birthday. His 3rd birthday. 3.


I was curious, logged onto the date and time calculator online. Took Julian’s date of birth 4/8/63. Romans 9:22, hmmm; I subtracted 922 weeks on a lark. A little over 17 years. I get 8/6/45. The first atomic bomb at Hiroshima. How weird is that?

I had read a comment about John Lennon’s death which pointed out all of the odd connections to Pearl Harbor and WWII. He died on the anniversary of the date of the US entry into the war; the killer was from Hawaii, the gun was sold to Chapman by a Japanese man named Ono; Chapman, like John was married to a Japanese woman; John was taken to Roosevelt Hospital, and so on. It was amazing.

I looked, and the date and time calculator goes both ways. I add 922 weeks now instead. I sat and looked at the answer, my jaw on the floor.

The answer was December 8th 1980. Julian Lennon was 922 weeks old, to the day, when his father died. John Lennon was an Object of Wrath and Destruction, just like me.


It took another six years to figure it all out.

I took a walk along the Lake Michigan shoreline, looking out at the nighttime sky; I had been thoroughly vanquished, destroyed in a war that certain people may have watched with a bemused horror, but most had no idea what had gone on. I knew, and now I knew something else. I stalked, measuring my words; then I finally said it to God Almighty;

“I’ve got you.”

You did this to me, but you also did this to someone else, and I can prove it.

I didn’t hear anything in response, I just had a thought come into my head, one that both curbed my righteous fury and suddenly brought the entire experience into focus.

He knows you’ve got him, he just handed it to you. 


This is an excerpt of the upcoming book 922 by Paul William Emaus. The author (me) suffered a psychotic break in 2003, subsequently being diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. 



For 5 years, I’ve been working on a book called 922 and posted a rather long excerpt of it last month in the spirit of getting some feedback from a few people that may see a resemblance to certain characters, as well as anyone else who wanted to take a look. I freely admit that this is a sort of change the world kind of effort; maybe it will hit, maybe I’ll sell two books, who can say at this point, but I think ultimately its to get the experience out there and whatever happens, happens.

The primary event that triggered the idea to write a book was a strange synchronicity with Michael Jackson’s death that you can read about in Grandeur. It took years of writing and mapping out the story and rewriting and primarily research to come to a conclusion regarding Rock and Roll and the supernatural, in which I conclude that the Beatles did something way back when, and then someone: God, Satan, Demons, a little of them all maybe, did something back.

It was only a couple of months ago that I figured out for a relative certainty what the Beatles did to start the whole thing; that the Paul is Dead furor from the late sixties was actually hiding their true message, which was God is Dead. That was really the key to being able to complete the book, I didn’t need or want to add anything else in.

And then this week David Bowie died.

David Bowie was going to have a bit role in the book, and is already included in a metaphorical sense, but in a phrase to his last song he did me quite a favor by including a line that reiterated my point regarding the Beatles, who are what I believe Bowie is actually referring to.

The blackout hearts, the flowered news / With skull designs upon my shoes. I can’t give everything away.


What you see here is the Obituary for God in the April 8th 1966 Is God Dead issue of Time magazine. Above is the date November 9th, the date commonly known as the day that Paul fictionally died and also, as you can see, the date of God’s obituary as well. The circled ATL? Look at the obituary, ATL is for Atlanta. On the date of God’s death which although not listed completely is November 9th 1965, there was a massive blackout starting in Ontario which left a large portion of the United States in the dark for hours.

images Maybe it stands for, you know, Ontario?

So, Blackout Hearts is November 9th He Die, which is exactly what is on the Sgt. Pepper drum when mirrored, but also verifies that the November 9th in question is the God is Dead November 9th, not the 1966 version from Paul is Dead. Then the flowered news refers to the obituary being hidden in plain sight using the letters ATL in Beatles.

He maybe cannot give everything away, but he gave plenty in his final song.

As I looked at Blackstar more, I became more and more interested. Primarily because I’ve been saying for years that there was a demonology that was communicating through people on a different level than what the person communicating intends, and going back to the very opening of my book I show my first house as a kid, which has and has always had a Black Star on the front.

That got my attention, and then I watched the Blackstar video. Now, the excerpt from my book is entitled Grandeur which should be a healthy clue to what I’m about to say.

This video, kinda, sorta reminds me of my book. OK, it reminds me a whole lot of my book. Now I’m quite sure David Bowie didn’t read my book, unless he had access to my PC, so this seems to be a very concrete instance of what I have been saying for lo these many years.

I should probably also add, I’m a fan of Bowie’s from way back and enjoy his art no matter what it means, and while we’re speaking of that everyone seems to be evaluating his last album and this video for meaning, and it is somewhat remarkable to me that no one seems to get his “fake” eyes, and adding that into the meaning.

I think, as would be the case in my book, that I could go out on a limb here and state that his eyes, or whoever he is referencing, has a whole lot to do with the message that he is trying to send. And when he says his eyes, like in my book, I would hazard a guess to say it means attraction. He was bisexual and then married at the end, doesn’t it sort of seem like his eyes have been replaced in the video? The scarecrows’ eyes too.  And once you get that, and the book that tries to force that onto certain people, the rest starts making more sense.

There’s more to be discerned, I’ll look at it another 30 times I’m sure, but I wanted to share that.

September 22nd

Fish Delusions-A paranoid fish swimming through the water that believes that there are fake fish with hooks that are out to get him…

922 always comes off as a bit odd, because people A. Don’t want to get preached at B. Don’t really accept the premise that God could hate them.

So, do what you want and all that, I’m not a Christian and no donations are involved here…lets just talk about a system. Yes, God as opposed to everyone else in Christianity, gets to hate people. Its in the Bible. Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated. Now, Esau still gets to go to Heaven if he wants, but in life he got totally screwed over. And in Romans 9 it gets made clear that this choice of Jacob over Esau came before they were born; so it had nothing to do with anything Esau did wrong. What happened? Well Jacob put on some sort of dog suit and tricked his virtually blind old man into believing he was Esau, the older son, so that Jacob got a blessing that Esau was supposed to get.

Now if you’re Esau, you might well be kind of pissed off. Maybe really pissed off, after all in hindsight the entire nation of Israel was founded on this. But this is something God apparently gets to do. However, what God cannot do, is tempt sin and it says so in James 1:13. So demons have to do this for Him. All of the work that goes along with making someone into An Object of Wrath and Destruction typically involves sin, so God sits and watches demons, under orders, accomplish what He wants done, and presumably they get some latitude as to what they get to communicate to the world (via people) in the process.

This defense didn’t work out so well for Manson, but that’s how the game is played supernaturally. I’m not exactly a fan of this, and quite obviously those like Pharaoh, Esau, Judas, etc… probably really didn’t care for it themselves. But the idea is that someone gets sacrificed

as part of a larger story, but sometimes its easier to figure out who’s getting screwed around than it is to grasp the larger story at work.

Then the concept you have to wrap your mind around is that demons tempt people to do things to send messages as to what they are up to. This is how this:

Romans 9:22–What if God, although choosing to show his wrath and make his power known, bore with great patience the objects of his wrath–prepared for destruction?

Part of MMT showing the initials of Mark David Chapman, MMT released 13 years to the day before John Lennon’s death on December 8th 1967. The scene for the movie was shot on September 22nd 1967 (9/22)

…goes hand in hand with this:

James 1:13–Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man

113 Here, the maze in Their Satanic Majesties Request by the Rolling Stones using the same mirror trick as the Sgt. Pepper drum, TSMR released the same day as Magical Mystery Tour on December 8th 1967.

Its essentially a demonic playground using some of the most famous people on earth as pawns, because some larger story entitles them to.

Some other 922’s?

    • Julian Lennon born exactly 922 weeks after the first Atomic bomb at Hiroshima
    • Julian Lennon is exactly 922 weeks old when John Lennon dies
    • Melanie Coe of She’s Leaving Home fame is exactly 922 weeks old on the first day of the Summer of Love
    • Lucy Vodden of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds fame dies on September 22nd 2009
    • June 1st 1966 (6/66) comes exactly 922 days after the death of JFK

So if you think the world is coming to an end in the next two days, maybe not…hopefully its just more breadcrumbs. 8-)

922 – Blackout

Apparently there is more to the obituary of God than what is listed in the Time article of April 8th 1966. And the book linked
above definitely lists the date as November 9th 1965. Interestingly, a blackout on that date then left much of Eastern North America in the dark for hours…


(The Sgt. Pepper drum placing a mirror in the middle, most have taken this to be 11 1X He Die and is one of the most mysterious of the Paul is Dead clues, Fred LaBour’s fictional Paul is Dead article from 1969 just so happening to list McCartney’s death as November 9th 1966…also the date that John met Yoko)

…and then there’s the way the obituary ended. It is the wish of the family that in lieu of flowers, contributions be made to the Building Fund for the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City so that the edifice may be finished. The symbolism being somewhat obvious, the Cathedral is also home to the Peace Fountain depicting the struggle between good and evil and rather incredibly (being part of a church) contains the lyrics to Imagine.


But then again, this somewhat familiar scene was also added to the Church in 1997. It’s like a Dan Brown novel…


Billy The Mountain

…and perhaps a Frank Zappa Ley Line?:

Billy the Mountain
Billy the Mountain
A regular picturesque
Postcardy mountain
Residing between lovely
Rosamond and Gorman
With his staning wife Ethel
A tree, a tree.

Billy was a Mountain
Ethel was a tree growing off of his shoulder
Billy was a Mountain
Billy was a Mountain
Ethel was a tree growing off of his shoulder
Ethel was a tree growing off of his shoulder
( Hey, hey, hey! )
Billy had two big
Caves for eyes
With a cliff for a jaw
That would go up or down
And whenever it did
He’d puff out some dust
And hack up a boulder, hack.
Hack up a boulder, hack, hack.
Hack up a boulder, hack, hack.
Hack up a boulder.

Now, one day, and I believe it was on Tuesday, a man in checkered double-knit suit drove up in large El Dorado Cadillac leased from Bob Spreene ( “Where the freeways meet in Downey!” ) and he laid a huge bulging envelope right at the corner of BILLY THE MOUNTAIN, that was right where his foot was supposed to be. Now BILLY THE MOUNTAIN, he couldn’t believe it: All those postcards he’d posed for, for all of those years, and finally, now at last, his royalties! “Royalties, royalties, royalties! The royalty check is in, honey!” … Yes, BILLY THE MOUNTAIN was rich! Yes, and his eyeball caves, they widened in amazement… and his jaw, which was a cliff, well it … it dropped thirty feet! A bunch of dust puffed out … rocks and boulders hacked up, hack! hack! … crushing the Lincoln …

I gave him the money
He acted real funny
He hacked up a rock and
It totaled my car
Oh do you
Know any trucks
Might be bound for the valley
I don’t wanna stand here
All night in this bar
( Dear Lord )
I don’t wanna stand here
All night in this bar
( No shit )
I don’t wanna stand here
All night in this bar

By two o’clock, when bars had already closed down, Billy had broken the big news to Ethel, AHHHH, and with dust and boulders everywhere, Billy, choked with exitement, announced: “Ethel, we’re going on a vacation!”… Yes, and they were going on a vacation, oh, and Ethel, Ethel, Ethel, like any little woman, she of course was very excited … she creaked a little bit, and some old birds flew off of her. Billy told Ethel they were going to… yes, they where going to New York! “Ethel, we’re going to… New York! But first they were gonna stop in Las Vegas…

“It’s off to Las Vegas to check out the lounges,
Pull a few handles and drink a few beers, oh Ethel,
Ethel, my darling, you know that I love you,
I’m glad we could have a vacation this year,
Oh neat-o, glad we could have a vacation this year.”

They left that night, crunchin’ across the Mojave Desert, their voices echoing thru the canyons of your minds… “Ethel, wanna get a cuppa cawfee? Howard Johnson’s, ahhh there’s a Howard Johnson’s! … Wanna eat some clams? …

The first noteworhty piece of real estate they destroyed was Edwards Air Force Base. And to this very day, wing-nuts and data reduction clerks alike speak in reverent whispers about that fateful night when Test Stand Number One and the rocket sled itself got LUNCHED, I said LUNCHED, by a famous mountain and his small wooden wife …

“Word just in to the KTTV news service undeniably links this mountain and his wife to drug abuse and payoffs as part of San Joaquin Valley smut ring. However, we can assure parents in the Southern California area that a recent narcotic crackdown in Torrence … Hawthorne … Lomita … Westchester … Playa del Rey … Santa Monica … Tujunga … Sunland … San Fernando … Pacoima … Sylmar … Newhall … Canoga Park … Palmdale … Glendale … Irwindale … Rolling Hills … Granada Hills … Shadow Hills … Cheviot Hills … will provide the secret evidence the Palmdale Grand Jury has needed to seek a criminal indictement and pave the way for stiffer legislation, increased federal aid, and avert a crippling strike of bartenders and veterinarians throughout the inland empire …”

Within the week, Jerry Lewis had hosted a telethon ( La La La nice lady ) to raise funds for the injured, “injured”, and homeless, “homeless” in Glendale, as Billy had just levelled it. And a few miles right outside of town Billy caused a ‘Oh mine/my(?) papa’ in the earth’s crust, right over the secret underground dumps, right near the Jack In The Box on Glenoaks where they keep the pools of old poison gas and obsolete germs bombs, just as a freak tornado cruised through … Yes, it was about three o’clock in the afternoon when little Howard Kaplan was sitting on his porch ( “Toto…!”) just playing ( “Come here, Toto …!”) and having a nice time with his little accordion, (“Toto…!”) and this weird wind came up, direct from Glendale, blowing those terrible germs in his direction … and all this caused by huge mountain (“Aunty Em”) somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds fly, sucking up two-thirds of it ( suck, suck, suck) for an ultimetly dispersal over vast stretches of … WATTS!!!

Now, unless I misunderstood, it was right outside of Columbus, Ohio when Billy received his notice to report for his induction physical. Now lemme tell ya, Ethel said, now Ethel, Ethel said she wasn’t gonna let him go … “I’m not gonna let you go, Billy” … that’s right, we now have confirmed reports from an informed Orange County minister that Ethel is still an active communist and it is this reporter’s opinion that she also practices covent WITCH-CRAFT …

It was about this time that the telephone rang inside of the secret briefcase belonging to one mortal man who might be able to stop all of this senseless destruction and save America herself. And I’m sorry to disappoint some of you, it was not Chief Redden. This one man was Studebacher Hoch, fantastic new super hero of the current economic slump. Now, some folks say he looked like Zubin Mehta (Zubin Mehta); still others say “Bullshit, honey, it was just another greasy guy who happened to be born next to the frozen beef pies at Boney’s Market…”; still others say “Pshaw/Shaun(?), and piss on you, Jack, he’s just a crazy Iatlian who drove a red car …” You see, nobody ever really knew for sure because Studebacher was sooooo mysterious ….

He was so ( he was so, he was so) mysterious
He was so ( he was so, he was so) mysterious
‘Cuz when a person gets to be such a hero, folks
And marvelouse beyond compute
You can never really tell about a guy like that
Whether he’s really a nice person
Or if he just smiles a lot
Or if he has a son named Pinocchio or what.
Whether he’s really a nice person
Or if he has a son named Pinocchio or what.
Some men say he could fly
Some men say he could swim
Others say he could sing like Neil Sedaka,
And all the girls in Flushing would be amazed of him
Two, three amazed of him … amazed …

Time passed. January, February, March, July, Wednesdey, August, Irwindale, two-thirty in the afternoon, Sunday, Monday, Funny Cars, Walnuts, City of Industry, Big John Masamanian … So when the phone ring in the secret briefcase, a strong masculine hand with a Dudley Do-Right wristwatch and flexy braclet grabbed it and answered in a deep, calmly assured voice: “So… ah… yeah, yeah hello already … what? … well, yeah? … Ah-are you kidding? … You’re not kidding … a mountain … with a tree growing off of its shoulder? Aw, you’re fulla shit, man… ah listen, by the way, before you go on; did you get those white albums I sent ya with the pencil on the front, yeah? Yeah, you should move some of those for me … We’re having a lot of,…listen, so kiss little Jakee on the head… and how’s your wife’s hemorrhoids?…ah, that’s too bad…Listen…so you’ve got a mountain, with a tree, listen, causing…well, let me write this down… sorta take a few notes here…yeah? …to El Segundo, huh?…causing untold destruction..( my baby, my baby )…wanted for draft evasion?… an expense account? … and per diem, too?…”

They said he could dance
And of course they were right …

Ladies and gentelmen, this is it: The Studebacher Hoch Dancing Lesson & Cosmic Prayer For Guidence, featuring Aynsley Dunbar! … HIT IT! …
Hey, right hand from a heart
Left hand from a heart
Right hand from a heart
Left hand from a left shoulder
To the heart. Fillmore, Fillmore …
Nobody can dance like Studebacher Hoch …
So many rumors have spread about Studebacher Hoch … consider this rumor which was published about three weeks ago in ROLLING STONE ( oh, it’s gotta be true! ) … Studebacher Hoch can write the Lord’s Prayer on the head of a pin!” (NO!) do-do-do do-do-doot doot do-do-do … … I’m so hip … beef pies … he was born next to the beef pies, underneath Joni Mitchell’s autographed picture, right beside Elliot Robert’s big bank book, next to the boat where Crosby flushed away all his stash and the cops got him in the boat and drove away, to the can where Neil Young slipped another disc …

[ Frozen ??? pie
Frozen ??? pie
Frozen ??? pie
And that was the main influence on him
The influence of a frozen beef pie ]

Boldly springing into action he phoned his wife who ran a modeling school, whereupon he… yes, he ran around the back of the Broadway at Hollywood Boulevard and Vine to see if he could find himself some big, large, unused cardboard boxes ( no shit! )… after which he hit up the Ralph’s on Sunset for some Aunt Jemima syrup, some Kaiser boiler foil and pair of blunt sissors, yeah! … yes, and in the parking lot of Ralph’s … where no prices are lower prices than Ralph’s… in the parking lot of Ralph’s, in between a pair of customized trucks where nobody was looking, he cut out some really, really, really nice wings and he covered them thoroughly with foil …

Then he took those wings and wedged one under each of his powerful arms and sneaked into a telephone booth ..YES,YES!! And then he shut the fucking door! … And he pulled down his blue denim policeman-type trouser pants, and he spread even amounts of Aunt Jemima maple syrup all over the inside of his legs! … Soon the booth was filling with flies ( help me! help me! help me! ) … He held open the legs of his boxer shorts so they could all get in, and when each and every one of those little cocksucking flies had gone into his pants and they were lapping up all that maple syrup, he bent over and he put his head between his legs and he said in a very clear, impressive, Ron-Hubbard-type voice: “New York”… And the booth and everything lifted up, out of parking lot, and into the sky.

Studebacher Hoch
Studebacher Hoch
Studebacher Hoch
Studebacher Hoch
Studebacher Hoch
Studebacher Hoch
He’s coating his legs
With Aunt Jemima syrup up and down
His shorts will be filled with flies
That will be buzzing all around
Studebacher Hoch is really outa sight
Studebacher Hoch, he does it every night
Studebacher Hoch, he treats the flies all right
Studebacher Hoch
That’s why they never bite, hey!

Hey please to New York
Fly to New York

He could be a dog
Or a frog
Or a lesbian queen
(Fly to New York)
He could be a narc
Or a lady marine
Or he might play dirty
He’s over thirty
Getting old …
I don’t know
His peculiar attire
And the flies he requires
Keep leading him on
‘Cuz Ethel is gone
They keep leading him on
‘Cuz Ethel is gone
And the mountain she’s on

And speaking of mountains – – we’ll join Studebacher Hoch on the edge of BILLY THE MOUNTAIN’s mouth .. take it away! …

“Ah … ya, ya, ya, hey-ah, Billy, listen … I’ve come to reason with you … our great country needs you in the armed forces … Your number came up … ya can’t go on running like this forever …”

Ah, but Ethel just shook her twigs angrily. But Studebacher Hoch, calm, cool, collected and unperturbed, continued:

“Ya, well listen … listen you communist sonofabitch … you better get your ass down there for your fuckin’ physical or I’ll see to it that you get used for fill dirt in some impending New Jersey marsh reclamation … And your girlfiend there will wind up disguised as series of brooms, primative ironing boards or a dog house … get the ( cough, cough) get the picture?”

Ya, well Billy just laughed:

“Ha, ha, ha. If they think they’re gonna draft me, they’re crazy.”

Unfortunately, because Studebacher Hoch was standing on the edge of BILLY THE MOUNTAIN’s mouth when the giant mountain laughed … Studebacher Hoch lost his footing and fell screaming, two hundred feet into the rubble below … ( “Aaahhhhh, oh fuck, I’m gonna need a truss …”)

Ah listen, that only goes to show you
And it’l show you once again that
A mountain is something you don’t wanna fuck with
You don’t wanna fuck with
Don’t fuck around
Don’t fuck around
Don’t fuck with Billy, No
And don’t fuck with Ethel
You saw what just happened
To the guy with the flies

Don’t fuck around
Don’t fuck around
Don’t fuck around
Don’t fuck around
Don’t fuck around
Don’t fuck around
Don’t fuck around
With Biddilly, Biddilly
Biddilly The Mountain

Eddie, are you kidding?
Eddie, are you kidding?
Oh I forgot to mention this is where we take our intermission.
we will see you in a few minutes
Thank you, We’ll be back.

Flo and Eddie, in German for some strange reason, while performing Billy the Mountain during a Mothers show in Montreux on December 4th 1971, utter the lines Sheets of Fire Ladies and Gentlemen, Sheets of Real Fire. Moments later someone shoots a flare into the curtains and the Casino catches fire, immortalized in Smoke On The Water.

6 Days later, at the Rainbow Theatre where the Beatles did their Christmas shows, Frank Zappa is just starting the encore of I Want To Hold Your Hand when a fan rushes the stage and pushes Zappa down into the 10 foot deep orchestra pit, almost killing him.

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…don’t know what I mean?

In addition to the rainbow reference and the fall in Billy The Mountain that Zappa himself then experienced a week later, there’s this:

December 8th 1980. John Lennon in New York City
December 8th 1984. Razzle Dingley in Los Angeles
December 8th 2004. Dimebag Darrell Abbott in Columbus Ohio

922 – The Gunman

…I have this theory…
In my upcoming book, I explore the duality between what the Beatles were trying to accomplish, and what was trying to be accomplished supernaturally through them. This isn’t always an easy distinction to make, but its the critical distinction to make if you want to understand the whole thing.

See, once you are confronted with the Paul is Dead mystery, most people reason that Paul is in fact alive, this is obviously a hoax or just people are mistaken, and then decide to drop the whole thing. The first half of that is fine; the problem is that the mystery and the clues are very real but its all just been applied to the wrong subject. The timing is the key. We’re always told to look at the fall of ’66. Instead, look at the summer of ’66 and realize that John Lennon apologized for something he was completely right about to appease a group of people who had significant race issues, while still going to church every Sunday.

Ask yourself, would John Lennon, or the Beatles, really just let that go?

They didn’t.
The Beatles, in my view, were essentially baited into a response against God via More Popular Than Jesus. The main reason, again in my opinion, that the Beatles were tempted to response is that there still was a very real fear that the establishment was going to somehow “kill” Rock and Roll the way it had been done in the fifties.
Of course, a more logical view is that given the number of artists who vacated their position on the top of the Rock and Roll mountain due to naturally occurring events, this too could be seen as supernatural, but the fear of a backlash to More Popular Than Jesus in the summer of 1966 was real.

This gave the Beatles motivation to react to the Southern US religious uproar against More Popular Than Jesus, a segment  still endorsing racism, by attacking the fundamental Christian youth in sort of a stealth way, maybe enlighten would be the kinder and probably the more accurate word.

Did you ever wonder what the Walrus actually meant? And why the Beatles found it so important? The oysters being led out of the ocean, or in this case the kids being led to it (San Francisco in 1967).

She’s Leaving Home and LSD.

Jane Asher’s door, showing COE and LSD innocently broken out from CLOSED. Melanie Coe being the source story for She’s Leaving Home. Incredibly, the pic is from 1964, after Paul judges a contest won by Melanie Coe and 3 years before She’s Leaving Home….

No Beatle intended this sign; but it was intended all the same…

Then, the Beatles reaction, resulting from temptation in the first place,  can afterwards be seen as further temptation to cause a supernatural (God or otherwise) response to what they did.

What on earth am I talking about?

Sgt Pepper is a direct link to this:,9171,835309-8,00.html

This is the key to everything that followed. The Time Is God Dead issue was on April 8th 1966. Julian Lennon’s third birthday. Hence the 3 that becomes prevalent and unexplained other than a Paul is Dead clue. Except Paul is Dead is really God is Dead.

The obituary is where the mystery lies. Atlanta and the forever immortal date of November 9th. This is the date later given as Paul’s death date and is the date pointed to on the Sgt. Pepper drum when mirrored.

That mirrored drum is real. If Paul is alive though, what in the world does the drum mean. II IX He Die. It matches the date of the Is God Dead Obituary.

…and finding the Atlanta is so much easier. So easy and obvious in fact, that it has been referenced as a joke by the perpetrators for years. Hidden in plain sight, flowers in the dirt, etc…

Where is it??

Do you see what the doll is pointing at? Right in front of us?


It couldn’t be that easy? But it is, there just was never a frame of reference for it.

The Run Devil Run store, on Broad Street in Atlanta.

It was George who sang, we were talking about the space between us all. ATL and the drum, within the space between the 4 Beatles.

But do you also see, when the Beatles are cleared out of the cover, that there is a guy, Timothy Carey to be exact, standing behind where George would ordinarily be.

He’s a gunman in a shooting pose from the Kubrick film The Killing.

Have you ever seen this mentioned? Anywhere as a clue?

Why not?

The Old Testament God, referring to Himself as I AM, replaced with “I Was” in 1967. This isn’t a Christian thing, you don’t have to believe the Beatles were evil, They pursued the Maharishi to pursue spiritual enlightenment and wanted everyone else maybe enlightened in their own way.


Romans 9:22 – What if God, willing to make his power known, prepared withlongsuffering the Objects of Wrath fitted for Destruction.

On the date John Lennon died on, Julian, the three year old on the day of the Is God Dead issue of Time (there are more than a few time references on Sgt. Pepper, aren’t there?), was exactly, to the day, 922 weeks old.

…and thus is the divine response to a reaction the Beatles were tempted into.

Johnny Carson referencing Atlanta as the announcement is made.