A touch of Grandeur…

A piece of my never-quite-completed-but-will-be-someday book, 922.



The book is fiction, but it happened.



I am too.

It took me 37 years to come to the conclusion that those three words were the answer, the meaning of life, but in 1967 it just means joy.

I’m alive, I exist. Sitting on the floor with my sister and her friends, listening to Sgt. Pepper.

And that’s where it all begins. You wake up a few hundred times, go through days and nights, cry quite a bit, learn some basics and then one day you remember something that doesn’t go away.

It stays, one day I became me. But I didn’t happen to wake up to just any time in history…

I woke up in the sixties.

And that’s why we’re talking I imagine. Do you want to hear the story? It’s a pretty good one but I need to go out on the front steps if I’m going to tell it. It’s just a lot easier to talk out there. Why do I already know the whole story? Well I guess we’ll get to that…

I don’t remember being born, although sometimes I think I do, but I was born on October 14th 1965. It was a Thursday night and I was in a hospital like most babies. I was named after a Beatle and a Quarterback for the New York Jets from what I’m told. In fact, the day I was born happened to be the same day as the very first time the Beatles worked past midnight on a song, they finished Drive My Car right after midnight and The Who recorded My Generation later on the day I was born. I’m not sure if there were any football games that day.

I live in a house in Grand Rapids, Michigan with my Mom and Dad. Mom is 27 and Dad is 42 and Mom is Dad’s second wife. Because of that I also have 2 brothers and a sister that are halfs. They come over on the weekends except Penny who stays here most of the time and is only gone sometimes.

Now, I like my parents and all but you have to understand that my brothers and sister are teenagers and that’s a pretty cool age to be. Teenagers seem to be very important right now.

It seems like it’s important to be a teenager mostly because of Sgt. Pepper, although I checked and I don’t think there is one single teenager on the Sgt. Pepper cover. I like the Beatles, although my favorite is Pet Songs from the Beach Boys.

So all of them are inside listening to Sgt. Pepper again, probably because everyone is listening to Sgt. Pepper all the time now. I like Sgt. Pepper too but between you and me it’s overrated. In time they are going to rate it the best album of all time in Rolling Stone magazine, even though Rolling Stone won’t even start for a couple of months yet. It’s rated just ahead of Pet Songs and Revolver because all of the best albums ever are being done right now.

Why?  Well, because it’s the sixties.


You aren’t from around here are you? The sixties are the most important time ever. It’s when everything changed before most everything changed back later. Most colors were invented in the sixties too I think.

Oh yeah, most people around here know all about it. They are turned on they think.

Here, let’s ask this guy.

See? What??

I can too tell her about it!

Listen, I can hear you muttering dude. Let me guess, “man you’re only two, Paul, you weren’t even there brother!”

Well you know what, you weren’t there either. Zappa was there, no one else was. Its taken over 40 years for someone to say this to you, but no you did not have to be there.

You were here in the sixties yeah, it’s all still the summer of love to you, but we preschoolers watched what happened with you. We were there when the sixties blew up because love actually meant happy-self. We were just getting into school when Manson blew his whistle and ended the party. Manson? You’ll find out. Criminy, you probably think of Woodstock as where Dylan lives.

We were still watching you when the cash register chimed on Dark Side of the Moon and told all of you to finally get off the curb and get regular jobs because your turn was done.

We are the ones who had the perspective that Sgt. Pepper may have been a little better than Frampton or Rumours but there was still a spirit to the music that your generation had lost touch with only because you got old; we had our own mountain to climb to becoming a teenager and Rhiannon told us that on the other side of that mountain were sultry blonde witches rolling around on the ground that we were going to get to enjoy while you sold insurance.

We learned from your generation, we learned what worked and we learned what didn’t. The reason we didn’t sit around the Calder in the eighties debating the Port Huron Statement isn’t because we didn’t care, it was because it got in the way of the party. Reagan dealt with the government and we took the road trip, and that is exactly how it should be. Values and drugs don’t mix. Yeah, Reagan.

So no, you did not have to be there and the reason you think we did has nothing to do with us not understanding your generation and everything to do with you not having any perspective about ours.


But our generation does owe your generation one thing. Thanks for trying.


Don’t pay any attention to him, he doesn’t even know how it all turns out. The silly thing is that they all got what they wanted eventually but they were all too jaded and burned out to care. Don’t tell them though, it would spoil the fun.

What caused the sixties?

I’m not sure, wait a second I’ll go ask.

OK I’m back. Do you want some Kool-Aid? We have green or red.

Apparently it wasn’t Dr. Spock, although that would have been my guess…

What? Yes, I’m two.

My Mom is in Mensa and I get it from her I reckon. I can already read books you know. I hear I may be intelligent.

Anyways, the foundation of what built the sixties started with post-war expansion and the rise of the corporation and military-industrial complex.

Hold on, let me ask. Did I say that right? Are you sure about any of this?

I’m not sure they really know the answer. Most of it hasn’t even happened yet. I’ll give you mine.

After the war, chickens were very important. People wanted to have two cars in their garage and a chicken in the pot. If you had two chickens that was better. Sure, a third chicken would have been fine too. No that’s too many cooks, multiple chickens are OK.

So, Dr. Spock told parents to treat their kids nicely and build their self-esteem. This in turn built effeminate fathers who wouldn’t beat the crap out of their kids. That’s what my Dad told me. No, the crying Indian was in the seventies. There was a lot of garbage then though, he was right to be unhappy.

Anyways, the postwar expansion built an unhealthy attachment to chickens and the rise of the corporation meant that people acquired chickens mainly through allowing for their natural values to be subjugated into the corporate mindset. In other words, fathers did what their bosses told them to do even when they didn’t agree so that they would have more chickens.

When they didn’t, the bosses would send notes home to the wives saying that its really too bad that your husband doesn’t do what he’s told because all of your neighbors have a lot of chickens but you don’t have that many and you would have more chickens if your husband would just do what we tell him and maybe you should talk to him if you would like to have more chickens like your friends.

At the same time, the rise of Communism and the Cold War made speaking out against the government the equivalent of treason because instead of speaking out being part of a Democracy you were now a Communist because they spoke out against Democracy too and because no one could tell the difference between Communists and Non-Communists because they both spoke out it was decided that all people that spoke out must now be Communists because our Country is so great because we saved the world in the forties that only a Communist wouldn’t like it.

Now I’m thirsty. Just a second.

Of course I know all of this, everyone here talks about this stuff. The Port Huron Statement was written in Michigan you know. Al Jardine left the Beach Boys to go to Pharmacy School in Big Rapids. We know things here…No, I would have stayed a Beach Boy.

So the fifties culture was about security and chickens. And right in the middle of the chicken era, the Cult of Chicken, Marlon Brando banged on a jukebox and started Rock and Roll because everyone realized that he looked so incredibly stupid pretending that jazz was hep that something had to be done and then Elvis quit driving his truck so that Marlon Brando had a cool soundtrack to rebel to.

Yes it is what happened! Do you think the juves could rap their hot jive to Mr. Sandman? Jive disappeared way too quickly, especially hot jive which is better and/or warmer than regular jive. People should still be doing hot jive now I think. When the dufi in the Wild One ask for one of those Beer-o’s, that is hot jive. Just put o or e’o after every other word and laugh at people who don’t. Cool isn’t difficult.

So once Rock and Roll started, teenagers had their own space and a defined environment just for them for the first time. There was teen culture and the Cult of Chicken but because fathers were now emasculated due to accepting immoral orders at large companies instead of opening western hardware stores coupled with deferring to the wisdom of Dr. Spock and chickenless wives at home they decided not to beat the crap out of their kids for teen culture because they’d already traded their own values for chicken anyways.

The result of this is that when the teenagers of 1955 went into college in 1960 they decided that the Cult of Chicken sucked and they now stood to lose something because their future would not include rebellion or Rock and Roll or Hot Jive and College curriculum at this point only consisted of how to become a chicken-winner by subjugating their values and this now and only now was suddenly deemed insufficient by about 12 people, it was seen as Holden Caulfield’s cliff.

In other words, adulthood was boring and supposed to be and kids now expected excitement in life as a result of teen culture and self-esteem and weak chicken-needy fathers.

All of this created Bob Dylan.

Because Bob Zimmerman was going to be bored if he pursued the Cult of Chicken as a result of watching Buddy Holly 3 days before he died he instead became Bob Dylan and played to 153 people in a coffeehouse which led to 2,000 people buying his album and like Jesus and the fishes this somehow led to the Port Huron Statement happening simultaneously which was read by another 46 people which then somehow multiplied into alienating the entire eastern portion of Michigan’s youth culture and a few blocks in Grand Rapids which somehow again led to the entire West Coast being disenfranchised within roughly a week which as luck would have it led to millions of youth of all colors becoming disenchanted with racism within this same month and fighting the south mostly without fighting and a lot of people died for not being racists and then Kennedy died the day Beatlemania was shown on CBS and racism became Vietnam and Dylan met the Beatles and someone took LSD and saw God and then the south got really mad at the Beatles because more Beatle records were being bought than Bibles even though the Bible and Beatle records and LSD all say your football team shouldn’t still be all white and then Dylan crashed and the Beatles said sorry and created Sgt. Pepper to enlighten teens from hypocritical parents and football fans with way too much chicken on their hands and this is what built the sixties.


Yeah that’s how it happened. All those things happened on top of each other, no one is quite sure how one thing led to another, but somehow it just all did.

Now everyone is growing their hair long and wearing beads and talking about going to California where it’s all happening.

No I can’t go to California because I can’t leave the block yet, I can go down to Ken-O-Shea park but I need someone with me. Personally I hope no one goes to California from here though, I’d miss the friends even though most of them are a lot older than me. I really like Melody next door, she’s a blonde like Penny and we watch movies on her basement wall a lot and I read her books.

I have a few friends my own age but not all of us were meant to watch Romper Room. Goo Goo and slapping the floor only communicates so much. Where’s the depth, you know?

The redhaired girl up the street though, you can tell she gets it. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, do you know? You do on this block. Can you hear the dog whistle? Redhaired girl does. I don’t know her name. I don’t think she knows it either. It’s 1967, so maybe we’ll just make one up for her.

That’s what my parents did. They don’t call me Paul or William, they call me Paco. They call me Paco of course because it’s Spanish for Frank.

My mom is a genius, but not in Spanish…


…For the Uninitiated

To a lot of people who are more used to seeing posts about local political issues, when these posts pop up in their timeline it probably gets dismissed as a case of Will’s just being insane. 

I don’t mind that really, I’m sure its good natured and there’s no question that at times I do tend to skew towards the arcane.

But here’s my view. I usually can look at a subject for an hour and feel confident enough to put in my two cents. I might be right, might be wrong but hopefully most of the time I’ll at least be in the ballpark.

That’s with an hour of effort. I’ve been studying this for 6 years. Last week I was putting in 20 hour days on this. That certainly isn’t meant to brag, its just for perspective; if you can take a person’s viewpoint seriously after they’ve spent relatively little time on a topic, you should be able to trust their viewpoint on the subject where they spend most of their time. Hopefully 😉

There will be an answer, Let It Be.

But Will, this was just a hoax. The Beatles didn’t mean anything by Paul is Dead. (Stay with me here, don’t click off)

Yes, they did.

There are numerous books devoted to this. Hundreds of people per day visit Nothing is Real and forums like it. They have thousands of members. Hundreds, probably thousands of blogs and websites are devoted to this. And many of those people don’t believe that Paul died in 1966.

But something isn’t right. And that’s why they’re there.

Let’s go back to 1966 for a second. In August, there were Beatle record burnings and bonfires over much of the country, DJ’s were encouraging people to get rid of their Beatle materials and were denouncing the band. All because of John Lennon’s More Popular Than Jesus interview that had just been published in the United States. And he wasn’t wrong about anything he said. But they didn’t like it here. So, the Beatles had to apologize for it on August 12th 1966. Eventually, the record burnings stopped and they finished the last few weeks of their US Tour, but not before death threats in Memphis and the scare of a cherry bomb going off on stage during their concert there.

By August 29th 1966, the tour was finished and privately the Beatles decided they weren’t going to tour anymore. In reality, even though they were at a creative peak with Revolver having just released, there were empty seats in the stadiums that had been full the year prior. And unquestionably, people had in fact turned on the Beatles that August, DJ’s had turned on them, the media had turned on them.

And Bob Dylan had just gotten into a motorcycle accident. In fact, he got into his accident the same day that the Lennon interview had been released in the US. None of this bode well for the future. And there was precedent for this worry. There of course had been the original Rock and Roll of the fifties. But look what happened to it. Elvis went into the Army. Little Richard turned to God. Jerry Lee Lewis married his cousin and that was the end of him. Chuck Berry got caught with an underage girl and that was his demise. Buddy Holly died in a plane crash. Eddie Cochran, a car crash.

Largely, the original Rock and Roll died in the late fifties for a bunch of seemingly unrelated reasons, and all of its stars vacated. And it largely stayed that way until the Beatles changed the world and brought it all back even better in 1964. But to any thinking artist in the summer of ’66, it may have come across like the fix had been in during the late 50’s to kill off Rock and Roll and now Dylan was out and the Beatles were having to stave off an angry mob.

Was it going to happen again?

The reason this all matters is because when people look at Paul is Dead now, or even in the fall of 1969 when this took hold over the whole world briefly, everyone always points back to the fall of 1966 as that mystical time when everything happened. This is when Paul died, this is when the Beatles stopped touring, this is when they grew their mustaches, this is when the sixties largely exploded onto the national consciousness.

The fall of 1966 is when all of the mystery started, its when all the clues started. And there’s a giant unseen finger pointing away from More Popular Than Jesus and empty seats and Dylan’s accident and record burnings as if to wipe it all out as being a potential source for anything.

If you tell anyone immersed in this that Paul’s supposed death happened right on the heels of More Popular Than Jesus, they will look at you blankly like that never occurred to them. And all of the stories have been designed that way. To wipe out everything that came before the fall of 1966, that everything started there.

And just one month earlier, comes off to everyone pursuing Paul is Dead as the Old Testament. Ancient history. BC, or in this case BPID.


After all, isn’t that exactly what is on Sgt. Pepper’s cover? Old Beatles, New Beatles.

But exactly where they don’t want you to look, is where you need to look. And it took years to figure that out.

Paul died on November 9th 1966 per the legend. The prime reason this is known is that when you mirror the Sgt. Pepper drum, you get this.


One One One X He Die. Or 11 1X, or November 9th He Die. See, I don’t care what you think about the notion of Paul being dead and replaced by an exact replica, don’t care what you think about the sleuthing to deduce that this means November 9th, just simply acknowledge one thing:

This is some weird, freaky stuff.

Who would think to do this in the first place? Even weirder is the history of this clue.

It was mentioned on one radio show in mid-November 1969. It went largely unnoticed at the time. Joel Glazier then published the clue in 1979 in his screed that this was all the story of Faust brought to life. But it wasn’t until the internet era that this clue attained widespread attention among Beatle aficionados and today is standard PID101 fare.

And yet, without the clue being known about, the November 9th date has been known all along. Fred LaBour published the Paul is Dead story that took off nationally on October 14th 1969. Somehow, he knew to point back towards early November 1966 as the date of death. But no one knows where the November 9th date actually came from, it just somehow did.

If you don’t know what happened, The Beatles put clues, purportedly showing that Paul had died, into everything they did from Sgt. Pepper onward.

There were a few underground rumblings in 1967 and 1968 about the story of Paul is Dead, Rolling Stone reportedly having been approached with the story in 1968, but it didn’t gain any real traction with anyone until the late summer of 1969, and after making Sept. appearances in the Drake Times-Delphic and the Northern Illinois student newspapers it really took hold right here in Michigan; first Larry Monroe and then Russ Gibb having gotten calls about it on their radio shows. Russ Gibb got his call from a guy named Tom on October 12th 1969 and laughed it off until Tom convinced him to turn Revolution Number 9 around and play it backwards.

What Russ Gibb heard when he did freaked out everyone listening and freaked out Russ Gibb and is why a reversed video largely comprised of gibberish has over 2 million views on YouTube today. Because Number 9 becomes Turn Me On Dead Man. And because 2 years earlier, in about the most seductive moment in Rock history then or since, it was The Beatles who sang I’d Love to Turn You On, it completely blew everyone’s minds and within days this rumor had become a full blown phenomenon worldwide.


The antidote for this condition was to put Paul and his family on the Cover of Life Magazine on November 7th 1969; somehow this “Paul” being alive convinced most people that he was fine, even though it was the same Paul who had been doing everything with the Beatles for the last 3 years, which may make even less sense than the rumor itself did.

So then the world moved on, The Beatles broke up and had very successful solo careers and Paul is Dead took its place alongside the Moon Hoax and JFK conspiracy as one of the most entertaining Urban Legends of all time. The Beatles themselves called it rubbish. And the most clever band of all time said nothing else. Rubbish.

But a small subset of the population didn’t let it go.

Something wasn’t right about all of this, you don’t have to believe Paul died to know the clues are really there. Why are they there?

Throughout those days and for years afterwards, artists wrote lyrics that seemed to allude to something. And generally speaking that something seemed to involve The Beatles. And that something didn’t seem to be a joke, or a hoax, or something to laugh off. It seemed to be about something legitimate.

Don McLean built an entire song around this, one of the most famous of all time, called American Pie.

The Marching Band refused to yield, do you recall what was revealed?

Terry Knight had one of the first Paul is Dead songs in Saint Paul, even though the lyrics have nothing to do with Paul being dead and is the one and only non-Beatles song published by MacLen music, even though he had no history with the group besides a single meeting with them.

Did Judas speak to you or did you put the whole world on? Its taken you too long to change the world. While you and Sgt. Pepper saw the writing on the wall. 

Paul put a Ram on a solo LP. John then put a Pig on his next album.

So Sgt. Pepper took you by surprise…

I AM The Walrus.

Here’s another clue for you all, the Walrus was Paul.

I was the Walrus but now I’m just John, the dream is over. 

(Why is it so important who The Walrus is, I thought this was supposed to be a nonsense character?) 

And not one word of that was ever explained by anyone. And it isn’t because no one asked.  Does this sound like a hoax? A joke? Rubbish? Or does it sound like they’re talking quite seriously about something but we don’t know what that something is? Because it certainly isn’t about Paul dying.

Lets fast forward to today, the internet age.

Heather Mills was married to Paul, said she had a box of evidence, that there was such a fear of the truth coming out.

The aforementioned Russ Gibb won’t talk about what it is that he heard in England, maybe saving it for a deathbed story. xdell.blogspot.ca/2007/10/with-little-help-from-their-friends.html

Does it seem at this point like this is something serious enough that people are actually in fear for their lives if this were to come out?

Neil Aspinall was part of the Beatles inner circle from the very beginning, he was actually a roadie for the band in Liverpool before they made it big. He started a company called IAMaphoney in 1990 to set the record straight about all of the Beatles stories. You know, in addition to running the Beatles label Apple for years.

In the 2000’s he also became a mysterious internet poster named Apollo C Vermouth, who joined two of the most popular Beatles Mystery forums and gave cryptic clues to try and bring members back on track about what the mystery really was. He told people to simplify. That Sgt. Pepper was the key to all of this. That the answer was really right in front of everyone’s face. There were flowers in the dirt.

Before Aspinall got cancer and died on March 24th 2008, a mysterious foreigner showed up who coincidentally also went by the name IAMaphoney. He started making videos about the Paul is Dead mystery, but the vast majority of the series, done in 2006-2012 had not much to do with Paul having died and a whole lot to do with some sort of vast mystery involving Paul and the rest of the group.

It was one of the most popular channels of the early days of YouTube, but when Neil got sick in 2008, it seemed as if IAMaphoney’s series kind of went off the rails. His 2012 date to show the Revelation to the world came and went, the series concluding on November 9th 2012, without any revelation having ever been displayed. The rumor was that after Neil Aspinall died, the IAMaphoney team became part of Paul McCartney’s own MPL firm, which of course would then preclude any secret relating to the Beatles ever actually seeing the light.

Redwel Trabant established that fairly clearly (and the part about organize Paul’s secret certainly seems to imply that there’s a, you know, secret), because there are plenty of people out there dead serious about trying to solve all of this.

And then there’s Julian Lennon on Facebook in 2011. “Wow… Snubbed at Macca’s wedding, snubbed at the anniversary of LOVE in Vegas! Snubbed at Macca’s wedding reception in NYC… Snubbed at George Harrison’s film premiere… What have I done to be ignored in such a way? I was not invited to ANY of these events… I thought we had a relationship … Obviously not… Gimme some truth… Maybe now it’s time to tell the Truth

Suffice to say, there’s something quite serious that seems to be hidden from view. Its not a game, its something serious enough that rather important people are afraid to talk about it, and would take it to their graves without ever revealing the answer.

That’s why people are still pursuing this.

Sunday, combing through a 238 page thread, I saw this lyric from Paul’s House of Wax:

Hidden in the yard
underneath the wall
buried deep below
…lay the answer to it all.

And I knew I had it. I stepped outside to have an e-cig, my hands were shaking, and as I stood there I was on the top of the mountain. An answer people had been searching for, for 48 years. The answer is this.


The answer is Time.

Paul is Dead, is really God is Dead. And Paul is code, plausible deniability in case anyone started getting close. And ATL, is Atlanta, the obituary for God is Dead found in the April 8th 1966 issue of Time. (There are many other clues to this, I’m not posting them today although I have previously. House of Wax matters right now because it put me over the top.)


And as I stood there, drinking in the victory, I laughed out loud. No one is going to believe this, no one is going to accept the conclusion, no one is going to acknowledge that this is the answer.

But it is.

Now I’ve been posting this for 3 years, but the evidence was more scant. I had a pretty good idea that I had it, but I didn’t know it for sure. Now I do.

And if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Some people think the Beatles are evil, satanic. I don’t really believe that, I think you have to go back to the conditions in the Southern US in the summer of 1966 and realize that the kids burning Beatles records were largely sitting in Church on Sunday. They didn’t want someone to point out that The Beatles had become more popular than Jesus, even though they probably had.

They also didn’t want anyone to point out that their football teams were still All-White.

The Beatles weren’t about to view these kids as having been on the side of righteousness, because they still were significantly flawed and tied into their rules. And coming off their apology, and ending their tour in 1966, can you really see a John Lennon, or any Beatle for that matter, just letting that go?

Our careers and even our lives were at stake here and yet you still have no black football players?

No way in hell, would they just let that go.

But publicly its exactly what they did. And its exactly when all the mystery started.

The November 9th 1966 date of Paul’s death obscured the November 9th 1965 God is Dead obituary. The ATL in Beatles, signifying Atlanta, was hidden in plain sight; even though there was a doll pointing at those letters.

God is Dead. The Ubermensch of Nietzsche. Do What Thou Wilt, Sgt. Pepper luminary Aleister Crowley’s philosophy. Do what you want, that’s what the Beatles were all about. No, this was about freedom. About all of the ideals of the sixties.

And God, was getting in the way of all of it. And it kind of seems like they may have set out to correct that condition. (and maybe the most fascinating part of all of this, not being discussed here, is whether God might have actually reacted to this?)

Now, doesn’t that seem like why the Walrus would be somewhat important? After all, in The Walrus and The Carpenter, The Walrus called all of the young oysters out of the ocean. And then, ate them all.

Sgt. Pepper showed up on June 1st 1967 and blew away everyone. It was the trumpet blast to the Summer of Love, She’s Leaving Home, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, I’d Love to Turn You On, drug references abound, timed perfectly with the end of school in 1967 and kids from all over the country got out of school, left home, went to San Francisco and Turned On.

I’m not a Christian and it’s probably better that I’m not, because I’m not even against what the Beatles did here but its blatantly obvious why The Walrus mattered. Because no matter how much of this they themselves caused in retrospect, they clearly saw themselves as the Pipers and it certainly worked out that way in no small part.

And no one burned any records to protest it, did they? The world had changed. The Beatles had changed it.

Maybe they just don’t want you to know that was their goal.

This may never wind up on the news, I’ve been working on a book about all of this for years and maybe that’s what it is going to take, but I think its important that this is written down somewhere today.

Because Tomorrow Never Knows…


922 – An Alternate Sgt. Pepper

I know that this is somewhat blasphemous, but I think Sgt. Pepper could have  been better.

Not only do I think it could have been better, but purely looking at the music I think it largely misses the vision that the Beatles actually had for the LP.

So, I’ve taken the liberty of re-doing it, using songs from directly before and after the seminal album.


I do get ample opportunity to discuss the spirituality piece of my theories that are part of 922, but its interesting when you get to talk to people that have more of an emotional stake in the Beatles mythology because they seem to have this tendency to want things to be somehow owned by the band.

The word temptation always gets people going it seems, and in fact is going to probably be one of the tougher sells in my book.


Because it strongly implies a lack of control.

Well lets back up for a second.

The first problem is the number of fanboys who quite clearly are being paid by a Paul McCartney run organization to fuel this mystery, but only in a direction that keeps Paul mysterious and exciting and possibly Jesus or the son of Aleister Crowley or whatever.

Apparently someone putting together a multimedia shot or two and flipping the horns every few years is sufficient to keep this myth alive; instead of the truth of him being a Beatle, having a genius stretch in the 60’s, having another great run in the 70’s with Wings, but then hasn’t done anything noteworthy in over 25 years.

That is reality, and people who don’t want to contend with that reality are most likely more concerned with pushing a product via mystery than telling the truth about any of this so they really don’t have any value to add to the subject at hand.

And that reality doesn’t preclude anyone from being an admirer of Paul McCartney’s work, but the product being pushed isn’t reality. Believe it or not, anyone in an organization can make a fading product more exciting by flashing a couple of pyramids or eyes on a screen, and it has nothing to do with that person being really really dangerous or mystical.

I think we all learned that in the 80’s.

But that sense of PR is also quite relevant to the discussion. Because whenever you get down to brass tacks; of asking the simple question that should be asked: Do you think Paul McCartney arranged for Paul is Dead clues in the songs and a bunch of visuals that showed him being somehow different and removed from the other Beatles because he was somehow, well, you know, kind of full of himself, you always get the same reaction.

Nope, ignore, change the subject. Concoct a bunch of CIA-style push excuses to get the question off the front page, do whatever you have to in order to ensure that no one ever has to deal with the topic honestly because that after all is what everyone is being paid to do and then we’ll never get to the answer because no one after all really believes there is one anyways.

Except, temptation is the answer, only people on a payroll and/or oblivious to the nature of temptation don’t want this to be the answer.

They want to believe that someone sat in a room and conjured all of this. Not that Satan did it and made them think they were responsible.

Honestly, the degree of thought and the clues in the Sgt. Pepper cover is far and away beyond the entire Magical Mystery Tour movie premise. So if the Beatles themselves were this brilliant, why didn’t they make a better movie? Or run a better business?

I really believe that deep down inside, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr and Yoko Ono and the people truly close to the Beatles know that 20% of the clues were intentionally planted to fuel mystery and ultimately self-promotion, and the other 80% happened through them but they had absolutely no control other than to shrug afterwards and say “wow”.

Paul is or isn’t dead? It’s not really relevant to me, but to say he took LSD, freaked out and decided to use whatever happened to him to create magic, isn’t a far-fetched alternative to PID.

But, someone must have conjured this?

They know better than that and have for over 40 years, why don’t we?

Because something doesn’t want us to know. The exact same mechanism that entices a person to sin, entices a person to be creative.

But temptation to sin is met with the resistance of free will, temptation to create is embraced.

A while back I came up with the notion of a fish delusion; a fish that believes that there are fake fish out to get him, which of course there are. I didn’t go into a room and conjure up a demon to create that idea, it just popped into my head.

But did I come up with it myself, no way in hell. Why do I say that? Because “fish’ happens to have some relevance to the Beatles mystery, but when I came up with the idea of a fish delusion I had no idea of that. Most people wouldn’t want to admit that, they wouldn’t want to acknowledge that this could be done to them.

But it is exactly what happens…and how most of the Beatles clues came to be.

James Joyce, the Beats, Dylan, the Beatles, etc. were all embracing “random”. They wanted supernatural input, and they got it.

That desire implies control, but that is the deception. The first temptation was to create a mechanism to be communicated through in the first place like the cut-up technique; and then another round of temptation to actually communicate the clue.

Add drugs to the mix and there is virtually nothing in the way of resistance to any supernatural synchronicity that needs to be communicated through these “mediums”.

Robert Plant wrote Stairway to Heaven in one night. He won’t touch the song today unless he absolutely has to. You can argue that a Led Zeppelin reunion did not take place precisely for this reason.

Do you think maybe Robert Plant realizes this too?

922 – Spirit

…You see, because the Catcher in the Rye defined rebellion. As did Elvis, James Dean and The Wild One.

Teenagers wanted to rebel? Maybe they did, maybe they just wanted to have fun, and most importantly, a world of their own.

But the Cold War defined what happened to them after High School. Protest wasn’t allowed, protest was a communist plot. Diversity of speech and attitude wasn’t going to get you ahead in the corporation, so College frowned upon the idea of the young challenging the Status Quo.

Political protest in the 50’s was tantamount to treason, water was thrown on the entire idea of rebellion by the time the Rock and Rollers got into College.

And being the corporate shill was actually admired; doing what your boss did and saying what he said put two cars in your garage, put two chickens in the pot. If you didn’t tow the line, the boss would send a note home to your wife asking why he couldn’t conform and it’s too bad because you would be doing much better if your husband did.

And then 4 guys sat down at a lunch counter in Greensboro. And students started saying no when told to follow the established curriculum, to believe what everyone before them believed.

The Rock and Rollers had something inside of them, it was called spirit. Holden Caulfield defined it as a child jumping off a cliff to adulthood, something to be protected.

The youth of 1960 suddenly started making different choices in small numbers, a choice to challenge what they felt was a factory, they challenged the establishment. The Civil Rights protesters and the white youth in the colleges both made this decision together, neither followed the other and each became sympathetic to the other’s cause.

The SDS and the Diggers and the FSM believed different things, had different objectives but all had a spirit that the generations before them didn’t have.

It was as if they graduated from Rock and Roll and said “this world isn’t good enough”.

It was the youth of 1960 that ultimately built the sixties, and no their brand of Peace and Love couldn’t survive Manson.

But they did try to change the world, and they certainly embraced diversity of attitude and thought.

What happened?

How is it that today, there is only one accepted version of events, and if you dare challenge that version you are either met with sarcasm or ignored.

The very tactics used by the establishment in 1960 are used by certain Beatle fans today, people who are completely fine in subjugating any free thought to remain in the favor of their benefactors and peers.

And the worst part is, the same people who are credited with trying to change the world, embrace the single theory approach because it makes them money and keeps them out of harm’s way.

They became what they hated.

Faces in Toast – Gulf of Tonkin

For those accustomed to the more Beatlemania-side of Faces in Toast, getting into the political side of this equation may seem kind of boring, but I’ll try my best to liven things up…

Remember, November 22nd 1963 saw both Beatlemania launched in the United States as well as the eventual escalation of Vietnam due to the assassination of JFK.

If there was one tangible incident pointed to as being responsible for the escalation of Vietnam, other than the assassination of John F. Kennedy, it was  the Gulf of Tonkin incident on August 2nd 1964.

In this very disputed account, North Vietnamese forces fired upon the destroyer USS Maddox which prompted a US retaliatory strike upon the 3 torpedo boats responsible for the attack.

This event, plus a similar event two days later involving the Maddox and the aptly named US ship Turner Joy, prompted Lyndon Johnson to report to America that the Country had been attacked; even though it is highly disputed whether the American ships provoked an attack by traveling too near the North Vietnamese ships or, in the case of the second incident on August 4th, whether the US Ships had ever been engaged by the North Vietnamese at all.

The leader of the US Naval fleet in the Tonkin area was Admiral George Stephen Morrison.

George Morrison had a son who would not become known to the world for a couple of years yet, but his son did happen to be born on our fateful December 8th date, exactly two years after the United States declared War and entered WWII.

Jim Morrison is just the first of many that will be spotlighted that both came from a Military family and then somehow wound up in the Laurel Canyon section of Los Angeles before becoming famous.

If there is one seminal moment in Los Angeles that announced the arrival of the Laurel Canyon crowd as a force in the growing sixties counter-culture scene, it was the out-of-nowhere introduction of the Oedipal section to an already existing song of theirs, The End by Jim Morrison and the Doors during a performance at the fledgling Whisky-A-Go-Go in Los Angeles in August of 1966.

Although Val Kilmer gives a fantastic performance as Morrison in the movie, one thing I will say is that the only Jim Morrison that was even more foreboding than Kilmer’s portrayal of Morrison is Morrison himself; Morrison transformed his stage presense from a very shy singer to the Lizard King persona during the Summer of ’66 while the Doors were the house band at the Whisky.

The Doors really weren’t considered initially to be very good or one of the better of the LA scene that was just starting to happen, but this performance, transferred to vinyl just a few days later, coupled with the breakthrough hit Light My Fire, ultimately found the Doors as the first and most shocking LA group to break into the world’s Pop consciousness in 1967.

The addition of the Oedipal section as portrayed in this scene was Morrison’s inspiration and his alone, the rest of the band had no idea where he was going with the song as he performed it on this night.

The Doors were fired from the Whisky after the performance, which ultimately only served to fuel the legend of The End and Morrison himself…

Faces in Toast – Hwy. 10

Let’s start heading towards Dallas…

In All the President’s Men, Mark Felt famously told Bob Woodward to follow the money when Woodward started to investigate the Watergate break-in.

Felt as Deputy Director of the FBI presumably knew quite a few of the answers that Woodward was looking for, but preferred that Woodward find his own answers his own way while unraveling the Nixon Administration’s complicity.

Well likewise, although there are still a few stones to unturn with regards to the Beatles and Supernatural Warfare and the key piece of how it could relate to the end times have yet to fully be revealed, we need to start turning our sights towards Dallas and the other half of our Supernatural Mystery; the political side.

Dallas is our starting point, but ultimately the road will lead us to California.

Last year, I simultaneously was drawn by very curious circumstances into what I originally felt were two completely different and unrelated topics.

One was Satan and Rock and Roll and the other was JFK.

I spent some time looking into each independently but soon enough came to the rather remarkable conclusion that perhaps I was being led into both topics because the two topics were related; and finding the answer to the one could lead to finding the answer to the other.

The deepest Pop Culture mystery of the last 50 years has certainly been the mystery of the Beatles, and in particular the anti-conspiracy of “Paul is Dead” and what is really buried underneath.

However that mystery is quite frankly nothing compared to the Mother of All Mysteries and that is the assassin(s) of President John F. Kennedy on November 22nd 1963.

Being now convinced of the supernatural hand on the rise of the Beatles and it’s influence on Pop Culture and the magical society of the sixties; we now need to start seeing the other side of the same coin.

The Beatles second LP was released on November 22nd 1963.

Their first US television exposure came on the CBS News on the morning of November 22nd 1963.

The same piece was supposed to air on the evening news that night.

John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22nd 1963.

So, both Beatlemania and the escalation of Vietnam launched on the very same day.

So to paraphrase Mark Felt, let’s start the next phase of Faces in Toast by just stating upfront the correct road to the answer of the greatest mystery of our time.

Follow the Occult.

…and we’ll go from there.