Remember Robby’s Restaurant?

This post probably won’t mean anything to anyone unless you lived in Grand Rapids Michigan in the 60’s or early 70’s.

There was a restaurant on 28th street called Robby’s (Robbies maybe). It was a hamburger place. There was also a Bonanza very close by if I recall as well as some water slides.

It was very close to where the Red Barn wound up being later, but I don’t think it was the same building as Robby’s was closer to the street.

If anyone remembers Robby’s, please post. Bonus points for having a picture of the place as I can’t find one anywhere…



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22 thoughts on “Remember Robby’s Restaurant?”

  1. Robby’s ..they treat you like a guest. The zinger was their famous hamburger. We had 2 locations in Mankato,Mn in the 60s & early 70s

    1. I remeber robbies in grand rapids Mi 1965. Hambergers was 15 cents. Chesseburgers 18 cents. My father would treat us kids there on fridays when he got his paycheck.

  2. Mankato actually had 3 Robby’s locations: near MSU, by West High School, and along Madison Avenue–the only surviving building, with the diamond shaped signage (which now reads, “TACO”).

  3. I remember the Robby’s near West High School in Mankato in the early 1970s. My family used to live in nearby, and we visited it regularly until we moved to another section of town. I was pretty young, but I remember liking their food better than the other burger joints in town.

  4. I spent my college years in Owatonna. The food at the college was less than acceptable. Hardly a week went by that we didn’t load up a car full of guys and head to the Robbys

  5. Going through boxes of old ‘stuff’ and found a Happy Birthday card from ROBBYS on Willard Street in Mankato – good for one free hamburger, shake, or fries. Apparently I didn’t redeem the card, as I still have it. There’s a drawing of Robby’s on the card.

  6. I was 5 when we moved from Grand Rapids to NJ in 1967, but my older brother was a manager at Robbie’s through college (WMU) in the late 60’s

  7. I remember eating at a Robby’s in Neenah, WI. In fact, I think there was one still there in the early 80’s.

    1. The Robby’s in Neenah became a Mars Hamburger restaurant in 1979 or 1980. I remember because I worked there. I do remember going there when it was a Robby’s. It was accross from St. Patrick’s church! I think there’s a carwash there now!

  8. I remember Robby’s in Milwaukee in the 70’s as a kid. Better that McDonalds and BK!!! Great fries and malts and butter burgers!!!

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