In 1976, Ringo Starr put out an LP entitled Rotogravure.


It came with an actual magnifying glass, so that you could read the words on the back cover; a picture of the Apple Corps. door that was sent to each of the Beatles for some reason by Neil Aspinall, rumored today to be internet poster Apollo C Vermouth.

Rotogravure back cover

Straight forward enough: however Ringo released a statement in 1976 detailing why he delivered the magnifying glass, saying the following during a press conference in Amsterdam–

Question: There is a photo of the front door of Apple on the back of the cover, where did you get it?

Ringo: Neil Aspinall took it and sent us one each an I thought, “I’m gonna put it on the back of the album.” It’s a front door, but it’s a back door too. It’s got all these names scrawled on it from Finland. That’s why you’re getting a magnifying glass with the album, so you can read it all. And I thought it would be a nice bit of fun, especially for those who actually wrote on it. It used to be so smart, with a doorman and a pretty letterbox, and now it’s just…yeah!

So Ringo wants people to search the door. Now, remembering that it was Neil Aspinall (Apollo) who sent them the photo in the first place, let’s see what Apollo C Vermouth said about this 30 years later.

Keep searching the clues on the door.
One in particular is all you need.

Read more: http://mysterytramp.proboards.com/thread/11/apollo-vermouth#ixzz5LHNBjCXz

And in another post:

As stated earlier in another thread, the original release included a magnifying glass so one could decipher the writings on the door.
Obviously, there remains an important clue that he wished you all would find.
The hunt begins…
Your on the right path.

So Apollo, who purportedly is the guy who sent the Beatles the photograph of the door in the first place, makes multiple references to the door as being a clue which Ringo wants everyone to search out one important item.

But Ringo kind of telegraphs his thinking with a reference in his statement to all these names from Finland:

Here is the one and only reference to Finland on the door–


What it is, at least what I think it is, is a reversed reference to our ATL once again; an LTA reminiscent of Glass Onion (*L*ooking *T*hrough *A* Glass Onion).


Once again, the Atlanta-based God is Dead Obituary in the April 8th 1966 issue of Time possibly makes an appearance. Its Time~


Truth is stranger than fiction


From Time Magazine archive:

Monday, May. 21, 1979
Skid Row Plot

Skid Row Plot A scheme to kill Carter?

The man clearly was unstrung. He had a history of mental illness. He also bore an eerily resonant name for a person claiming to be part of a four-man plot to assassinate a President: Raymond Lee Harvey. At first, it all seemed too weird to be taken seriously.

Unemployed and a drifter, the Ohio-born Harvey, 35, claimed to have met three men with Latin names in downtown Los Angeles two weeks ago. On May 4 he was with the three in a third-floor room of the skid row Alan Hotel, near the Los Angeles Civic Center. The three told him they intended to shoot President Carter, who was scheduled to talk to a crowd in the center on the following day, a Saturday. They asked him to help. Under the…

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Flames from the Burning of Atlanta

I’ve made much of the crucifixion scene taking place with .03 left in the Monday Night Football game between Miami and New England, ABC announcing John Lennon’s death by Howard Cosell.

But that’s not the only synchronicity; Atlanta is more prominent in the same Tonight Show announcement on NBC; a repeat “specially” chosen for the occasion.