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This isn’t really a political blog, and I don’t know if its appropriate today to try and politicize the events of Orlando last night. My condolences to all involved in the tragedy, and that’s what is really important tonight; the people who had to experience it.

I’m writing a book that I’m nearly finished with called 922. Its mostly what this blog is about. On this blog, and in the book, I spotlight a number of things I either experienced directly or what I perceive in the larger world, that may have some supernatural significance.

Last week I was asked by an interested party if I could write-up a synopsis of the book–so I did. This is what I wrote:

The overall gist is that the Bible is just a series of stories from mentally ill people who experience strange things, and my story would be a modern example of this. The reader is left to figure out how “God” fits into this…

In order (the book is fiction technically by the way)–

1. My sixties, spent hanging out with my teenage brothers and sisters and their friends. The preschoolers are segregated into romper room watching “square” pre-schoolers and “turned on” preschoolers who have access to the sixties scene. A sample:

I said goodbye to Penny and Melody and rode my tricycle down the sidewalk, written all down the sidewalk in chalk were the most popular artists of the day. The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Moby Grape, The Doors, Jefferson Airplane and all the rest. Almost at the end of the street was one of my favorites; the Beach Boys, but someone had crossed them out for some reason now.

I had to address this, I went over to the next street, to the fort where all of the turned on preschoolers hung out.

It was August of 1968, as I rode down the street I saw other kids my age, some in windows, others sitting on the lawn playing with blocks; the Romper Room crowd. They didn’t have teenage brothers and sisters, didn’t get it. They were Nixon kids; some still eating Gerber, no beads, short hair, they were squares and just didn’t know any better I reckon.

But there were plenty of us who did. As I rode I see Troy, he was a Dylan freak even though Dylan had pretty much dropped out after his accident. Troy didn’t care, he would stand in the front lawn under the sprinkler, grooving and singing “Ev’ry body mus’ get stoned” at the top of his lungs. He had his beads sure, a baseball card clothespinned into his spokes to make the motorcycle sound like a lot of us did.

He was heading to where I was; asked me if I’d heard the latest from Donovan, I told him Penny had it on the turntable already, yeah I’d heard it.

We made our way to the fort behind Brian’s house, tricycles lining the driveway. Inside the fort were a bunch of kids our age or so, a Yippie poster on one wall and Cream on the other. Shag on the floor, shag on the walls.

Red haired girl was in the middle of a furious argument with Glen about Chairman Mao. She was the same age I was, not quite 3. Glen favored the Peach, it represented prosperity and a long life. Red haired girl said that Mao wanted the Mango, and it was his country. Back and forth they went, I still don’t think she knows her name and so we all just call her Red Haired Girl after the Snoopy character but she was a staunch advocate of The Red Guard who defend Mao Zedong thought, probably because it matched her hair, she was kind of prejudiced towards anything Red after all.

Finally I broke in. “Who crossed out the Beach Boys on the sidewalk?” Nobody knew. It might have been an older kid, a teenager. I spoke passionately. “It wasn’t their fault” I said, “Brian Wilson was a genius and he had pressures from within his family. The Beach Boys may have seemed squares, but listen to those harmonies. Who else could have done Good Vibrations I said. Smile will still come out, just give him some time!”

The others nodded in agreement, The Beach Boys had gotten a bad rap because of their striped shirts and doing what their Dad wanted. They needed to break away, become free like the Beatles had advocated.

But there was another agenda today. Tuna. We, as preschoolers, were being made to eat tunafish, most of us against our will. Jim raged, “sometimes I have to eat that deviled ham, that stuff is terrible. I don’t know why I’m being forced to eat a sandwich that I’m not in favor of.” Everyone agreed, it was time to take a stand.

We all made posters, pictures of Charley with a circle and a slash through it, Make Love Not Tuna, Free the Fish, the works. We made our posters and started marching through the neighborhood, going street to street making our case. Mothers were coming out of their houses, most running back inside and slamming the door. We would not be denied, Bologna, Cheese, Peanut Butter and Jelly, all were fine.Tuna was out, deviled ham, forget about it.

No more Tuna! No more Tuna!

The media had been alerted. The Grand Rapids Press taking pictures, WZZM with their big camera, we were going to change the world!

No more Tuna, Free the Fish!

And then it happened. Moms, Teachers, A&P Clerks, all began driving up, got out of their cars, armed with loaves of Wonder Bread. They attacked us, hitting us over the head with full loaves of bread, some wadding up bread into balls and throwing them at us, the Tuna establishment was attacking us for our beliefs!

We screamed at them, called them thugs but we were outnumbered by people about 3 times taller than we were. We all scattered, running for our lives in the face of this onslaught. Finally we regrouped in the fort, our protest had failed. This time.

We needed something else to talk about. “Hey, did you hear the new Donovan song?”



2. My mom then prevents me from hanging out with any of them anymore to coincide with the Manson murders and the end of the sixties for everyone else. I “switch” as a personality to cope with this.

3. The seventies are a series of short stories all written from a sledding hill as I develop an adaptive self who’s “tough”. Everyone now carries a sword.

4. I walk away from God and my Mom in the eighties, choosing my own lifestyle instead as I become convinced that Christianity is essentially a prison.

5. My world initially becomes much better, but then gets worse and worse over close to 20 years until a minister invites me to become a Christian again under duress.

6. Just after this happens, someone starts watching my kids (I’m a full time single Dad) who briefly looks just like my sister did in the sixties. Everything slowly comes back, and I switch back.

7. The girl goes away, like the end of the sixties happens all over again. I blame God and decide he did it deliberately and have a psychotic break where I turn back into the 3 year old, now running an adult life. Angels and demons now hound me at every turn after I flip off God. Things happen both on the inside and outside, other people see the things that happen on the outside.

8. The girl marries someone else.(she eventually didn’t look much like my sister so I would have been OK, don’t worry I had plenty of therapy…)

9. I meet and eventually marry someone else.

10. I can’t function anymore and am thoroughly beaten in my war with God and the demons. I decide that I have to be a biblical Object of Wrath and Destruction (Romans 9:22).

11. A strange synchronicity w/ Michael Jackson’s death introduces me to the idea that The Beatles had the same interaction with angels and demons as what I had. I become convinced that John Lennon is a biblical Object of Wrath and Destruction, like I believe I am.

12. I research the Beatles to find more instances of supernatural manipulation, finding it everywhere. I try to figure out what the Beatles did to “cause” this.

13. I figure out what the Beatles did, and the rest of the story is told as a Bible story between God and the Devil, taking place from WWII through until John Lennon’s death. The sixties is turned into a Bible story.

14. The ending, of which you read the very end, where we move to Michigan; my Dad gets sick and I get convinced to write a book about the whole thing…convinced that the Bible is a collection of stories from people just like me and if God exists, he exists totally separate from the Bible which is written by people and may or may not have any divine inspiration. But the bottom line is that if there is a God, he’s not responsible for what is in the Bible. If its wrong, and it is, it’s not his doing, it’s people’s and they were mostly all mentally ill like me.

That is my best explanation as to what 922 is actually about. At the very beginning, I state “The Book is fiction, but it happened”. That isn’t meant to apply to just 922. It applies to the Bible, it applies to the Quran, etc. Its meant to convey that, just like me and my story, these books were written by a number of people that suddenly had a bunch of abnormal things happen in their lives, and decided to write those experiences down. Those books became what we all have been taught since we were children. Its how we relate to the characters of “God”, or the “Devil”.

Its what these books told us was the truth, and then more people taught us about these stories.

The reason that the Beatles become part of my story, is because in the summer of 1966, the United States largely turned on the Beatles. They turned on them because of John Lennon’s assertion that the Beatles had become more popular than Jesus. This was deemed offensive by the impressionable young Christian minds of that era, minds that had been taught something different. That John Lennon really wasn’t trying to state that the Beatles had become more important than Jesus didn’t matter much; he was just making a commentary on what people’s priorities were at that particular point, and he was right to say it. But this offended people’s sensibilities, they didn’t really want to see a choice between one or the other.

John Lennon and the rest of the Beatles apologized for saying this in order to rescue their careers. People had been wondering since the Beatles had burst onto the scene how long their popularity was going to last, and in addition to the backlash to More Popular than Jesus, they were staring at empty seats in the stadiums for the first time in what came to be their final US tour, an average of 10,000 less people than their last tour. They were also staring at the other bands that had come upon the scene suddenly, bands that may have been more accomplished live musicians than they were. And after all, even though their studio work was becoming much more elaborate, songs like Eleanor Rigby and Tomorrow Never Knows really couldn’t be done justice played live.

Within 3 weeks of their apology on August 11th, 1966 they had decided that they were no longer going to tour. Rumors abounded that they were going to break up. They each went off and did their own things for about 2 months. As luck would have it, during this exact same period some of the most important recordings ever produced were being done by the likes of the Jefferson Airplane, the Doors, the Buffalo Springfield and so on. The sixties were largely appearing out of thin air in terms of what everyone was to hear.

It was right at this point that all of the “mystery” suddenly started with the Beatles; this is the point where it was later rumored that Paul McCartney had died and been replaced…the fall of 1966. When they all reappeared in November of ’66, they all suddenly had mustaches and a completely new agenda. They were to reinvent themselves as Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and everyone was led to believe that they had completely forgotten about the More Popular than Jesus furor that put their careers at risk only weeks earlier.


If the Beatles didn’t perform live, they didn’t have to be compared to bands like The Who, The Stones or Cream who were probably better live than they were. They didn’t have to deal with cherry bombs like in Memphis after KKK death threats; they didn’t have to deal with a government turning on them like the Philippines where they almost weren’t let out of the country. If they stuck to the studio, only the Beach Boys were truly competition there and really, the Beatles were still a bit more diversified and accomplished as even Brian Wilson concluded after pulling off the road to listen to Strawberry Fields Forever for the first time. (This was after Rolling Stone’s #5 all-time rated LP (Rubber Soul) followed by the #2 (Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys) followed by the #3 (Revolver) and the single Good Vibrations all were released in a one-year-span).

Sgt. Pepper would later come in at #1.

The studio was where the Beatles needed to be, where they still were on top. So what else was in the Beatles way as they came back into said studio in November of ’66?


The rules that were in the Bible. The Beatles couldn’t do what they wanted, couldn’t sing about what they wanted, couldn’t express the ideas they wanted, because of rules. Rules that the Southern US, the Southern US still largely engaging in racism, were holding onto.

Enter this.


This had been published in April of 1966. On John’s son Julian’s third birthday as a matter of fact. Did the Beatles understand that this was all just teaching? People held onto these rules because of what they had been taught? That there’s a God, there’s a devil. But what is in fact the truth?

The answer to them was that people should do what they want. People should listen to what they want. People should think for themselves, not blindly follow their childhood lessons. They shouldn’t hurt anyone, love is still important of course, but the rules, the dogma needed to go.

And if you think about what the sixties became, do what you want is kind of the anthem of the whole thing. So, the Beatles decided to encode that idea into their next album. They decided to encode the idea of God is Dead into Sgt. Pepper.


They decided to hide the God is Dead obituary from the April 8th 1966 Time issue into the cover.

  • November 9th He Die.
  • ATL for Atlanta.
  • God is dead, do what you want, all you need is love.
  • We were talking about the space between us all, the space between the 4 Beatles where a drum and the letters ATL in Beatles told the story.

God was just a character, a character told in stories in the books of the Bible, stories that were in fact written by people. The sixties people now just needed to move beyond their rules, move beyond the notion of God.

–None of this is provable fact mind you, but its my story and I’m sticking to it.

However there was something they failed to consider. What if there is a God, what if there’s a…….something?

Have you heard something like this before? Sure, its in a song called American Pie. Because, after this, all of a sudden weird things start happening. God, or the Devil, or space aliens, or ancient spirits, or whatever, suddenly seem to be all over the Beatles and everything they did.



Fortunately the Beatles never had to come out and talk about this. And if you listen to an internet personality named Apollo C Vermouth, long rumored to be Apple Records head Neil Aspinall, they made a pact to never talk about it. And they didn’t have to; they had after all built a Plausible Deniability into the whole story from the very beginning. Paul McCartney was dead. Paul by the way happened to “die” on November 9th as the legend eventually went, the same date alluded to on the drum and the same date as the God is Dead obituary.

And when Charles Manson and his followers suddenly killed a bunch of people in the summer of 1969 believing that the Beatles were sending messages, Paul is Dead suddenly exploded throughout the US: by the time they were actually arrested for the crimes Paul is
Dead was one of the top stories in the United States; so when Manson later said the Beatles were sending messages, that was by this point absurd. Everyone now knew the messages were about Paul being dead and seeing as how he was not dead, it wasn’t about anything. This had already been vetted to everyone’s satisfaction

But then years later a bunch of very weird stuff happened surrounding John’s death; and among a very few people, maybe some questions were raised. Had John been targeted, singled out for More Popular Than Jesus? Or the real reason as only insiders knew; God is Dead?

Certainly that would prove there was a God, right?

Does it?

Lets go back to the idea that the Bible, Quran, were books written by people. People who heard things, people who saw things, people that may have had the same condition I have. Because I hear things and see things every single day. I have had to figure out for years where in fact it all is coming from. I had experienced, which others had also seen, events that anyone would conclude are supernatural in nature.

See, I caught you there didn’t I?

If that happens today, in 2016, I must be mentally ill (and I am). 3,000 years ago, that must be divinely inspired. And there is absolutely no difference, except that I have access to modern mental healthcare and so do we as a society. You couldn’t possibly add to the Bible or the Quran today. No one who hears voices or sees unusual activity would have those experiences added to the Bible in modern times.

But could you erase it based on a modern understanding of that? At least part of it?

Doesn’t it stand to reason that the only real answer in an age where we know what delusions are, know what voices are, know where hallucinations come from, that we would apply that understanding to these ancient books? That when someone relays the story of what God and Satan talked about relating to Job, that maybe this took place in their own imagination?

Doesn’t it make sense now to uncouple the notion of a God from the Bible?

I don’t say this because I don’t believe anything from the spirit world, I absolutely do. I think something is going on out there. Something really weird. Most of this blog is about just that. But none of that proves God. It doesn’t disprove him either.

Today we know the world isn’t 7,000 years old. There aren’t buildings that can be built to heaven; if you have intellectual integrity you also know that God couldn’t stop a sun that doesn’t move, you can’t see all the kingdoms of the world from anyplace on earth (you couldn’t see half of a marble if you held it right in front of you), and Abraham couldn’t have been told by God to stab Isaac because it says elsewhere in the Bible that God is perfect and cannot and would never tempt sin, and Cain and Abel established that murder is a sin.

The Bible is wrong. The Quran, with its slaughter gays and kill the infidels, is probably even more wrong. Just ask one simple question to yourself–

If there is a God, why didn’t he write his own book? One that would have actually been accurate?

It says in the Bible that if you know the right thing to do, and you fail to do it, then you have sinned. So if God knew that writing the book himself was better than letting people write it, then he didn’t do the right thing…and that would make him guilty of a sin per the Bible, which means he should be in Hell for having sinned. Or, if he isn’t, he must not be bound by the rules of the Bible, because he didn’t write it.

Make sense?

If you could possibly make people understand, that people wrote the Bible, people wrote the Quran, people said that gays were an abomination, people said that the infidels should be slaughtered, people said that in the Old Testament that sinners should be stoned to death, and then make them realize that society is no longer OK with these ideas, isn’t that the best way to actually solve all of this?

There might be a God, but he didn’t write the book. And he wouldn’t be responsible for its ideas.

Friday night a girl named Christina Grimmey got killed in Orlando. She was there with a band called Before You Exit. The following night, at closing time, at the exit of a nightclub four miles away, over 100 people got shot.

Seems kind of like a warning.

This is the sort of thing I spotlight on my blog all the time, cases of foreshadowing or possible supernatural manipulation or intervention. But God can’t tempt sin, so God couldn’t have been responsible for “warning” anyone.

So, who did?

I Can’t Give Everything Away…

…except that you sorta did, David Bowie.

I kinda gave everything away too. Nobody ever came up to me in a dark alleyway and asked me to keep it a secret; no one offered me anything to not talk about it. I found God is Dead at the center of a 49 year Beatles mystery and went with it…and given that it was coupled with my own story there is no way I wouldn’t have written it, it will be redemption if I never sell one book: just to have lived through it and written about it.

The answer is Time. The answer, is God is Dead.



Its the answer that Paul is Dead was hiding, the answer that Paul is Dead was covering up…its the answer that God Almighty may have actually responded to on December 8th 1980 strangely enough; and the answer that David Bowie may have hinted at in his final song.

David Bowie didn’t give it all away though. He was probably alluding to the Beatles at various points along the way; he unquestionably knew that Time was the answer, may have hidden a few lyrics that started with the letters A, T and L (for Atlanta) along the line. That is the Code after all, or even LTA if they wanted to be really clever like Looking Through A Glass Onion.

But he didn’t come right out and say it; at least not yet.

Oh yeah, they’ve been telling us a story all along; a little doll pointing at the letters ATL in Beatles with all of us oblivious to the real message, and no I’m not about to turn all religious about this, I’m actually quite impressed with the whole thing.

Well, the thing is, when David Bowie died in January, I went through all the lyrics to his Blackstar LP and especially the lines–

The Blackout Hearts

The Flowered News

With skull designs upon my shoes

         I can’t give everything away

–and he did kinda give it away, if only a few lucky people got it. He was saying that the answer that the Beatles hid in plain sight was in fact the answer.

36    jfjduvqg_5t_urazaik4_zps2t1gp8lv

What you see here is the Obituary for God in the April 8th 1966 Is God Dead issue of Time magazine. Above is the date November 9th, the date commonly known as the day that Paul McCartney fictionally died on as per urban legend and also, as you can see, the date of God’s obituary as well. The circled ATL? Look at the obituary, ATL is for Atlanta. On the date of God’s death which although not listed completely is November 9th 1965, there was a massive blackout starting in Ontario which left a large portion of the United States in the dark for hours.

So, Blackout Hearts is November 9th He Die, which is exactly what is on the Sgt. Pepper drum when mirrored, but it also verifies that the November 9th in question is the God is Dead November 9th of 1965, not the 1966 version from Paul is Dead. Then the flowered news refers to the obituary being hidden in plain sight using the letters ATL in Beatles.

He maybe cannot give everything away, but he gave plenty in his final song.

Am I saying he’s flipping off God with this? Is Bowie saying God is Dead?

Not really; his history of course is what it is but that’s not saying he was anti-God at the end and in fact I Can’t Give Everything Away may be about that in part (saying no but meaning yes); watch the Blackstar video and decide where he’s at with God; read Iman’s tweets– no I’m saying he knew a secret, a secret that started right after More Popular Than Jesus and was embedded into Sgt. Pepper; a secret he’d known for decades and had been alluding to sporadically in his own work for years; and at the end he decided to come real close to giving that secret away, releasing the single on April 8th, on the 50th anniversary of the Is God Dead issue of Time may be bringing that even closer.

Maybe there will be a video, maybe he has even more to give away.

See here’s the thing: Most all of us knew Paul is Dead wasn’t a serious thing, but then again Ziggy Stardust may well have been based upon Paul. The Walrus was a character battled over for years, in complete contradiction to its supposedly nonsensical nature; artists like Pink Floyd, Bowie, Dylan and Harry Nilsson seemed to be hiding references to the Beatles in their work for years; why would they hide a silly hoax in their lyrics? Unless there was a dead serious message lurking underneath?

Then you can see Dark Side of the Moon a bit differently, Time from Bowie, Ambush from Nilsson, the Lennon/McCartney war of 1971. We were talking about the space between us all, yeah the space between the 4 Beatles where the doll, drum and ATL in Beatles were hiding the secret.

Yeah but I’ve heard a hundred stories about Paul is Dead…

Well, yes but this one’s kinda new, a 2016 version; except I think for the first time its the right one, the one that has been kept a secret for a long long time. Russ Gibb said he may give away what he heard on his deathbed; Apple records head and lifelong Beatles insider Neil Aspinall posted on Nothing is Real for years as a cryptic insider named Apollo C Vermouth and insisted there was a real mystery that people just hadn’t figured out yet; Heather Mills said there was such a fear of the truth coming out before being gagged by the divorce agreement; Julian Lennon was snubbed by not being invited to a number of Beatle events and said maybe now its Time to tell the truth; there is a real answer, this isn’t another crackpot conspiracy, it may well be the actual answer.

I’m late into writing a book on all of this, last week I asked Iamaphoney and crew if they wanted to talk about this before its done, referenced that they seemed to be hiding clues to what I’m discussing in their long running series on the Beatles and Paul.

Last night, Billy Martin (Iamaphoney) linked to my Iamaphoney post on Twitter and said nothing more.But that was plenty.


It is Time…literally.

Tonight it was announced that David Bowie’s next, and first posthumous single will be the aforementioned I Can’t Give Everything Away, and wouldn’t you know it, its scheduled to come out on April 8th, the same date as the Is God Dead issue of Time.

It may be miles above yet, but its coming down fast.

…For the Uninitiated

To a lot of people who are more used to seeing posts about local political issues, when these posts pop up in their timeline it probably gets dismissed as a case of Will’s just being insane. 

I don’t mind that really, I’m sure its good natured and there’s no question that at times I do tend to skew towards the arcane.

But here’s my view. I usually can look at a subject for an hour and feel confident enough to put in my two cents. I might be right, might be wrong but hopefully most of the time I’ll at least be in the ballpark.

That’s with an hour of effort. I’ve been studying this for 6 years. Last week I was putting in 20 hour days on this. That certainly isn’t meant to brag, its just for perspective; if you can take a person’s viewpoint seriously after they’ve spent relatively little time on a topic, you should be able to trust their viewpoint on the subject where they spend most of their time. Hopefully 😉

There will be an answer, Let It Be.

But Will, this was just a hoax. The Beatles didn’t mean anything by Paul is Dead. (Stay with me here, don’t click off)

Yes, they did.

There are numerous books devoted to this. Hundreds of people per day visit Nothing is Real and forums like it. They have thousands of members. Hundreds, probably thousands of blogs and websites are devoted to this. And many of those people don’t believe that Paul died in 1966.

But something isn’t right. And that’s why they’re there.

Let’s go back to 1966 for a second. In August, there were Beatle record burnings and bonfires over much of the country, DJ’s were encouraging people to get rid of their Beatle materials and were denouncing the band. All because of John Lennon’s More Popular Than Jesus interview that had just been published in the United States. And he wasn’t wrong about anything he said. But they didn’t like it here. So, the Beatles had to apologize for it on August 12th 1966. Eventually, the record burnings stopped and they finished the last few weeks of their US Tour, but not before death threats in Memphis and the scare of a cherry bomb going off on stage during their concert there.

By August 29th 1966, the tour was finished and privately the Beatles decided they weren’t going to tour anymore. In reality, even though they were at a creative peak with Revolver having just released, there were empty seats in the stadiums that had been full the year prior. And unquestionably, people had in fact turned on the Beatles that August, DJ’s had turned on them, the media had turned on them.

And Bob Dylan had just gotten into a motorcycle accident. In fact, he got into his accident the same day that the Lennon interview had been released in the US. None of this bode well for the future. And there was precedent for this worry. There of course had been the original Rock and Roll of the fifties. But look what happened to it. Elvis went into the Army. Little Richard turned to God. Jerry Lee Lewis married his cousin and that was the end of him. Chuck Berry got caught with an underage girl and that was his demise. Buddy Holly died in a plane crash. Eddie Cochran, a car crash.

Largely, the original Rock and Roll died in the late fifties for a bunch of seemingly unrelated reasons, and all of its stars vacated. And it largely stayed that way until the Beatles changed the world and brought it all back even better in 1964. But to any thinking artist in the summer of ’66, it may have come across like the fix had been in during the late 50’s to kill off Rock and Roll and now Dylan was out and the Beatles were having to stave off an angry mob.

Was it going to happen again?

The reason this all matters is because when people look at Paul is Dead now, or even in the fall of 1969 when this took hold over the whole world briefly, everyone always points back to the fall of 1966 as that mystical time when everything happened. This is when Paul died, this is when the Beatles stopped touring, this is when they grew their mustaches, this is when the sixties largely exploded onto the national consciousness.

The fall of 1966 is when all of the mystery started, its when all the clues started. And there’s a giant unseen finger pointing away from More Popular Than Jesus and empty seats and Dylan’s accident and record burnings as if to wipe it all out as being a potential source for anything.

If you tell anyone immersed in this that Paul’s supposed death happened right on the heels of More Popular Than Jesus, they will look at you blankly like that never occurred to them. And all of the stories have been designed that way. To wipe out everything that came before the fall of 1966, that everything started there.

And just one month earlier, comes off to everyone pursuing Paul is Dead as the Old Testament. Ancient history. BC, or in this case BPID.


After all, isn’t that exactly what is on Sgt. Pepper’s cover? Old Beatles, New Beatles.

But exactly where they don’t want you to look, is where you need to look. And it took years to figure that out.

Paul died on November 9th 1966 per the legend. The prime reason this is known is that when you mirror the Sgt. Pepper drum, you get this.


One One One X He Die. Or 11 1X, or November 9th He Die. See, I don’t care what you think about the notion of Paul being dead and replaced by an exact replica, don’t care what you think about the sleuthing to deduce that this means November 9th, just simply acknowledge one thing:

This is some weird, freaky stuff.

Who would think to do this in the first place? Even weirder is the history of this clue.

It was mentioned on one radio show in mid-November 1969. It went largely unnoticed at the time. Joel Glazier then published the clue in 1979 in his screed that this was all the story of Faust brought to life. But it wasn’t until the internet era that this clue attained widespread attention among Beatle aficionados and today is standard PID101 fare.

And yet, without the clue being known about, the November 9th date has been known all along. Fred LaBour published the Paul is Dead story that took off nationally on October 14th 1969. Somehow, he knew to point back towards early November 1966 as the date of death. But no one knows where the November 9th date actually came from, it just somehow did.

If you don’t know what happened, The Beatles put clues, purportedly showing that Paul had died, into everything they did from Sgt. Pepper onward.

There were a few underground rumblings in 1967 and 1968 about the story of Paul is Dead, Rolling Stone reportedly having been approached with the story in 1968, but it didn’t gain any real traction with anyone until the late summer of 1969, and after making Sept. appearances in the Drake Times-Delphic and the Northern Illinois student newspapers it really took hold right here in Michigan; first Larry Monroe and then Russ Gibb having gotten calls about it on their radio shows. Russ Gibb got his call from a guy named Tom on October 12th 1969 and laughed it off until Tom convinced him to turn Revolution Number 9 around and play it backwards.

What Russ Gibb heard when he did freaked out everyone listening and freaked out Russ Gibb and is why a reversed video largely comprised of gibberish has over 2 million views on YouTube today. Because Number 9 becomes Turn Me On Dead Man. And because 2 years earlier, in about the most seductive moment in Rock history then or since, it was The Beatles who sang I’d Love to Turn You On, it completely blew everyone’s minds and within days this rumor had become a full blown phenomenon worldwide.


The antidote for this condition was to put Paul and his family on the Cover of Life Magazine on November 7th 1969; somehow this “Paul” being alive convinced most people that he was fine, even though it was the same Paul who had been doing everything with the Beatles for the last 3 years, which may make even less sense than the rumor itself did.

So then the world moved on, The Beatles broke up and had very successful solo careers and Paul is Dead took its place alongside the Moon Hoax and JFK conspiracy as one of the most entertaining Urban Legends of all time. The Beatles themselves called it rubbish. And the most clever band of all time said nothing else. Rubbish.

But a small subset of the population didn’t let it go.

Something wasn’t right about all of this, you don’t have to believe Paul died to know the clues are really there. Why are they there?

Throughout those days and for years afterwards, artists wrote lyrics that seemed to allude to something. And generally speaking that something seemed to involve The Beatles. And that something didn’t seem to be a joke, or a hoax, or something to laugh off. It seemed to be about something legitimate.

Don McLean built an entire song around this, one of the most famous of all time, called American Pie.

The Marching Band refused to yield, do you recall what was revealed?

Terry Knight had one of the first Paul is Dead songs in Saint Paul, even though the lyrics have nothing to do with Paul being dead and is the one and only non-Beatles song published by MacLen music, even though he had no history with the group besides a single meeting with them.

Did Judas speak to you or did you put the whole world on? Its taken you too long to change the world. While you and Sgt. Pepper saw the writing on the wall. 

Paul put a Ram on a solo LP. John then put a Pig on his next album.

So Sgt. Pepper took you by surprise…

I AM The Walrus.

Here’s another clue for you all, the Walrus was Paul.

I was the Walrus but now I’m just John, the dream is over. 

(Why is it so important who The Walrus is, I thought this was supposed to be a nonsense character?) 

And not one word of that was ever explained by anyone. And it isn’t because no one asked.  Does this sound like a hoax? A joke? Rubbish? Or does it sound like they’re talking quite seriously about something but we don’t know what that something is? Because it certainly isn’t about Paul dying.

Lets fast forward to today, the internet age.

Heather Mills was married to Paul, said she had a box of evidence, that there was such a fear of the truth coming out.

The aforementioned Russ Gibb won’t talk about what it is that he heard in England, maybe saving it for a deathbed story. xdell.blogspot.ca/2007/10/with-little-help-from-their-friends.html

Does it seem at this point like this is something serious enough that people are actually in fear for their lives if this were to come out?

Neil Aspinall was part of the Beatles inner circle from the very beginning, he was actually a roadie for the band in Liverpool before they made it big. He started a company called IAMaphoney in 1990 to set the record straight about all of the Beatles stories. You know, in addition to running the Beatles label Apple for years.

In the 2000’s he also became a mysterious internet poster named Apollo C Vermouth, who joined two of the most popular Beatles Mystery forums and gave cryptic clues to try and bring members back on track about what the mystery really was. He told people to simplify. That Sgt. Pepper was the key to all of this. That the answer was really right in front of everyone’s face. There were flowers in the dirt.

Before Aspinall got cancer and died on March 24th 2008, a mysterious foreigner showed up who coincidentally also went by the name IAMaphoney. He started making videos about the Paul is Dead mystery, but the vast majority of the series, done in 2006-2012 had not much to do with Paul having died and a whole lot to do with some sort of vast mystery involving Paul and the rest of the group.

It was one of the most popular channels of the early days of YouTube, but when Neil got sick in 2008, it seemed as if IAMaphoney’s series kind of went off the rails. His 2012 date to show the Revelation to the world came and went, the series concluding on November 9th 2012, without any revelation having ever been displayed. The rumor was that after Neil Aspinall died, the IAMaphoney team became part of Paul McCartney’s own MPL firm, which of course would then preclude any secret relating to the Beatles ever actually seeing the light.

Redwel Trabant established that fairly clearly (and the part about organize Paul’s secret certainly seems to imply that there’s a, you know, secret), because there are plenty of people out there dead serious about trying to solve all of this.

And then there’s Julian Lennon on Facebook in 2011. “Wow… Snubbed at Macca’s wedding, snubbed at the anniversary of LOVE in Vegas! Snubbed at Macca’s wedding reception in NYC… Snubbed at George Harrison’s film premiere… What have I done to be ignored in such a way? I was not invited to ANY of these events… I thought we had a relationship … Obviously not… Gimme some truth… Maybe now it’s time to tell the Truth

Suffice to say, there’s something quite serious that seems to be hidden from view. Its not a game, its something serious enough that rather important people are afraid to talk about it, and would take it to their graves without ever revealing the answer.

That’s why people are still pursuing this.

Sunday, combing through a 238 page thread, I saw this lyric from Paul’s House of Wax:

Hidden in the yard
underneath the wall
buried deep below
…lay the answer to it all.

And I knew I had it. I stepped outside to have an e-cig, my hands were shaking, and as I stood there I was on the top of the mountain. An answer people had been searching for, for 48 years. The answer is this.


The answer is Time.

Paul is Dead, is really God is Dead. And Paul is code, plausible deniability in case anyone started getting close. And ATL, is Atlanta, the obituary for God is Dead found in the April 8th 1966 issue of Time. (There are many other clues to this, I’m not posting them today although I have previously. House of Wax matters right now because it put me over the top.)


And as I stood there, drinking in the victory, I laughed out loud. No one is going to believe this, no one is going to accept the conclusion, no one is going to acknowledge that this is the answer.

But it is.

Now I’ve been posting this for 3 years, but the evidence was more scant. I had a pretty good idea that I had it, but I didn’t know it for sure. Now I do.

And if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Some people think the Beatles are evil, satanic. I don’t really believe that, I think you have to go back to the conditions in the Southern US in the summer of 1966 and realize that the kids burning Beatles records were largely sitting in Church on Sunday. They didn’t want someone to point out that The Beatles had become more popular than Jesus, even though they probably had.

They also didn’t want anyone to point out that their football teams were still All-White.

The Beatles weren’t about to view these kids as having been on the side of righteousness, because they still were significantly flawed and tied into their rules. And coming off their apology, and ending their tour in 1966, can you really see a John Lennon, or any Beatle for that matter, just letting that go?

Our careers and even our lives were at stake here and yet you still have no black football players?

No way in hell, would they just let that go.

But publicly its exactly what they did. And its exactly when all the mystery started.

The November 9th 1966 date of Paul’s death obscured the November 9th 1965 God is Dead obituary. The ATL in Beatles, signifying Atlanta, was hidden in plain sight; even though there was a doll pointing at those letters.

God is Dead. The Ubermensch of Nietzsche. Do What Thou Wilt, Sgt. Pepper luminary Aleister Crowley’s philosophy. Do what you want, that’s what the Beatles were all about. No, this was about freedom. About all of the ideals of the sixties.

And God, was getting in the way of all of it. And it kind of seems like they may have set out to correct that condition. (and maybe the most fascinating part of all of this, not being discussed here, is whether God might have actually reacted to this?)

Now, doesn’t that seem like why the Walrus would be somewhat important? After all, in The Walrus and The Carpenter, The Walrus called all of the young oysters out of the ocean. And then, ate them all.

Sgt. Pepper showed up on June 1st 1967 and blew away everyone. It was the trumpet blast to the Summer of Love, She’s Leaving Home, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, I’d Love to Turn You On, drug references abound, timed perfectly with the end of school in 1967 and kids from all over the country got out of school, left home, went to San Francisco and Turned On.

I’m not a Christian and it’s probably better that I’m not, because I’m not even against what the Beatles did here but its blatantly obvious why The Walrus mattered. Because no matter how much of this they themselves caused in retrospect, they clearly saw themselves as the Pipers and it certainly worked out that way in no small part.

And no one burned any records to protest it, did they? The world had changed. The Beatles had changed it.

Maybe they just don’t want you to know that was their goal.

This may never wind up on the news, I’ve been working on a book about all of this for years and maybe that’s what it is going to take, but I think its important that this is written down somewhere today.

Because Tomorrow Never Knows…


Apollo C Vermouth

It occurs to me that people reading this somewhat disjointed group of posts that make up this blog may not really get what all of the fuss is about, and how The Beatles are so prominently involved. Well let me try to explain…

Once upon a time, in the fall of 1969 there was a rumor that spread that Paul McCartney had died and had been secretly replaced by a lookalike (and of course, a sound alike and a musician alike). There were clues in the albums, both in the visuals, in the movies, and in the music itself.


This went on for about a month, a lot of people got out their Beatle materials, went wow, concluded that of course Paul McCartney didn’t really die, and moved on with their lives.

That’s what most people did.

A choice few however, never really shook the possibility that Paul did die and had been replaced. After all, there are all of these clues. These few would go to various conventions and study more and put more clues together in an attempt to bolster their position. Books have even been written through the years to further the beliefs of this small group.


Heading into the modern internet era, forums sprang up to discuss Paul is Dead, or PID as it is now known. Two of the most popular being Nothing is Real and The King is Naked. The King is Naked espoused a particular document and theory while Nothing is Real was more of an all purpose Paul is Dead, or Paul was replaced and is still alive somewhere, or a forum for any roll your own theory on all of this. My own forum, started with The Sgt. Pepper Code author Redwel Trabant is called MysteryTramp and was started to eliminate some of the obfuscation happening everywhere else. Ours is somewhat exclusive, in that when someone registers and starts spouting nonsense about every musician having been replaced by space aliens, we just delete them.

Now of course most people reading this are laughing and saying this is silly, Paul McCartney didn’t really die. Yeah, most of us get that, in fact the primary purpose of the MysteryTramp forum is to discuss the mystery without concluding that Paul McCartney died. If someone shows up that thinks so its fine (but not the everyone replaced by space aliens stuff), but so far that hasn’t happened and is only a couple of people talking about what they believe. We function on the premise that, gasp, the clues are all really there whether Paul is dead or not, and maybe the clues mean something else. There are even people like myself that posit something really outrageous: that there may be more clues than the Beatles even intended and how does that happen?

Well lets go back now to The King is Naked and Nothing is Real. There was a member of each forum, who didn’t post very often, named Apollo C Vermouth. He posted as an insider, cryptic postings of someone who seemed to actually know what this was all about. He never gave “the answer”, but instead tried to give clues to point the other members in a particular direction. He was the Deep Throat of Beatles mystery and PID. This is quite real. Apollo posted infrequently for a few years and then one day there was a new post from the people running the Nothing is Real forum stating that Apollo had died, and in fact was Neil Aspinall.

Neil Aspinall, for those who don’t know, was part of the Beatles inner circle from the very beginning and for years was the head of Apple Records. That might seem somewhat unbelievable and this will seem even more unbelievable. One of the most popular accounts of the early days of YouTube was a Beatles mystery account named Iamaphoney. It was also rumored that Aspinall was running the Iamaphoney group and in fact after his death the group became part of Paul McCartney’s own firm MPL at which point in their series the new revelations largely stopped and it became more spooky entertainment with not much to be revealed. I have no idea if that is true and am certainly not saying it is, I do believe however that Paul publicly is incredulous about PID while privately promoting the whole thing.

Although many questioned that Apollo C Vermouth was really Neil, those running the NIR forum insisted that this is indeed the case. If so, there was an actual insider trying to lead the other members towards what the Beatles were actually on about during the late sixties and implying there was something much deeper than just the fate of Paul McCartney. Presented here, are all of the existing Apollo posts (he did delete some others himself along the way).



Are YOU credible?

I have no hidden agenda. My “riddle”,
as you put it, requires nothing more than to look at the very thing you seek, and realize it was THERE all the while.

Eschew obsfucation. Dig?

There IS nothing you can see that isn’t shown. Sound familiar?

My posts? Deleted. I had my say. Said too much, in fact. I hate to give away the ending to the movie. But, I can supply the popcorn.




There remains a great many truths yet to be uncovered. This has only been in the making for the last 30 odd years, yet, witness the great strides that have been taken within the last year as a result of this particular forum.

Still, there remains flowers in the dirt.

In the frenzy of seeking that still unturned stone, some grasp at smoke and shadows to fill in the shallow grave, only to find hands empty and bleeding from the struggle.

I say, the truth is hidden in plain sight. Every piece of the puzzle, in one box. To understand that is to understand the length, width, and depth of what you wish to uncover.

Eschew obsfucation!



If you in fact have any interest in the affairs of this forum, it would be wise to take your voice to the holder of the documents in question. I, like yourself, am only a guest here. Nothing more, nothing less.

I make no apologies for my cryptic style of pose. For those that find me a pest, it takes little effort to push the back button. For those that find some hidden value in my words, then another piece of the puzzle is placed.
I have made no claims, nor asked no quarter. I am, who I am.

Now, here’s the strange part.

I have stated in this dialouge, that it was indeed myself that deleted the bulk of my posts.

The question you asked, pertaining to the Pepper cover, was answered when the pic was put up in the thread. Several times, in fact. Have you had the pleasure? You obviously have. Was this an intentional, Beatle directed ploy? Jury’s still out on that one.
But still, the results of that exercise were somewhat remarkable, you think?

Every face on that cover tells a story.
Every plant, statue, doll, and prop. Each one a perspective clue. Each put there for a specific reason. Currently, on another thread, the inclusion of Shirley Temple, and her numerous sightings on the cover, is being discussed. I offered a take on the inclusion of Edgar Allen Poe. It all connects in the scope of things. Maybe, you will offer some differing angle on this very topic.

As for your analogy of my pressence here, you couldn’t be more wrong. For the most part, my contributions here meet with little fanfare. I seldom post, and only offer my “cryptic musings” in connection with a viable lead in connecting another clue. If not for your initial post, many would not have even noticed the deletion of my posts. So much for my “delusions of grandeur.”

So, do you wish to add to the investigation/conversation, or belittle me further? For I find little reason to continue the latter, and grow tiresome of being the focus of this charade.

What could be more direct than that?



“To every problem there is a solution. If there is no solution, then it’s a fact of life and you have to live with it.” Issy Bonn

A telling quote from the man waving behind Paul.


There may seem to be several references
to Edgar Allen Poe spanning several albums.Poe is known to to place ciphers in his works for the reader to solve. The most famous being, “The Gold Bug.” Some works of his put the clues in plain sight as a tease to the readers. It is not a stretch to believe that this was an inspiration to place clues in the pictures and lyrics of the Beatles.Poe is seen amongst the crowd on the
Sgt. Pepper cover.Poe is mentioned in the song “I am the Walrus.”Poe may have been the inspiration for the song “Blackbird.” His famous work “The Raven” comes to mind.And, during the track “Revolution #9” the word “Eldorado” is heard. Poe penned a poem titled “Eldorado.” I will post that post haste.Poe’s own death has been a mystery of sorts as well. One version has him being intoxicaed and kidnapped, forced by his kidnappers to place votes in different districts during an election.
His already ill health and added exhaustion caused his early death. Might that sound somewhat familiar?

One story concerning just one person found on the Sgt. Pepper cover. Many more to discover.

“There’s nothing you can see that isn’t shown.”

“It’s easy.”


(Edgar Allen Poe)Gaily bedlight,
a galient kniight
in sunshine and in shadow.
Had journeyed long,
singing a song,
in search of Eldorado.But he grew old
this knight so bold,
and o’er his heart a shadow.
Fell as he found
no spot of ground
that looked like Eldorado.And, as his strength
failed him at length,
he met a pilgrim shadow.
“Shadow,” said he
“where can it be,
this land of Eldorado?”“Over the mountains
of the moon,
down the valley of the shadow.
Ride, boldly ride”
the shade replied,
“if you seek for Eldorado!”


If Lewis Carrol influenced Lennon”s writing style, Stockhausen opened new doors for John’s musical ideas.

Stockhausen’s “Hymnen” was the total inspiration for John’s “Revolution #9”, and influenced Paul’s “Carnival of Light” as well.

The Beatles were frantic in getting Stockhausen”s permission to include him on the “Sgt. Pepper” cover. Having sent a telegram on the first day of May that went unanswered, Epstein sent yet another urgent telegram on the 8th to get him on the cover to assure the projected release date.

There’s nothing you can know that isn’t known.



Lucy (in disguise)

Maybe this might help…

Bring on the Lucie (Freeda People)
John Lennon

We don’t care what flag you’re waving.
We don’t even wanna know your name.
We don’t where you’re from or where your going.
All we know is that you came.
You’re making all our decisions.
We have just one request of you.
That while you are thinking things over.
Here’s something you just better do.

Free the people now
Do it do it do it now

Well we were caught with our hands in the air.
Don’t despair, paranoia is everywhere.
We can shake it with love when we’re scared.
So, let’s shout it aloud like a prayer.

We understand your paranoia.
But we don’t wanna play your game.
You think you’re cool and know what you are doing.
666 is your name.
So, while you’re jerking off each other.
You better bear this thought in mind.
Your time is up you better know it.
But maybe you don’t read the signs.

Well you were caught with your hands in the kill.
And you still got to swallow your pill.
As you slip and slide down the hill.
On the blood of the people you killed.

Stop the killing now.
Do it do it do it now
Bring on the Lucie.



Have “fun” with this one…



“Lives on a farm, got plenty of charm, BEEP BEEP.
He’s got no cows but he sure has a whole lotta SHEEP.
A brand new wife and a family.
And when he comes to town I WONDER if he’ll play with me.”This being Ringo’s description of our old friend Macca. He goes on to include George and John as well in the following verses.The rather odd “beep beep” in the lyrics is an obvious reference to an automobile, although it does not quite fit with the content.Garry Crimble,


It appeared as the “B” side of “It Don’t Come Easy.” Later, it was included on the album “Blast Fron Your Past.”

The verse about Paul was first, followed by…

“Laying in bed, watching tv, cookie.
With his mama by his side, she’s japanese.
They screamed and they cried, now they’re free.
And when he comes to town, I KNOW he’s gonna play with me.

He’s a long-haired, cross-legged guitar picker um-um.
With his long-leged lady in the garden picking daisies for his soup.
A forty-acre house he doesn’t see,
’cause he’s always in town playing for you with me.

I play guitar, a-d-e
I don’t play bass ’cause that’s toohard for me.
I play piano if it’s in “c”
And when I go to town, I wanna see all three.”




Too many people are deaf in one ear, and blind in the other.



Consider this…

Pay no attention to the man at the piano, but rather what is placed ON the piano.



Points to ponder…

In a 1978 “made for television” special, Ringo, being tired of fame and fortune, trades places with an unknown look-alike named “Ognir Rrats.”

Guess who is billed as one of the actors?

Also, in the film adaptation of “Sgt. Pepper”, guess who also has a part in this musical misadventure?

Time’s up…


“There’s nothing you can SEE that isn’t
SHOWN.”Are we looking?Apollo


Pardon the intrusion…

“He blew his mind out in a car. He didn’t notice that the LIGHTS had changed.”

“Red lights, green light, strawberry wine…”

“A good friend of mine…”

An interesting read…


Hyacinths adorn the Sgt. Pepper cover.

“Flowers in the dirt”



“Those FREAKS was right when they said you was dead.”



Pardon the intrusion…

The good sister quotes, “We all know James Paul is dead…duh!”

Well, what “we” know is that post ’66
another face and voice appears, while another seems to vanish into the ether.

Yet, we have no proof of an actual death. Only speculation.

It is still my stance that what information you need to connect the dots still remains hidden in plain sight.

I find it curious that when John penned “How Do You Sleep?”, he referred to those seeking answers as “freaks.”

And, not in a “good” way.

Which leads me to take another hard look at the song, and who it is really focused upon.

Paul finds no problem addressing himself as a “freak.”

As you are finding out, in the world of “clues”, the most obvious sometimes only serves as a distraction to what is clearly being displayed.

And, it is always a nice touch to quote Hendrix.



Pardon the intrusion…

Byrds is hitting on all cylinders with that reply.

Keep in mind the dialouge between John and Paul with “Imagine” and “Ram.”

Paul-“Three Legs”
John-“Crippled Inside”

Paul-“Too Many People”
John-“How Do You Sleep”

On the “Ram” album, in the song “Monkberry Moon Delight”
Paul writes:
“I know my bananna is OLDER than the rest, and my hair is a tangled beretta. So, I leave my pajamas to BILLY BUDAPEST, and I don’t get the gist of your letter.”

Is that “graspable” enough?



Some points to ponder…

WHAT was the “relationship” between Paul and Tara?

What effect did Tara’s passing have on “Paul?”

What exactly is he saying in the song “Venus and Mars”?

Remember, by the time of MMT, all the players had been set into motion. The clues on “Sgt. Pepper” tell the story.
There was “no going back” from that event. (despite later pleas to reconsider) Everything that happened beyond that point had to follow script.

“Two are flying, two are not.”



Pardon the intrusion…

Keeping in mind the somewhat sinister origins of many of the “Mother Goose” nursery rhymes, you may find the following read interesting enough to reconsider the song “Cry Baby Cry.”

When John was interveiwed for Playboy magazine, and giving insights to some of better works stated that the song was “rubbish”
and not one of his.

Yet, he repeats the theme for the song “Cleanup Time” on Double Fantasy” almost word for word.

He must not of hated it THAT much.

Here is how “coded messages” were being sent via harmless “nursery rhymes.”




Pardon the intrusion…

I’m not really sure just where to start. First, I have not posted as anybody other than meself, nor have I ventured out of this tight, and somewhat dysfunctional family of forums that have branched off from here. My purpose in entering the fray was merely to redirect your attention to the things that have been missed, and sorely overlooked, by the masses that have taken this paradigm on in an attempt to discover the truth. A truth that could have possibly lay in a state of myth-making limbo for future ages to try and unravel. Case in point, it HAS been over thirty years with little movement in that direction. A rehash of the garden variety “clues” that have graced the page ad-nauseum. Albeit, not a simple task to say the least, but clearly one that was meant to be solved if one was venture down the “rabbit hole” with new eyes. No disrespect to those that have alluded to “new” information via the printed word, but in the scope of this investigation, adds nothing to this mystery but confusion and false leads. In all truth, there can be NOTHING that can be added to what has been supplied to you already. It’s always been there. It was part of the master plan. Subsequent releases after “Pepper” tried in vain to point you BACK in the right direction. But why waste time doing that when you all believed the shite that was produced by the myth-making-machinery. Well, time has passed and you are well on your way to uncover the lost gems of information that will tell the story start to finish. Stay on track!!! Remember…There nothing you can see that isn’t shown! It is all there for you to see, if you learn how to look.
If I have made your investigations harder by showing you new “flowers in the dirt”, I have done my job. You will soon discover the answers you seek to questions not yet asked. If you take my words and discredit the messenger, so be it. I am not here to supply you with answers. That is your job. I will however assist in any form that I am at liberty to share with you. “What did you see while you were there? Nothing that doesn’t show.”



Doc-Thanks for the kind words. I have been accused of being somewhat “cryptic” in my dealings in the past. To be quite honest. this whole affair is cryptic, in and of itself. I choose to take the path of greater resistance. The scenery is more pleasing to the eye.


Pardon the intrusion…

Time to nip this one in the bud. Mr. Knotts simply left the small “screen” for one much larger. At NO time did he ever lend his acting talents to the Beatles or those associated with them. For those who take a serious interest in the premise of this forum, these “facts” do little to promote further investigation of the true facts at hand. I buried Barney…
War is over, if you want it!


Once upon a long ago, lived four young lads I’m sure you know. The other three, you know them two. You’ll know me better when this is through. Before the band was on the run, a natures child followed the sun. And soon the four became a three, a list of clues for those to see. A story told in fine detail, to keep the loonies on the trail. A coin, a sheep, a favored son, were welcomed guest when the day was done. Now, those days are gone, the stories told, in rivers of ash, and urns of gold. A final hint to all of those, who refuse to see the Emporer’s clothes.

Apollo C. Vermouth

Re: People In Sgt Pepper’s Cover
« Result #27 on Mar 30, 2004, 10:30pm »
This particular fellow is the member of the Royal Antediluvian Order of the Buffaloes. (R.A.O.B)This group is known for the charitable acts they engage in to further the “pursuit of brotherhood.”When one thinks of the couuntless numbers of individuals to choose from for the cover of Sgt. Pepper, it makes one wonder why those who appear were the “chosen ones.”Take Stockhausen, for example. Several
telegrams were wired to him for approval in an almost frantic attempt to get him included on the cover.Why?Seems a bit more calculated than just liking the sound of the names.Upon a closer look, there seems to be some connections with the different faces that appear on the cover as well.

Much more than mere happenstance.

Many of the items such as the “Paul?”
flower display and the other articles
found gracing the cover tell a story as well.

There is more going on than meets the eye.

“There is nothing you can see that isn’t shown.”

In July of 1966, Dylan was involved in a very serious motorcycle accident and spent many months in seclusion.

Besides being a strong influence in John’s writing style, he would be a likely canidate for inclusion on the Pepper cover using Harb’s observations.

Yet, there remains some rather strange
“connections” with other invited guest.

Edgar Allen Poe holds a rather dubious
record in Beatle lore. Not only appearing on the Pepper cover, but also being mentioned in song (I am the Walrus), and even speculated to have been the inspiration for the song “Blackbird” from his epic poem titled
“The Raven”, and the inclusion of the word “Eldorado” heard on “Revolution #9” from a poem by the same name.

Poe’s early works, mostly written for a Philly newspaper, dealt in the art of solving ciphers by using available clues.

His first books used many ciphers and written clues to solve the mystery along with the characters in the book.
The most obvious being a novel titled “The Goldbug.”

These tactics were not oblivious to the Beatles, who used the technigue to a great extent in developing the cover for Sgt. Pepper.

One strange connection is with the author Terry Southern who is also amongst the crowd on Pepper. Southern, among other great books, is known for his penning of “Dr. Strangelove,” which later became a hit movie by the same name.

In the book/movie, the dis-arm code used to diffuse the “bomb” was named “P.O.E.”, short for “Peace on Earth.”

The movie was directed by none other than Stanley Kubrick, whose unused footage from another film was used during the “Flying” segment on the “Magical Mystery Tour” movie.

And, it doesn’t stop there folks.

But we’ll leave that for another day.

There’s NOTHING you can KNOW that isn’t KNOWN.

« Result #25 on Apr 2, 2004, 9:51pm »
Points to ponder…

So many of the supposed “clues” found on MMT seem to point back towards Sgt. Pepper.

Case in point:

Hidden on the Pepper cover is a WALRUS.
Using your trusty mirror, place it vertically touching Diana Dors left elbow.

See him?

Yet, this “clue” pre-dates any mention in Beatle lore of a walrus. That would come on the following release, MMT.

Compare the two covers to each other.

On each cover the lads are dressed in costumes, each related, but different.

Both covers depict them as “another” band.

They both show them standing behind a banner. To the rear are a collection of stars, people on Pepper, actual star shapes on MMT.

Both albums feature a reference to Edgar Allen Poe, and our pesky friend, the Walrus.

And to Harb:

On your site, regarding clues found in the MMT booklet, you show the pic of John and George during the “Death Cab for Cutie” sequence, and state that no clues were found on that page.

But, the clue IS the picture!

It shows (memory lapse) either John or George wearing an item with a HEART on it, while sitting in a CLUB, watching a BAND.

It’s as though they chose to draw attention back to Pepper.


And all this years before any of the PID rumours came to the surface.

What are we missing?

Re: People In Sgt Pepper’s Cover
« Result #24 on Apr 3, 2004, 2:54pm »
Lewis Carroll, besides gracing the cover of Pepper, may have had a hand in it’s recording as well.

We all know what effect he had on John and his unique style of writing, so we will pass over that one for now.

But little known is the technique employed by George Martin and Lennon for the organ sounds on “Mr. Kite.”

In the book titled, “Phantasmagoria and Other Poems” written by Carroll, is the poem “Poeta Fit, Non Nascitur.”

The poem involves a young man seeking advice from a more seasoned poet on how he could become a poet himself.

The elderly poet tells him in the following stanzas:

“For first you write a sentence, and then you chop it small.

Then mix the bits and sort them out,
just as they chance to fall.

The order of the phrases
makes no difference at all.”

This being the exact ploy used in the organ parts mixed into the song.

It shows to what extent the background information on each member of the “crowd” was used to formulate the creation of Sgt. Pepper and the mystery
surrounding it.

Re: People In Sgt Pepper’s Cover
« Result #23 on Apr 4, 2004, 3:40pm »
“It seems very pretty,” she said when she had finished it, “but it’s rather hard to understand!” (You see she didn’t like to confess even to herself,
that she couldn’t make it out at all)
“Somehow it fills my head with ideas–
only I don’t exactly know what they are! However, somebody killed something: that’s clear, at any rate—“
Re: People In Sgt Pepper’s Cover
« Result #22 on Apr 11, 2004, 10:01am »
“I saw a film today, oh boy, the English army had just won the war…”

There seems to be a small connection between the above lines from “A Day in the Life,” and the mysterious “Billy Shears.”

Although purely conjecture on my part,
it would seem that the “film” mentioned
may have been “The Bridge Over the River Kwai.”


Not to bore you with a synopsis of the film, (you can explore that one on your own) but it concerns members of the English army being held in a Japanese prison camp and used to construct a tactical bridge for their captors.

In the end, the bridge was ultimately
built and then destroyed by the English army, thus aiding in the victory over the Japanese.

One major character in the film, Lt. Commander SHEARS, was played by actor WILLIAM Holden. This character plays a pivitol role in the destruction of the bridge. In one scene, he tells a nurse that “all you need is love.” Actually, one of the memorable lines of the movie.

Could the name “Billy Shears” of SPLHCB be inspired by the character of this flim mentioned on the same album?

Seems logical as the mention of seeing a “film” was important enough to become lyrics of a song. What profound effect
did it have on Lennon, who went on to play in a movie titled, “How I Won the War.”


Happy Easter!

« Result #21 on May 1, 2004, 12:42pm »
Valid points, Larry.

Still, outside the Beatle’s inner-circle, there was nary a mention
of the “walrus” at the time of Sgt. Pepper’s release.

That would follow shortly after.

Yet, he remains “hidden” amongst the notable faces on Pepper.

It is my belief that there remains a plethora of clues on the Pepper cover that have yet seen the “light of day.”

It stands to reason that many subsequent “clues” that followed directed attention back to Sgt. Pepper.

“Magical Mystery Tour” contained many “Pepper” clues, and introduced our “walrus” to the public.

“Yellow Submarine” was based on the “Sgt. Pepper” theme.

Both “Abbey Road” and the “White Album” make reference to the “walrus” in song.

The “walrus” and “Sgt. Pepper” are even mentioned in Lennon’s solo work, and appears in Harrison’s “Fab” video.

They are directing our attention back to find what was missed.

And, going to great lengths to do so.

« Result #20 on May 2, 2004, 12:51am »
Thanks, JoJo!

Again, this was the “Death Cab for Cutie” segment of the MMT movie.

It shows John with a “heart” on his hat while sitting in a “club” watching a “band.”

I had not noticed George’s hat, or the peculiar fellow in uniform with the straws. Great work!!

Re: People In Sgt Pepper’s Cover
« Result #19 on May 2, 2004, 1:21am »
Seems that Lewis Carroll’s inspiration, usually associated with Lennon’s work during the Sgt. Pepper/Magical Mystery Tour era, extends beyond the obvious and presents itself in places unexpected.

There is a connection with Carroll and McCartney’s song, “Hey Jude.”

In the “Through the Looking Glass” books, it seems that the White Queen has a habit that when she says the word “better,” she repeats it over and over again, each time getting more high pitched and louder until it ends in a squeal. At which time she completely transform herself into a “new creature”
or a new location.

Sound familiar?

“Better, better, better…”

« Result #18 on May 6, 2004, 9:10pm »
Another topic dear to my heart.

We’ll take this is segments, as there is much to discuss.

Let’s start at the beginning…

In 1976, an album was released by a band named KLAATU. It was released on the Canadian affiliate of Capitol Records. No biographical information was included on the album jacket. Instead, it simply stated that all songs were written and performed by KLAATU. No pictures of the band graced the cover. Inquiries to Capitol for any info on this “mystery” band were left unanswered.

The problem was quite simply, the music contained within the grooves bore a striking Beatle-esque quality. With little imagination and a good set of ears, the vocals of Lennon and McCartney, Harrison and Starr could be heard amongst the Sgt. Pepper-ish era tunes.

Was this the second coming?

The album in question titled “3:47 EST”
in Cananda, and simply “Klaatu” here in the U.S. was soon rumored to be a un-released Beatle album that was a follow up to “Revolver.” That album was soon scrapped due to the death of Paul McCartney in a car accident in 1966. A replacement “Paul” was found, groomed, and presented to the world with the release of Sgt. Pepper. This was the account of why there was such a delay between the release of “Revolver” and “Sgt. Pepper.”

Time went by, and the tapes were re-discovered while combing through the excess while initial plans were in the making for what we now know as the “Anthology.” The album was then completed, and released under am assumed name as a tribute to McCartney in ’76.

Had the Beatles re-united in Canada under an assumed name in 1976 and released an album in memory of a fallen mate? And if so, what tell-tale “clues” could be discerned to prove just that?

To be continued…(if you’re interested)

« Result #17 on May 7, 2004, 9:53pm »
Thanks for the replies!

Before I continue, I must address the fact that I personally do not find the “lost album” theory plausible.

Yet, it does not dampen the belief that indeed some, if not all of the Beatles
had a hand in the production of this album.

It was not uncommon for the lads to write, perform with, and produce artists under assumed names. Many examples can be found of this fact.

First, lets look at some of the visual clues found on the front and back covers of the record.

The name KLAATU, came from a 1950s era sci-fi film titled “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” As earlier discussed, the name was lifted from the lead character in the film.

A still from the film was used by Ringo Starr, with his face super-imposed upon the Klaatu character for his album “Goodnight Vienna.”

The large “Sun” on the cover can also be found inside the gatefold of George’s “33 1/3.” It is said that the face on the “sun” is a composite of John’s nose and chin, and Paul’s eyes.
Said to represent the common use of the “sun” in numerous Beatle lyrics and song titles.

The ornate scroll work that frames the front cover picture in the upper right and left corners resembles the head of a “ram.” Possibly an indication of Paul’s contributions to the record.
The reverse of the cover shows a planet that seems to mimic the “Venus and Mars” cover, as well. In the movie, when the character Klaatu was asked where he came from, he answered ” Venus and Mars.” Also, at the end of one particular McCartney concert, he said to the crowd, “See you when the Earth stands still..” before he departed the stage.

Along the bottom edge of the front cover is a row of shrubs. It is said that the letters spelling B-e-a-t-l-e-s can be found in the tangle of limbs.

There is also a small mouse (more on him later) pictured on the front cover.
It is implied that it’s name is “Little Neutrino.”(more on that later, as well)

Sound familiar?

A “neutrino” is a particle that can dis-appear, and re-appear at will. It can also pass through solid objects unknown and uneffected.

These are several of the supposed clues found on the cover . They seem to be referenced by the the solo works of the Beatles albums during this time period.

When asked of Paul McCartney if the Beatles would ever reunite, he once quipped that if they ever did, it would be soley for the music, and not the hype that surrounded it. ” A conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words.”

Next we’ll look at the words found in the lyrics of the songs for further clues…

Re: People In Sgt Pepper’s Cover
« Result #16 on May 7, 2004, 10:22pm »
Some of the items found on the cover tell a story as well.

Consider the use of the Hyacinth plant used to form the word “Beatles” on the cover of Sgt. Pepper.

What possible connection could be associated with a flower??

Lets take a look at the myth of it’s creation.

Hyacinthus, young son of the King of Sparta, beautiful like the very gods of Mount Olympos, was beloved by Apollo, the shooter of arrows.

The two would meet on the banks of the Eurotas River, and delight in various pastimes.

One day while the pair was trying to out do each other in a game of discus throwing, Hyacinthus trying to chase down Apollo’s last throw, was struck in the HEAD by the falling discus and killed.

Apollo, heartbroken at the loss of his friend by his own hand, and clutching the lifeless body in his arms, vowed to have him remembered for all time.

With one word from Apollo, a fragrant red flower arose from the spilled blood of his friend on the ground. On its petals you can still read the letters “Ay,” the sigh of pain that rose from Apollo’s grief stricken heart at the loss.

It seems curious that later in his carreer that McCartney would choose the name “APOLLO C. Vermouth” to produce a song for the Bozo Dog Band. A band that earlier was to provide the only non-Beatle song for the Magical Mystery Tour film.

Re: People In Sgt Pepper’s Cover
« Result #15 on May 8, 2004, 12:39am »
Interesting question, my good doctor.

I can only speculate as to the dubious inclusion of the Hyacinth plant on the cover.

I suspect it refers to the tragic death of Tara Browne. Both he and Paul were very close, and keeping with the mythology would seem to make sense.
And, the choice of Paul to assume the name of “Apollo” later in life only serves to cement the theory.

Yet, the flowers spell out the word “Beatles,” and the rumors of Paul’s death from head wounds suffered in a car accident puts a very unusual twist
to the mix.

Both scenarios would seem to follow suit.

Consider this for a moment…

Tara Browne was the “heir” to the Guiness fortune.

He was killed at a young age in a car accident.

“You were in a car crash, and you lost your hair.”

Ever notice that the words “hair” and “heir” can sound somewhat similar?

Just a silly tid-bit I pulled from my arse. Though it makes me wonder.

“You were in a car crash, and you lost your heir.”

Makes sense to me, if looked at in that manner.

Re: People In Sgt Pepper’s Cover
« Result #14 on May 8, 2004, 1:42pm »
Great questions, Darkhorse!

Like I said, I simply was playing around with the premise.

But, to answer your query, if Paul and Tara were both killed in seperate accidents, and the “Paul” from Sgt. Pepper was not who he seemed, then regardless of any relationship betwixt the two, the new “Paul” would have no reference to that freindship. It would fall on the other three to point it out.

From all accounts, John did not seem to be that close to Tara, citing that “A Day in the Life” was written partially about “that Guinness CHILD.” No love lost there, it appears.

You bring up some valid points.

Re: People In Sgt Pepper’s Cover
« Result #13 on May 8, 2004, 7:51pm »
I have always felt the lines from McCartney’s, “Venus and Mars” dealt briefly with a slightly intoxicated Tara leading up to the accident.

“Red lights, green lights, strawberry wine, a good friend of mine, follows the stars, Venus and Mars are alright tonight.’

Tara was known, through his personal wealth, to be able to hang with the hip crowd of the day.

“He blew his mind out in a car, he didn’t notice that the lights had changed.”

I’m sure there are other references to him, sprinkled about Paul’s solo work.

As far as “Fara” is concerned, I see little evidence to support such a theory. Interesting concept, though.
And, one that may warrant a closer look.

The whole reference to “Venus and Mars” itself may need a closer look as well.

It is semi-apparent that mythology may play a significant role in unfolding the story line.

I’ll take a peak and see what I can find. Anyone care to join me?

Re: People In Sgt Pepper’s Cover
« Result #12 on May 9, 2004, 11:05am »
Interesting choice of words, Doc. There seems to be a book titled “Shutters and Blinds,” that deals with aspects of Tara’a death. Forgot the author’s name at this time.

Seems that Tara was killed in the early
morning hours of 12-18-66. He was traveling to visit David Vaughn, who was doing some painting on the front of Tara’s Kings Road shop Dandy Fashions.

He smashed his Lotus Elan into the rear of a parked van while swerving to avoid a Volkswagon that pulled out in his path in Redcliffe Gardens in Earls Court.

From what I can glean, he was with a female friend who escaped the accident with minor injuries. Tara was dead at the scene.

As far as “Venus and Mars” are concerned, there are several differing stories. Venus is the god of peace, Mars the god of war. They were lovers, such as Hyacinthus and Apollo were lovers to a different degree.

Didn’t really find anything beyond that after a cursory search.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Re: Did George Really Sing Fool on the Hill?
« Result #11 on May 12, 2004, 10:13pm »
“Ev’rybody’s talking ’bout Bagism, Shagism, Dragism, Madism, Ragism, This-ism, That-ism, ism, ism, ism…”

« Result #9 on Nov 24, 2004, 8:01pm »
Some points to ponder…

The “bird”, a Martin, holds the recorder in “bend sinister.” This being an old sign of illegitimacy. Sir George either feels like a “bastard”, or feels he worked with some “bastards.”

The white area betwixt the three beetles is called a “fess nebuly.”
It is thought to represent either “clouds’ or “Heaven.”
The lines contained within are called “barrulets” and may represent the muusical staff. If so, the absent notes may speak volumes.

Lastly, the zebra marches from right to left holding an “Abbot”s crozier.”

Can you think of any other “zebra crossings” this may refer too?

Re: We all look at a “faul” figurine!
« Result #8 on Nov 24, 2004, 8:08pm »
Another tasty tidbit…

When originally released, there was a second “Paul” figurine released as well. Same as shown above, yet the the other character in the set was “Captain Fred.”

Somewhat harder to find, it can be found still on eBay.

No word if it will be re-released as well with this lot.

« Result #7 on Nov 24, 2004, 11:30pm »
Thought maybe you would enjoy this…



*edited in order to post the pic for Apollo
Re: Window On Yellow Sub Decapitated Head With Hal
« Result #6 on Mar 22, 2006, 8:27pm »
Sorry for the intrusion…

The “P” stands for “Pepperland.” This is another failed attempt to divert your attention back to the clues on Sgt. Pepper.

Numerous attempts were made post “Pepper” to redirect your focus. By this time, the “grand design” becomes a parody of itself. Do not confuse the two. It is a mistake that echoes to this day.

All is not lost. The message still remains.

Re: Pepperpots Billy- probably not with Bee Gees
« Result #5 on Aug 30, 2006, 8:25pm »
Pardon the intrusion…

Let’s see…The band on the cover was not the band on the record, but merely several lads in suits, made to look somewhat Beatle-ish, but appearing to look nothing like the Beatles themselves, which the band playing on the record could have pulled off if they had worn suits and had a picture taken and used it on the cover.
Quick…drink the Kool-Aid.

Re: Tara Browne
« Result #4 on Jan 29, 2007, 9:01pm »
Pardon the intrusion…

Seems that much has been made of Tara’s passing only through mention in part during “A Day in the Life.”
His “widowed bride” being excluded in most publications. Her name is Noreen MacSherry. She bore two sons. Tara being 21 years of age when he passed. Yet, nary a mention of the marriage in 1964. He being the son of the 4th Lord Oranmore and Browne and Oonagh Guinness, seems to beg for a polite mention on the “society page.”



(Note:This was Apollo’s last post before his death in 2008)

Lucy (in disguise)

Don’t go jumping waterfalls.
Please keep to the lake.
People who jump waterfalls.
Sometimes can make mistakes.

May 31, 2004, 1:30pm

Lucy (in disguise)
“It’s easy.”
When all else fails, read the directions.
The cover of Sgt. Pepper was no mere happenstance.
And, not to sound like a “broken record,” but there remains a REASON for every person, place, and thing that appears.
The problem was, they counted on us being as clever as they. We simply didn’t “get it.”
Still don’t.
Yet, it’s all there for us to see. We just need to look.

Aug 18, 2004, 9:48pm

I’ll write once in a while, and since he doesn’t have a problem… I queried him about his suggestion that there is something buried in the frog sounds in the beginning part of “Calling Occupants”. (Klaatu’s first song on their first album)
Try not to fall into the trap of those that tend to “over-think.”
Do you hear “anything” when you reverse the sounds?
“We quit, we quit.”
A simple phrase. Nothing more, nothing less.
But, when added to the puzzle, makes perfect sense.

Greetings, mate. You caught me at a good time. As for the “POE” connection, it serves more as a “blueprint” than an actual code. Although, many can be sussed. Same as Carroll, it serves the purpose to seek new ways of “seeing” what is there. There’s nothing you can see that isn’t shown. You just need to know what you’re looking for. Then it will all make sense. Kind of shines a new light on the subject. Many have actually hit the mark, but refused to accept the conclusions.
Funny how that keeps coming up, from time to time. Oh well, yeah life is good. Having a good death is more important.

Time to take a HARD look at “Memory Almost Full.”
Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

I think he is referencing Feet in the Clouds
On the street
I had my feet on the ground
Stood corrected
Well protected
Had it my way

Never an intrusion. You are always welcome.
I’ve not much interest in TKIN nowadays. I do however tour the grounds to see how they are doing.
I was quite shocked at the passing of Syd. Sad bloke. Happy now I’m sure. Timing IS everything.
Keep in touch

Syd’s story is not far removed from what we are trying to establish today. The story of one’s journey too close to the sun, and the legacy of those who bore witness to the feat. As far as his exit, reported on the day of Floyds release of Pulse on DVD, does the phrase “random precision” ring a (division) bell?
As for meself, going by what others have noted, I seem to either be a “reluctant meshiah” or crazed lunatic with much too much time on me hands.
I came to show that the truth you seek has been before you all the time. I have demonstrated how to peel away the layers to expose an even greater understanding of the depths one must travel to get to the root of the paradigm.
Remember mate, “There is nothing you can see that isn’t shown.”

“As nature intends” deals quite nicely with the above analogy.
Here’s another clue for you all…
The picture of the man at the piano is quite curious. Why would there be photos instead of sheet music displayed
on the piano? Hmmmmm…

What you WILL find is that there is a strong indication of a “love” interest involving Tara Browne and Paul.
Paul’s choice of the name “Apollo” and the hyacinths used on Sgt. Pepper, suggest their relationship was a tad bit more than platonic.
If you have not had the pleasure,
do look up the myth of “Apollo and Hyacinthus.

Understand, depending on your point of entry, you may not like what you find.
So, choose your rabbit hole carefully.
There are two distinct points of entry.
Do not confuse the two.

Being somewhat “intimate” with the subject at hand, I offered to assist in the only way I could.
Glad to see you’re aboard.
There was not much desire for Paul to return. The reasons being, well…the reason he left in the first place.
Plus, with the cast in place, he could afford more time to come ’round if he chose.
Paul was never totally out of sight. In fact, he managed to play a part in most of the behind the scenes part of running the Beatles.

Apollo C. Vermouth wrote:
Pardon the intrusion…
Tara was never married, nor had he any children.
Dr. Robert, hits the nail on the head.
(The wife Tara never had is named Noreen MacSherry, and the children they didn’t have are named Dorian Clifford Browne and Julian Dominick Browne, and they are inconveniently still with us.)


10 agosto 2003 Turned out nice again in free as a bird

“Turned out nice again, mother.”

24 agosto 2003 klaatu, beatles connection

A conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words.”

31 agosto 2003 Klaatu beatles connection

A fine job, indeed. The real test comes once the music starts. The cover clues leave no doubt as to “who” is plucking the strings.
The upper corners of the cover depict a familiar beast. What do you make of the bottom ones?
Keep searching the clues on the door.
One in particular is all you need.

1 settembre 2003 Dig it

Perhaps there are credible connections between Klaatu/Beatles.
Terry Draper’s name keeps “coming up” on alot of these pages. “Can you pretend” to know the answers?
Why would people who bought “Let It Be”
also buy a 50’s sci-fi movie? What plausible connection could there be? Why would it even be mentioned? A clue, perhaps?

8 ottobre 2003 Very very interesting article about beatles klaatu
Beatles/Klaatu connection?

Where have I heard that before?

24 ottobre 2003 The ruttles?

Point to ponder…
ANY involvement in ANY project by ANY “Beatle” outside the obvious must be considered suspect.
The clearest of clues can be found in the foggiest of places.
The Rutles
Bonzo Dog Band
Any “Apple” artist
The list is endless and ongoing. What a splendid way to spend your day.

31 ottobre 2003 3 beatles album clue

Upon closer inspection of the drum pictured above…
The “L” contains a “loop” on the uper part of the letter. Looks more like a “P”.
The “O” is made of a spiral design, ending on the outside of the letter.
More indicitive of the letter “A”.
The “V” is “heart shaped” and more rounded in nature. More “U” shaped than what it is supposed to represent.
The “E” seems to be “cut off” at the top and middle. Looks more like an “L” to me.

1 november 2003 Back to the back door at abbey road

As stated earlier in another thread, the original release included a magnifying glass so one could decipher the writings on the door.
Obviously, there remains an important clue that he wished you all would find.
The hunt begins…
Your on the right path.

Post Script:
Rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. But, if I were dead, I would be the last to know.
Happy Halloween

1 novembre 2003 Apollo C. Vermouth

Who I am is not as important as who I am not.
It’s hard to hide in a carnival of light.

(Note:Taken from a Spanish speaking site that compiled some of his posts)

From a press conference in Amsterdam, 1976:

Question: There is a photo of the front door of Apple on the back of the cover, where did you get it?

Ringo: Neil Aspinall took it and sent us one each an I thought, “I’m gonna put it on the back of the album.” It’s a front door, but it’s a back door too. It’s got all these names scrawled on it from Finland. That’s why you’re getting a magnifying glass with the album, so you can read it all. And I thought it would be a nice bit of fun, especially for those who actually wrote on it. It used to be so smart, with a doorman and a pretty letterbox, and now it’s just…yeah!

That’s one we never figured out…but Finland seems pretty specific and back door seems to be a hint also…there’s something on that door that Neil thought was important enough to send to all of the Beatles.


Pardon the illumination…

MMT is Pepper in a more “visual” form. It borrows from, and answers some. The cover design relates to Pepper in many visual clues. The concept was to take a journey. Visual points of interest discerned. Magicians noting the movements. Clues abound. They ALL point to Pepper. What if you wrote a book and nobody read it? I want to be a paperback writer…


John’s actual quote from the Tony Palmer episode — DVD #5 of “The Beatles : A Long & Winding Road”
“…and if you look closely at the album cover, you’ll see
2 people who are flying & 2 who aren’t…. (snicker)….
that’s just a little “in” joke…. (snicker).
Two of them didn’t share it with 2 others”
This wasn’t just acid? Apollo didn’t seem to think so…


There exist many who have played a part in this ongoing drama.

Some are dead, and some are living.

Many have been mentioned in this forum. Some to a great extent, some merely in passing.

It would stagger the mind in knowing just how many different souls it took to replace just “one.”

Some seen and not heard, some heard and not seen, while others pulled the strings to create such an elaborate dance.

What had been an easy fix, turned more complicated with time.

Billy did not invent Neil. Neil is an actual person with the position within Apple that history has recorded. No mystery here.

That is not saying that Neil was a innocent bystander in all of this.

Just that the current line of thought is flawed way “beyond the beyond.”

Bill is an actual person as well.
Quite capable of filling in for a missing musician. His face is not as visible as “others” who had a more “visual” part to play, but the genesis rest on his shoulders.



Age-50 (something)

Occupation-Musician and “Castle Keep.” ( “Who rang that bell?!” ;D)

Country-Currently Stateside. And yes, it is beautiful here this time of year.

Interest-Far beyond that of mortal man.

Desired outcome-As nature intended.

History-Well, we can’t quite change that. But the future, now that’s another story!

I promised you a journey. You are well on your way.”

“The return to Pepperland holds many a secret, and is well worth the trip.”

“My payoff? There is none. Yours? Now that’s another matter.”

“It is as if someone had wrote the worlds greatest novel, and NOBODY read the last chapter.
Yet, a debate started as to how the story ends, or should end. All the while, the true ending is available for all to see.”

“The final chapter only exists when the rest of the pieces are assembled.”

“You can’t come to a conclusion till you reach the end.”

“Soon, with a little luck, all will be revealed.”

“One name alone is all you need.
Yet, there remains endless gaps that need be filled.
Billy only serves as an bridge to lead to the the “rest of the story.”

” ‘Billy’ is introduced as the ‘singer.’ Voice prints identify at least 3 different ‘Pauls.’ “

“Billy (Shepherd) was invented by Neil. (nom de plume) I’m not saying Neil is Billy the guy who “maybe is amazed”, know what I mean?”

“So Sgt Pepper took YOU by surprise…”

“Those freaks was right when they said you were dead.”

“RedLion, do you feel, at this point, that there is a difference?” (between JPM and Sir Paul)

“The ‘Paul’ that was involved in that project not only got to show what he had learned about music,
but what he had been involved in behind the curtain, so to speak.”

” I like a good confrontation. Just being here raises a few eyebrows on the other side of the curtain.”

“An attempt was made to distance William from his previous endeavors. Much was whitewashed concerning his ‘history.’ “

The “Bill” you SEE is not the “Bill” we are discussing.

Any other info regarding him I must hold close to my chest.

Sometimes the only way to the “truth” is through a series of well placed “lies.” ( comment on “the Poolies”)

Sylvie schmylvie.

“Try not to fall into the trap of those that tend to ‘over-think.’ “

“So, choose your rabbit hole carefully.”

Doc wrote:
“But, I know, that if he, ACV, were here…. right now, he would encourage us to study the flowers in the dirt on the cover of the Sgt. Peppers album just ONE MORE TIME” – (Apollo made many references to “flowers in the dirt”)


Pardon the intrusion…

The key to this paradigm starts and ends with Sgt. Pepper.

This is why most clues resort back to Pepper in latter releases.

The walrus and mentions of Edgar Allen Poe on MMT begs a relook at Sgt. Pepper. Magical MYSTERY Tour, was the first attempt to get the public to re-examine the Pepper album.

Yellow Submarine deals with Pepperland and Sgt. Pepper’s band.

The “White Album” refers to clues left on Pepper and MMT. (Glass Onion)

How Do You Sleep, “So Sgt. Pepper took you by surprise…”

Why the constant Pepper references?

Pepper was designed to tell a story. Every person and item on that cover is a clue unto itself. Think of it as chapters in a book, with Pepper being the whole of the book. Brilliant in it’s concept, it was lost on the public until late in ’69 at the height of the PID rumours. But it was not from lack of trying.

Your interest in this outshines a majority of the folks here who would rather find clues with smoke and mirrors than by going to the source.

Ask yourself…why leave clues and offer no resolution? Why leave clues to already existing clues?

Are you up to it?


Ah yes…nice indeed to chat with you again. “Pepper” was never really meant to be a “Beatle” album, persay. Nor was any intended follow-up fitting that particular schematic. “What we have here is failure to communicate.” The key to any illusion is misdirection. A few puffs of smoke, and the clever use of a mirror, can conjure the unthinkable. What was meant as a diversion, became a seperate entity. And, as I have mentioned,
great pains were taken to put the train back on the tracks, so to speak. “Pepper” was meant to invoke thought. It was to answer questions not yet asked. It was both a “hello” and “goodbye.” It didn’t work. “Tour” tried in vain to redirect your attention to the thing that escaped everybody’s perception. It didn’t work. “Submarine,” with it’s allusions to Sgt. Pepper, sunk as if it had screen doors. Look to these examples to find the missing links. This was our intention.


Pardon the intrusion… There is more here than meets the kaleidoscope eyes. Is there a need to mention the “looking glass ties” to “Wool and Water”? Is it a waste of time to compare “rocking horse people” to the “Magical Mystery Boy” in MMT? The connections are there. The Walrus, and the egg. The challenge, “Let the fuckers figure this one out.”



Lucy (is the sky…) You are the “one.” Was there ever any doubt? You have the talent to “see” what others have missed. There will never be an end to this saga. Not in any of my wildest dreams did I ever expect this to continue as it has. Needless to say there have been, and continue to be, flights of fancy that are beyond the beyond, and beyond. It serves to muddy the waters, but also to seek out those smart enough not to be fooled. As badly as everyone wants the “answer”, those that have found it walk away in disbelief. Seems the picture doesn’t quite fit the frame. Einstein, (disguised as Robin Hood) once said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Seems to sum this up in a tidy little package. As far as I am concerned, words fail to describe what is currently going on in my life. This too shall pass. My only concern is where I will end up in the wake of events. My advice to you is continue looking at life with child like wonder. You’ll be surprised how beautiful things look when seen through a fresh pair of eyes. Do I need to worry about you? You remain in my thoughts and prayers and “visions”.

Surprised to hear from you. Me? I’m doing quite well, despite the obvious.
The story line? In all truth, about 65% of what is written is based on things that actually happened. The remainder, sheer fantasy. Now, to figure what is, and what isn’t. It was agreed, BY ALL INVOLVED, that once the “story” is told, not to deviate from any previous statements. You know, and I know, that there ARE clues to be found on Pepper. Just what those “clues” allude to, has not yet been figured out. But, when asked of John, George, or Ringo, there was always the “total rubbish” response. That is the story line. Deny! I have been accused of “jerking you all off” with my cryptic responses. Truth is, you’ve been jerked off from day one! THAT was part of the “story line.” A little mystery for you to figure out.Apollo


Pardon the illumination…

MMT is Pepper in a more “visual” form. It borrows from, and answers some. The cover design relates to Pepper in many visual clues. The concept was to take a journey. Visual points of interest discerned. Magicians noting the movements. Clues abound. They ALL point to Pepper. What if you wrote a book and nobody read it? I want to be a paperback writer…




I don’t mind being “disturbed.” Many feel I’ve been disturbed for quite some time. I know this has been mentioned several times before, but it does come close to home. Remember that show on the telly, “Bewitched”? The original actor playing Darrin passed away. They quickly replaced him with another actor, to keep the show intact. Now, the original Darrin needn’t have died. Maybe, he just said “fook it” and headed for greener pastures. Went on holiday, so to speak. But, to keep the original premise in place, somebody had to assume the role.
Now imagine, if you will, that scenario in context to this “mystery.” Only in this case, the original Darrin came back to the show, after his fancy of leaving proved to be not quite in his best interest. By then, the show was on the “outs”, and the cast grew tired of each other, thus putting an end to the show. Now, each blamed the other for the demise, for whatever reason they could muster, and went their seperate ways. It’s kinda like that. Only different. I told ya I was disturbed.



Pardon the intrusion…

I respect everyone of your beliefs. We are, at the very least, entitled to voice our opinions in the theatre of ideas.

My stance has been from day one, that the mystery you wish to solve has already been solved. One must just know how, and what to look for.

Dealing, as some have, with bits and pieces and forming conclusions from what was available on hand has led many to the wrong conclusions.

I have been accused as being too mysterious and cryptic in my dealings with you. I have good reason to be. You would like the short answer, I cannot provide it for you.

I CAN however show you sights you have yet to see, point you in directions that may have not occured to you, and hope that the new discoveries will tie in to the next.

As nature intended.

In response to your previous questions, the “cast” was not that wide spread. A tidy unit that grew and shrunk as was needed.

And yes, the numbers are dwindling
though many KEY players are still involved with the scene in some distant “universe”.

“Brother, can you take me back…”

“Come home brother, all is forgiven…”

“Theres nothing you can see that isn’t shown.”



No “one” person could replace Paul.

Bill was chosen for his ties with the Beatles, his knowlege of their history, and that he was quite a capable musician and writer.

Within the studio, Bill managed to fill the gap.

Outside the studio, was quite a different story.

Several recruits were used for differing reasons,

Some used for photo ops, others for interviews. It required quite a cast of characters. It also explains the dfferences in photo comparisons.

We refer to our replacement as “Bill.” But, he was more “heard” than “seen.”



There are many fingers used to make a human hand.

One hand…many fingers.

Bill is the hand.


Lucy (in disguise)
Points to ponder…
Ever wonder about the multiple references to our old friend, Edgar Allen Poe?
As well as developing codes and ciphers embedded in his works, an art well noticed and used in latter Beatle releases. He also has a fascinating connection on the Sgt. Pepper with another “face” there as well.
Terry Southern wrote the book, “Dr Strangelove”. He is featured on the cover as well. In the 1964 movie of the same name, the code used as the disarming of the bomb was “Purity of Essense” and “Peace on Earth.”
Or, simply POE.
The reason it is in all caps in the MMT lyric sheet.
This movie was directed by one Stanley Kubrick, whose discarded aerial footage was used during the song “Flying” on the MMT movie. A song that holds a special footnote as being the only Beatle song credited to all four as writers.
Lets recap…
Edgar Allen Poe appears with Terry Southern on the Sgt. Pepper cover.
Edgar Allen Poe is mentioned in the song “I am the Walrus” from the MMT album.
The “walrus” appears on the Sgt. Pepper cover with help from a handy mirror, much the same as the drum skin clue.
Southern writes the book “Dr. Strangelove” which within its pages gives the disarm code for the bomb as “POE” which stands for “Peace on Earth” and “Purity of Essense.”
“Dr. Strangelove” is directed by Stanley Kubrick, whose unused aerial footage is used in the MMT movie during the song “Flying” whose writing credits were Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, and Starr. The ONLY time all four shared a writing credit on a song.
Do you see a pattern here?
Theres NOTHING you can SEE that isn’t SHOWN…it’s easy!
Feb 5, 2004, 10:43pm


“If one was to grasp the totality of this subject matter, a simple answer emerges. The beauty of the Beatles, pre and post ’66, is that EVERYTHING is as it should be. No mere happenstance. But, amongst the creation is chaos. THAT chaos, is what has brought you all here in the first place. In the early days, the die was cast. As time crept along, and popularity increased, there were not many musicians that would not fancy a play with the band. There are many talented bassist. On Pepper, it is mainly Paul. When not available, and there was a time he was not, K—-(my omission) could fill the shoes (if you know what I mean). John was quite able to fill in, as was George. We were never in want of a good bass player. Just where one stops and another begins is left to the beholder.”


End of Posts
So as you can read, Apollo C Vermouth left all of these cryptic clues as to what the Beatles were really up to, and at one point states that only 65% of it is the truth, the other 35% is a previously agreed to story that is sheer fantasy…and its up to the reader to figure out which is which. Is this real? I happen to think it is. His posts make more sense obviously in the context of the threads he was posting in, you’d have to go back to Nothing is Real and The King is Naked to find those threads.
This is why people aren’t quitting on this, especially those of us who think Paul is Dead is simply allegorical and there is a much deeper mystery being alluded to…one that people chose to take to their graves.