RIP Frank Gifford

RIP to Frank Gifford, who died this morning (August 9th 2015) at age 84 and adds yet one more synchronicity to the stack regarding the death of John Lennon by passing away on the anniversary of the Tate murders.

See, if you don’t know the whole story, and no one really does, it goes something like this.

Once upon a time someone declared God dead.


There was even an obituary for him in the magazine, dated November 9th. God wasn’t very happy with this, not considering himself as being dead. The devil meanwhile, seemed to quite enjoy it. The obituary had originally been written just before November 9th 1965 and then when that date came, a Blackout left much of the United States and Canada in the dark for hours, before the obituary found its way into the Time article.

As luck would have it, and it wasn’t really luck at all, this issue of Time came out on April 8th 1966, which happened to be John Lennon’s son Julian’s third birthday.

Heretofore, the number 3 starts showing up a lot in the work of the Beatles.

You see, John Lennon had recently done an interview with Maureen Cleave in which he stated that the Beatles had become more popular than Jesus. Which was, you know probably true. In England no one much cared. But when the interview got published in America it became a very big deal, with kids having bonfires and burning Beatles records. Oddly, the day the interview got published in the US, Bob Dylan got into his motorcycle accident and mostly sat out the sixties from then on.

The Beatles came to America shortly afterwards and apologized, which was mostly John Lennon saying sorry for something he was probably right about. Following the apology a Texas radio station named KLUE decided to hold another Beatle Record burning bonfire anyways and then the following day they were struck by lightning, sending their programming director to the hospital.  Later that month The Beatles finished up their US tour and decided they weren’t going to tour anymore.

That probably should have wrapped up what was an interesting little story, right? Oh no. This is the sixties after all…

On November 9th 1966, exactly one year after the date on the obituary for God published in Time, John Lennon meets Yoko Ono. And this date later becomes immortalized for another truly bizarre reason. It becomes the date of death for Beatle Paul McCartney, except Paul didn’t die either.

So now we have God is Dead, and Paul is Dead. Both on the same date.

The Fab Four mop tops decide to completely reinvent themselves, first showing the new incarnation of the Beatles in a video for Strawberry Fields Forever, a single played on American Bandstand in February of 1967.

The Beatles now all have mustaches so maybe Paul really did die, he certainly does look different. Maybe God and Satan have mustaches too, its 1967 afterall. But listen to the song at the end. John says Cranberry Sauce. But what everyone hears is I buried Paul. How cran can sound like I, no one really knows. Of course at this point, no one knows about Paul is Dead, that phenomenon is only whispered among those very close to the Beatles, its years away from public knowledge yet.

Why is Paul dead? Besides the mustache and face that seems to be growing? Well because all of these weird “clues” start showing up in everything the Beatles do. And what does Paul is Dead do as a result? It makes everyone who sees these oddities try to apply these clues to the death of Paul McCartney. And then, away from any other interpretation. Like God is Dead, or the death of John Lennon which is still 13 years away.


That eerie shot of Kali and the Beatles is through a totally non-sensical Singer sewing machine, inserted into the end of the movie Help! even though Singer or a sewing machine has absolutely nothing to do with the movie. However the guy who started the Singer Sewing machine company back in the 1800s also happened to commission the Dakota, where John Lennon wound up dying in 1980. And Help! came out in 1965, before the Time article or the obituary or More Popular Than Jesus. So even  though God may be bothered by God is Dead, this seems like its been set up in advance.

(And although you would hope that we would have enough collective sense to not allow Kali to show up in New York City tonight to coincide with former Giants star Gifford’s death, apparently we don’t.)


Obviously the Beatles aren’t trying to foreshadow John Lennon’s death. However something in the wind seems able to manipulate certain things to show clues to something. But what are the Beatles themselves trying to do? What are they trying to do with Sgt. Pepper, which comes out in June of 1967 and floors the entire world? Did you ever notice all of the references to Time?


See the doll pointing at the ATL in Beatles? See the byline of the obituary? See that it comes from Atlanta? See the drum, when you put a mirror into the middle of it that says One One One X He Die? You could interpret 11 1X as 11 9, or to say 11/9, or November 9, which is conveniently the date of the obituary for God and then as the story goes, Paul McCartney too.

God is Dead, and Paul is Dead, are all mixed up together. And no one really knows if the Beatles actually intended any of this or not. But what we do know, is Paul is Dead eventually did a wonderful job obfuscating God is Dead, or John is Dead.

Who else wound up coming from Georgia?


The guy on the right. But no one knew up front that he was going to one day kill John Lennon right?


Well if you look at this, The Best Way to Go is by MDC, you know those are the initials of Mark David Chapman and this is from the aptly named Magical Mystery Tour which came out later in 1967. As a matter of fact, it came out on December 8th 1967, which you know, just so happens to be the date John Lennon wound up dying on.

Well who wants John dead? God, Satan, both? I don’t know, but the Stones put out an album on this same date called Their Satanic Majesties Request that has the Beatles hidden in the album cover.


He’s not always honest though, so who can say for sure.

But exactly 9 years later, on December 8th 1976, The Eagles release Hotel California which says in reverse quite plainly John Lennon by himself, when you turn it around forward it comes right after stab it with their steely knives but they just can’t kill the beast and the actual forward words are last thing I remember I was running for the door, which is exactly what John did after being shot. Then of course the song ends with relax said the nightman we are programmed to receive, you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. The door John ran for was the office of the Dakota nightman. Hard to pin that one on Paul is Dead. Who said we haven’t had that spirit here since 1969? Oh yeah, same song…

Of course no one paid attention to this while John was alive, because Paul is Dead.


See its kind of clever. God used to like to call himself I AM in the Bible. Or maybe its Paul that Was. Is this Plausable deniability? Beatles meaning one thing and demons tempting them meaning another thing? Did God Himself jump in here?

This was part of Magical Mystery Tour as well.

And then someone was the Walrus. I AM the Walrus. There’s that I AM again. First John was the Walrus, then Paul was the Walrus, then John said he used to be the Walrus but now he’s just John. What song was that again? Oh yeah, God I believe it was called. At least this appears to be one song where God is Dead isn’t mixed up with Paul is Dead. I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. On second thought…

Well what did the Walrus do? It called the young oysters out of the ocean and then ate them all.


But why are Paul and John battling over being the Walrus? That has nothing to do with Paul being Dead. So who was John calling out of the ocean? Kids? Kids who burned Beatle Records because of More Popular than Jesus? Turned on kids running away from home and to San Francisco? Stupid bloody Tuesday? November 9th 1966 (Paul) wasn’t a Tuesday but November 9th 1965 (God) sure was. Shouldn’t Manson be the Walrus?

Or maybe he meant capitalism…lets move on.

Well hold on though. The drum during the song in the movie looked like this.


Love the 3 Beatles. 3. Julian Lennon’s third birthday 4/8/66. Time Magazine 4/8/66 Is God Dead? Or maybe there are only 3 Beatles now. Paul is Dead. Again. God is Dead and Paul is Dead, all mixed up. Abbey Road also had a three on the back cover, and who was it that sang one and one and one is three?

Oh here’s another still from Magical Mystery Tour.


I’m sure that doesn’t mean anything. Maybe their next album should just be all white, things getting kind of intense.

Before that though comes Roman Polanski directing Rosemary’s Baby which comes out in 1968.


This is the Dakota, and this is precisely where John Lennon would wind up being shot. That doesn’t mean this is connected to God is Dead in any way though. Oh wait.


Yeah that’s in the movie too. In fact at one point they point up at the Newsweek building and the time reads 11:15, the time of Death on John Lennon’s death certificate. Per the IMDB Timeline of the film, Hutch loses his glove and suddenly falls ill on December 8th 1965 sometime after 10:30PM. Then Rosemary is standing in front of the Time-Life building the next morning when she looks up at the clock and sees the 11:15, so Hutch takes ill almost exactly when John Lennon is shot 15 years later and the time of Rosemary standing in front of Time-Life would be precisely half a day after John Lennon’s death 15 years in the future.

That may seem weird, but remember this is the movie where the baby is born exactly half a year after Christmas for not real honorable reasons. Not that anyone knew this in advance or anything…as outlandish as this all is you might think that a guy known for wearing one glove who owned the Beatles catalog would someday die on June 25th, and we all know that would never happen…

As the Beatles wound down and eventually broke up, the clues continued. The funeral procession on Abbey Road was of course one of the most famous Paul is Dead clues and had more faces in the cover.



This even continued after the break up, including a coded piece of what seems nonsense on the cover of Paul McCartney’s Ram LP.


The front cover has a little Lily written in, which like Lonely Hearts also mirrors to 111X, perhaps another November 9 reference. But the back cover, which seems to not mean anything has first some eyes, then 1 and 13. So I 1(A)13(M). I AM. Then below it is the 4 and 8 (April 8)…and then also a 9 and I have to admit I have no idea what the 9 would be. (A stitch in Time saves 9? Honestly I don’t know what Paul meant. What we do know is that John died 9 years later). John Lennon responded to Ram with the curious line So Sgt. Pepper took you by surprise off of How Do You Sleep and inserted a picture of him holding a pig, in response to Paul holding a Ram. Rams and pigs seem kind of, you know, Biblical, for two guys who supposedly aren’t into such things. And of course there is the song Imagine, which was released on 9/9 in 1971.

What also happened on 9/9/71 is the Attica Riot, and John and Yoko decide to do a song about the uprising called Attica State. They perform it on David Frost and a couple takes offense at the apparent glorification of the prisoners who tried to revolt and are invited to the front to discuss it with them.

This then culminates in the Yoko stating that everyone needs freedom and the audience member getting angry and stating at 5:55 of the below clip that you say that until an Attica prisoner kills one of your family members.

Now of course the sheer irony of this encounter is that Mark David Chapman, who winds up killing John Lennon 9 years later, winds up going to Attica prison. Of course no one would ever script out such an irony? Well, as you watch the clip look at the guy just to the right of the woman yelling at Yoko. Bear a slight resemblance, and by that I mean looks a whole lot like, how Mark David Chapman is going to look 9 years in the future?

By 1974 and Band On The Run, Paul is talking about The County Judge who held a grudge will search forever more for the Band On The Run. However much of this they didn’t intend themselves, doesn’t it come across like something is coming after them, and there’s a reason why?

People have pored over Sgt. Pepper’s cover for decades, but did you know there is an assassin hiding behind George in the cover?




See him? Next to Issy Bonn and his raised hand?

Right up until the end, the signs continued. On Double Fantasy, John Lennon’s final LP which came out weeks before his death, Yoko did a song called Kiss Kiss Kiss; turn it around backwards right at the beginning, or the end I suppose if you listen to the entire song backwards, Yoko whispers I shot John Lennon. Now, Yoko didn’t shoot John Lennon I’m quite sure, but I’m not sure we’re really supposed to take it that way. I think we’re supposed to do the math and figure out how all of these synchronicities came to pass.

Does that mean Mark David Chapman isn’t responsible? Of course not, he has said though that there was a voice in his head that Monday night screaming at him Do It, Do It, Do it!



How does this all tie in together with Frank Gifford’s death? Well on August 9th 1969, 46 years ago today, Charles Manson’s associates killed Roman Polanski’s wife Sharon Tate and 4 other people at Polanski’s house in Los Angeles. Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby as I said, was filmed at the Dakota where John Lennon wound up dying. Frank Gifford, who died today, lived a very accomplished life, he also happened to be in the booth for the announcement of John Lennon’s death and is the one who talked Howard Cosell into going on the air with the news.

On the White Album, the song Revolution Number 9 ends with “Hold that line, block that kick”. Of course if you turn Number 9 around backwards, it says Turn Me On Dead Man. On the date Manson was arrested in 1969, someone pointed that out to a Detroit disc jockey and Paul is Dead was born worldwide, obscuring any references to God is Dead or John’s eventual fate. The whole world was misdirected.


But if you watch the clip of MNF, you’ll see there are 03 seconds to go in the game. You’ll see John Smith lining up to kick a field goal, hold that line, block that kick; and you’ll see John Smith look up and nod his head right after Dead on Arrival from Cosell, as if he’s somehow confirming the news.

What you won’t see, is that the kick was then in fact blocked.

(if you happened to be watching the Tonight Show rerun instead on NBC, you heard the news this way…

Flames from the burning of Atlanta when they break in and make the announcement and a reference to a calendar and That finishes it right afterwards)

I guess Calendar could always be a Julian reference.

But God doesn’t participate in this sort of stuff though in reality, right? Well…

Romans 9:22-What if God, willing to show his wrath and make his power known, fitted with great patience the Objects of Wrath fitted for Destruction.

Julian Lennon, the little boy that turned 3 on the date of the Is God Dead issue of Time on April 8th 1966, was about 17 and a half when his father died. To be more precise, on December 8th 1980 Julian Lennon was 922 weeks old, to the day.


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